Sow’s Age

Halfway through the OHM event, Sow and I went to a grocery shop nearby to buy beer. The lady shop keeper thought Sow was a foreigner.

FYI: Sow is 25 years old.
Lady Shop Keeper: Where are you from?
Sow: Er. KL?
Me: Guess how old is he!!!!
Sow: O_O|||
Lady Shop Keeper: Oh, ummm around 25 – 26 years old?
Me: /(*O*)\ How did you know!!??
Lady Shop Keeper: I can see from his hands.
Sow: O_O! YEAH for the first time, someone got it right. Most people think I’m 30 over years old.
I’ve always thought that the only way to tell Sow’s age is to ask him or maybe carbon date him. But now, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU CAN TELL SOMEONE’S AGE BY THE LOOKS OF HIS/HER HAND!

13 thoughts on “Sow’s Age”

  1. xes: you can really guess age by looking at people’s hand especially ladies’ hands. You try compare people the age of 20’s , 30’s and 40’s and you’ll see. 🙂

  2. sillywabbit&endroo: ooo something new i learn..butthen this lady is quite good. she could guess sow’s age. RIGHT ON THE SPOT!
    ivN: AHHAHAHAHAHAHA and someone mistaken him for Joy’s Dad HAHAHA
    bombobum: yeah thats sow!! you wanan check out his hands? ummmm
    Darren: heh, tell me if you could 😛

  3. wabbit: what about hand transplant? hypothetically la.. someone aged 18 hand got severed, blown off or whatever, than he/she got a hand from a donor aged 40, how?

  4. i think u can tell a lot from a person’s hand. Some can tell fortune also…
    Eg. Fortune teller by the roadside or kaki lima.
    Also…some can tell by the size of a person..
    Eg. Ray Charles used it in the movie Ray to tell if the girl was skinny or phat.
    But this woman can tell the age of a person by looking at his hands!!? Awesome..What if the person was exposed to loads of sabun fab? Hmmm…

  5. karheng: look at the flip side of the palm ler !!
    pokai: you watched too much Fung Wan. kekek.
    xes: maybe the lady was just am-kong about the exact age.

  6. yes… that’s true! face can lie but not the hands…
    gosh, i gotta start taking care of my hands also. but how??…. 🙁 do less housework???

  7. MAYBE! that the lady was thinking aiyor…. this fella looks so old…nvm la..make him feel good..say 25 or 26…manatau…he is really that?

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