The worst thing a restaurant owner could do..

Couple of days back, my colleagues and I had lunch at a restaurant nearby our office. It’s popular with our bosses as well. Further their food is quite good.
One of my colleagues, KM ordered cantonese fried noodles.
Then i said,
“I heard many stories about how cooks sabotage their patron’s cantonese fried noodles. The worst I heard was making phlegm into egg yolk”
Colleagues: “EUW”

Few minutes later, our meals came. Hence the soon-to-be-lawyers started pigging in. After KM finished 3/4 of her noodles, something black popped up on her plate.
It was a dead cockroach!

KM immediately said, “Last time I asked B (senior lawyer) on what he will he do if he finds a cockroach in his meal. B said he will get plastic bag, pack the food in it and head to the office to write a letter of demand to the restaurant owner”.
Within no time, she summoned the boss, a camera and a tissue. Before the boss apologized, we took pictures of it and kept the dead cockroach in the tissue as evidence.
The worst thing a restaurant would do is serving tainted food to lawyers (or soon to be lawyers).

14 thoughts on “The worst thing a restaurant owner could do..”

  1. eraine: mmmm okay!! hehe
    rych: mmmm… cockroach leg nothing one la i guess. thais fry them as snacks wei hehe
    Reta: nono, i dont want to get a defamation suit hehe
    teckie: eh u found the leg? ? u must have eaten the body!!!
    kiang: near my office. hehe dont worry, we wont go there. hehe
    Applegal: hehe u’ll soon be like tat as well La 😀
    pikey: somewhere in megan phileo 😀
    Sharon: our meals were free 😀
    Jon: nono! i pick! I know which restaurant has cockroaches!! hehe
    Lynnzter: no la. thats enforcing our rights only!
    frank: hehe im due to switch to ligi next month 😀

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