uh ah voice box

Lynnzter drew this for me

Does it look like me ? 😀

Get yours done @ http://www.todomsn.com/avatares/avatares.swf

This afternoon, I received a message from Esmund. He said,

“My phone battery running low, pls call +6013769229. need to talk to you urgently..”

I didn’t bother to call him back until I had my lunch with Lynnzter.

A message from Esmund was a surprise as I have not been in touch with him lately. Could he be involved in an accident? Or is there something that has been happening behind my back? I called him back…

I heard a girl’s voice..she said

“uh uh uh ah ah ah ahhhhhhh”

She was moaning. Then towards the end, I could hear a guy saying, “AAHHHHHHHHHH”

God damn it, I have been tricked. Some fucker recorded love making sound into his voice mail!!

17 thoughts on “uh ah voice box”

  1. hahaha. i got this one few days ago and sent it to sow, then i think he later forward it to zing and gang…it goes a long way. 😉

  2. di0n: ekek ur best friend! 😀 shin: i wonder who owns that phone number kekeYUMMIE: ooo seems like the thing has been going on for quite some timepenny: eheh forward it to ppl la 😀 zing: be de bap be de bapfr0stie: u kena bfore? ekefrank: 013769229Lainie: go try la 😀 no worries kekeBen: keychain?? what keychain? idont get it!! keke

  3. wops.. that could be very intresting.. i would like to try if i have the chance hahaha.. anyway i am new in this web. keep in touch ya.. lolzz. :p and hi to everyone

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