One day trip to Melaka

Last week, I was given a task at the Malacca High Court. It was quite a challenge as it was something that usually takes weeks to do but I have to get it done on the day itself. I had to file a draft order, get it marked and then file it together with the fair order!
I waited from 830AM to 5PM. It was the longest wait ever.. .
Despite the long wait, the Court staff of Malacca High Court were superb. They were very polite and efficient unlike a certain Court’s staffs which only have 2 vocabs which is “TUNGGU LA” (WAIT LA).
The Registrar was also very nice. I was expecting him to throw a fit but when I requested his help, he immediately despatched his staff to help me. w00t!

I called Leonard early in the morning..
Me: Dude! What you doing?
Leonard: sleepinggg…
Me: (shit shit shit, he’s going to scold me soon) oh ok sorry man!! where’s the best place to eat Chicken Rice Ball??
So I had chicken rice ball at this corner shop @ Jonker Street.

I’ll give it a C+

Shops @ Jonker Street
I then paid Stadhuys museum a visit. I learnt about Malacca’s history from Parameswara till the Japanese occupation. I went through chapter by chapter of the development of Malacca. There’s nothing much in the museum although it consist of few other museums such as the Art Gallery and Zheng He’s gallery.

All sort of funny looking coins. Would be cool if we have these now.

wattt kind of sword is thisss.. i doubt they can kill anyone with this man!!
One thing I hate about Malacca is their road signs. Stuuuupid signboards are not reliable at all. I got lost for an hour there. At one point, I came to a junction which has a signboard on the left saying “Highway”, and then on my right, I had another signboard saying “Highway” pointing the opposite directin. Note to self: bring compass to Melaka next time.
Driving back was horrid. I struggled to keep myself awake. I kept on forgetting what happened few seconds ago. I had to sing along to songs which I had no idea what their lyrics were. I even bopped left and right while singing to keep myself awake. Then I saw this advertisement,

No 1 hero in Malaysia? Ambassador for Julie biscuit?? Who the f00t!!

14 thoughts on “One day trip to Melaka”

  1. heiya…you made it sound so fun going to malacca. I wish i had that opportunity to go other courts apart from Kl.However never mind, anybody interested to go Batu Pahat courts?

  2. frank: bring char siew there next time la. they’ll do things for you quickly
    derlin: batu pahat courts? dowan la. i dont want to get head hunted by natives.
    Lainie: mmm yahor..true also. i think if kena some parts of the head, the bugger will die
    darren: dont think u can chop vegetable with it la keke

  3. That sword was featured on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!” before … If I remembered correctly, that came from the swordfish, and was used as a lethal weapon back in the medieval times. 🙂

  4. hahahahah.. lucky u, i dont scold people when they wake me from my sleep. since u know where the place is already n u woke me up, next time u got to chia me makan chu yuk satay! muahahaha!

  5. teckie: kekeke 7 swords? i’ve not seen that movie. how is it? iheaard good reviews about it
    frank: oooohh.. i think so too..
    zhong: hahahaha i wonder who he is
    splaatspit: ok la, so long u show me the dirction..ill belanja hehe
    sillywabbit: ohhhh.. interesting…but..what lousy weapon… hehe

  6. w00ts! Chicken ball rice oans! Mana boleh give C+? Jatuh standard ka?
    I think you went wrong one. Should go to the one at the start of Jalan Hang Jebat. Its a corner shop too.

  7. i used to study in malacca for a year in ayer keroh.. i have lots of wonderful memories there.. its so carefree.. no wonder i keep on coming back from time to time… hehehe
    p/s: jonker street rocks! food is cheap!

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