My tenant’s dog

My tenant has been keeping a dog for more than a year. He kept it subtly without my Mum’s knowledge. Sometimes he brings his dog into his room and keeps it in his room for the entire night. This is of course, not acceptable in my house. Few times he was threaten by my Mum saying that she will kick him out from the house.
The dog was cute initially but when I found that it bitten off my one and only durable slippers, I develop hatred towards it.
As a result, the dog will run whenever it sees me. Nevertheless, my tenant’s love towards the dog is unconditional. Although that bloody dog has caused him numerous headache and troubles, he feeds the dog well and cleans it like his own child.
Other than my tenant’s dog, there are 2 more other dogs belonging to my neighbours, one opposite my house and another one next to my house. The first dog’s owner has abandoned him and left it in care of his housemate. But this housemate neglects the first dog. Mum and I always had to tahpao leftover food for the first dog.
As for the second dog, it came from no where, probably a stray. However, my kind hearted neighbour adopted the second dog and cared for it like their own. They feed it and even bought a tag for it.
With the power of these 3 dogs combined, they form, the ultimate rubbish bin dissecting squad. (This sentence reminds me of Captain Planet. By our power combine, I am captain planet1 *background music – captain planet he’s a hero, gonna bring pollution down to zero.*)
Every day I see rubbish strewed on the streets due to those 3 dogs. Mum and I had to take turns to clean the street outside our house. Sometimes we find bags of rubbish in our house brought over by my tenant’s dog. Despite repeated scolding and verbal abuse on my tenant, my tenant’s love to his dog was nevertheless unconditional.
However, 2 days back, my tenant couldn’t find his dog. After searching high and low, he found his dog. Dead in the drain. Poisoned.
My tenant said that his dog was poisoned by some biscuits left outside our compound.
The 2 other dogs survived. However, the second dog was hospitalized and the first dog is suffering from side effects of the poison. I wonder if they could make it.
Recently, local authorities came to my area to catch stray dogs. I heard that dogs which strayed from their compound will be caught. Nevertheless, those 3 dogs managed to escape the dog catcher’s noose. Unfortunately, one dog belonging to one man on another street happened to pass by my house. That dog was caught and was never to be seen again.
Although I cannot say that it was the local authorities who left those poisonous biscuits outside my house. Nevertheless, circumstances show that they are the culprit.
How inhumane. How can they leave poison on the streets for dogs to eat? These dogs are not rats or cockroaches. In fact, they were treated like human beings by their owners.
So far, no news on what my tenant will do. At the moment, my tenant is grieving over the loss of his dog.

22 thoughts on “My tenant’s dog”

  1. Poor doggies! *Sob* I actually think dogs are adorable. Train them well, and you’ll get good returns from them. Too bad my dad won’t let me keep a dog at home…..Scared after they go scratch the car la…dig holes in the lawn la…so on and so forth

  2. jalan hujan emas.
    if you stays in terrace house with a porch, then its ok to rear dog. But aprtment/flat…. even just a tenant in someone’s terrace house… things are different.
    You have to think about the dog’s welfare and needs. Dogs need some play to run around, play, shit etc. Locking them in a room or an apartment will make their “tumbesaran terbantut”.

  3. boob: nope. its not
    endroo G: yea, butthen need to control them so that they dont venture out frm the compound.

  4. endroo G: yeah, it’s not so nice anymore. business also not as good as it used to be.
    xes: OUG is where you stay. I know this because you mentioned it before.

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