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Fellow shuffler Jon aka airviper together with his friends started a Nutrition Club @ Summerfield, behind Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Couple of weeks back, he invited me to his launch and I was told that it comes with free breakfast. Free breakfast? Mmmm, first thing on my mind was continental breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon etc..yummy. Since my office is just around that area, I decided to drop by to give him some support.
The Nutrition Club is located outside the compound of Summerfield. Jon and his fellow shareholders rented the place from Summerfield.
As I arrived at the place, Jon was no where to be seen but his fellow shareholders were there. One of them invited me in and gave me a brief introduction on what is it about. It’s basically about living healthy, by eating well and so on.
Then one angmoh lady came and said, “I lost 8 kgs!”.
I was then served with a glass of lemonish tea and followed with a glass of chocolate flavoured drink. No signs of fried eggs and bacon! NoOOoOoOOoooooo

Food – BBQ – Bread – Cakes – Beer – Sorry all dont have.
Then I was told that the drinks are supposed to help me. The said glass of chocolate drink is the main course which gives me the sufficient nutrients to last me for the day. It was quite true, I felt quite full even before finishing the drink! First time in my life, I had liquid breakfast!
Jon then came over thanking me for attending the launch. Number of people was seen walking in and out from the premise. Jon was telling me that he ran all over the place inviting people to come over. I admire his determination.
During the entire session, many people came. One elderly man, who could hardly walk, even came in to try it!
Here are the details of the Nutrition Club @ Summerfield provided by Jon:

    Time? 7am – 9.30am
    Where? Summer Field,
    17, Jln Berangan
    50200, Kuala Lumpur
    *Free 3 days nutritional breakfast only applicable for 3days in a row
    The Nutrition Club is a social club for anyone who is interested in maintaining their health. We provide 3 days FREE Nutritional Breakfast for New Customers. While you are enjoying your breakfast, we will also provide some useful information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis. Moreover, we will also provide a FREE body analysis, (you don’t have to take off your clothes =D ) The analysis will show a person’s body fat, % water in their body, metabolic rate, muscle mass, bone mass, physic rating and even you metabolic age. Full explanation on your body analysis will be provided by our Wellness Coach on the spot.
    The reason that we set up a nutrition club is because nowadays, due to our modern day lifestyle, many diseases has infected younger Malaysians that 10-20 years ago only affected older people. According to W.H.O. (World Health Organization) 70% of premature deaths are diet related which are caused by Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke & Diabetes (1# in Malaysia). 50% of these deaths are diet related. 70% of doctors’ visits are due to lack of nutrition.
    Our objective: Bring Health and Wellness around the World One Person at a Time.

Feel free to drop by 😀
P/S This is not a paid ad.

9 thoughts on “Nutrition Club @ Summerfield”

  1. xes: Thank you so much for your support bRo.
    I hope to see you again soon. (if u can wake up that early again ;D )
    If anyone wanna know more details about the Nutrition Club, please feel free to sms or call me @ 0123820173.

  2. Darren: Yup, it’s Herbalife
    We serve different flavor shakes everyday blended with different fruits.
    Come try it, it’s on the house for 3 days 🙂

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