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The new national service training for 18 years old kids seems to be pretty interesting. For your information, it’s a 3 months training with mild physical training.

Indiscipline seems to be the major problem now. I heard there were wannabe gangsters collecting ‘protection money’ and even forcing kids to join gangs. Well, I dont think that’s a major issue since during my high school days, gangsterism is very common.

But in my opinion, the biggest issue here is inter-racial fights. One of NS’s main objectives is to sow racial harmony. It seems that rather than sowing racial harmony, it has the effect of creating hatred towards other races.

These kids need something tougher. IMHO The current NS system isnt tough enough. It’s like a Summer Camp for kids. I suggest that we implement an ALA army styled training in order to force discipline into the kids.

Jeff Ooi posted an interesting post about National Service. Read it @

He quoted Kim, fellow blogger who is going thru her National Service. She gave us an insight into the current national service.

Brawls happen all the time. When I was in my physical training camp, trainees would boycott events, set fire to camps and cots, fight with teachers, and so on. I knew a couple of married/ pregnant girls, too.

At the physical camp, fights would break out and boys would whip out their combat belts and start striking each other. Some boys even got gang-beaten in the toilets. During a football match against the local IKBN, suddenly the NS boys and IKBN boys got into a fight, and the audience poured onto the field, a mass fight. Even teachers got beaten up and stomped on. (It never appeared in the papers.)

Now that I’m currently at a local university doing the final stage of NS training, there’s even more brawls going on. Trainees hate some teachers, and are really out to get them. There has been one sexual assault case, and a couple of major fights between separate camps (both placed in the same university).

And yes, half the fights are racially-motivated. National Service has it’s great points, but it also has its low points. Sometimes I feel so happy here, and sometimes I feel extremely unsafe.

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  1. I concur, they should get real army folk in there to do real army things. Make boys into men and girls into men too. Allow the more dangerous trainers to sexually assault same sex trainees as a means of subjagating them. Gangster? no shit wont mean much when everyone knows you like it up the poop chute.

  2. Aren’t the National Service meant to be run by the Military Personnel? Who the hell got the teachers to train those bargers???Mana boleh lar.

  3. Vietcong here dont wanna be the source and responsibility to racial instability in Msia.He does support and condone the killing of almost all the machans but does agree that a few be kept for observation puposes.

  4. woi dont so racist can or not?? you guys need National Service la!! gavin u are the no1 blopper la kekeeishin: 18jais recruiting members in NS now..keekpenispup: 3 months only laa..sekelip mata over alreadyirenehai: good for sunny’s bro keke

  5. suffer like gila ler…i tak mau!!no nice comfy bed…no good food (guess so) tiring..have to get all dirty all the time…imagine all the mud ere and there…then so ugly man the clothings….eeee…….you go la…say until nothing lidat… ;p

  6. They cannot implement army style trainings to these 18 year olds. Look at how are the concerned parents are. What I think is, the purpose of this camp is, to waste the tax payer’s money. Simple as that.

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