hellows *wave wave*…i’m laineylashes *curtsies*.

eraine to some people.
elaine to others.

apparently, miss happening to leongs. i nunno why *confused look*.

i’m here because he allowed me to entertain all you people with my utter nonsense. also because he thinks i’m happening, of course.

but enough about me.

…now let’s talk about me.

no really, i’m gonna talk JUST ABOUT me. ALL ABOUT me! 😀


this is the leongs & the lainey @ the m47 rave.

i PROMISE i’m usually much better looking. really. i mean, i didn’t photoshop that picture or anything, right? so you obviously can’t blame me if i look silly with my tongue hanging lopsidedly out. i swear i look decent usually when i don’t pull a face.

oh yah..i’m also extremely humble.

heck, i’m so nice, everybody loves me *insert lil emoticons with lil loved-up eyes here, or just do that ‘<3 <3 <3!!!' thingmajig*. in fact, that was prolly the reason why the leongs thought me miss happening o.O

okay really now. enough nonsense & shameless self-promoting.

down to real business now.

i know how people look up to the whole shuffling scene. yes, i know it’s not easy to master it. i know how some people look all nice & stylish [or so i’ve heard] doing it. but i think it’s becoming a culture – not a trend. almost like..a..cult *blinks*. now don’t get me wrong. shuffling is unique, indeed :o) everything else that goes with doing the ‘liquid’ & flipping ‘glowstix’, is entirely fine by me. so entertain me with your hidden/new talents, why not? the only thing i don’t understand is why it’s spreading like raging wildfire. or why everyone else is finding themselves having to learn it – be it peer pressure or otherwise.

before i go on, here’s the big big respect to all you master shufflers :o) honestly!

onwards, so, if we decide to monkey around @ raves/clubs like the monkeys that we already are, we’d just end up looking funny/awkward, no? & the fact that you can’t shuffle just puts you off the ‘cool people’ margin? what on earth??? i’m all out for video clips, how-tos, DVDs, & such. although, where does that leave us, really? heck, go to a club today full of shufflers & tell them you CAN’T, for the life of you, shuffle. tell them you’re rhythmically challenged & that you can’t move your feet to save your life. hell, tell them you dance with two left feet. then get back to me on what response you may or may not encounter.

most likely, you’d be ‘outcasted’.

we all bow down to the six winners from hardkandy.
we all kiss & worship their lil shuffling shoes/boots.

their response?

“what we liked most was all the attention we got.”

but of course, sweethearts.

though, nothing really about us. nothing about malaysia. nothing about the music. nothing nothing nothing. zzzzzilch.

think about it :o) & take it with a pinch of salt while you’re at it.

danks :o)


15 thoughts on “eraine1stpost”

  1. Hello eraine/elaine/lainey..So are u saying that it doesn’t matter if people can’t shuffle?U know what? I SO AGREE with you. It doesn’t matter laa..It’s just dancing. Some people are born to dance/shuffle. Some people are created to do other things. eg. me – cook, eat and sleep. It all boils down to one word – Talent. If everyone could shuffle…..the world would be boring and xes’ website no longer laku. HEheheDon’t get me wrong u guys, I RESPECT and ADMIRE those of you who can shuffle well. And even give props to those who put in a whole ton of effort. But the need for acceptance causes peer pressure to surface. On the bright side, it’s good too, cos there’ll be a lot of william hungs of shuffling to entertain us. Hehehe…*p.s. i don’t club and i can’t shuffle. =D

  2. xes & van-van> teh shuffle = whurt teh xes and teh van-van roxXors their feet with @ raves/clubs. is quite nice, actually :oPkarheng> hahahaha *pat pat*di0n> hellows :o)

  3. well as long as you enjoy yourself, its all good, memang dance to express with the music and how it flows through you. not to impress others of what you can do. hell with it. I dance to the music, come on deejay, show me what you’ve got! woohoo! 🙂

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