The officer and me

Yesterday, i called the OR office…
me: Can i speak to Madam R?
Clerk: She is in a meeting, call back at 3:30, plz.
Hence, i called back at 3:30
Clerk: She is engage on the line. Plz call back 15 mins later
15 mins later…
Clerk: She is having a meeting, plz call me at 4
Therefore, i called back at 4.
Clerk: She is still in the meeting. Please call back at 4:30
4:30? She thought that i am dumb ar? All the officers went off at 4:30. Thus, i call back at 4:15
Clerk: Can you please call back before 4:30
What did she mean by before 4:30? 4:15 IS before 4:30. So i called at 4:20. Guess what? No one picked up the phone…

8 thoughts on “The officer and me”

  1. typical ler.I remember calling the “Jabatan Pemeriksaan” to check where is my SPM cert, they transfer my call to different branches and in each branch, they make me call different departments and after making sooooooooo many calls and finally getting the right department they tell me the cert is still in School. *sigh*

  2. ya lar, i know she don’t want to attend my call lar. I kept calling them because i was told to do so. No choice right? Anyway, Can’t blame those telephonist, they are only doing their job.

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