Pangkor Island – Mussel

A nice fisherman gave Jane a piece of mussel that he caught when we were snorkling in Pulau Pangkor. He even gave us some sort of shell animal. Unfortunately, it escaped.

The fisherman had to crack the mussel’s shell in order to retrieve it under the rocks. He said, “Yang ni, masak dengan air panas, sedap ooooo” (For this, boil it in hot water. delicious!)

And we did!!!

Jane loved it. I think it tasted a little bit elastic and fishy.

Looks kinda familiar eh? What is it?

CLUE: According to Jane, Japanese shows i.e. comedies, use it to symbolize a part of a body.

13 thoughts on “Pangkor Island – Mussel”

  1. You are seriously challenging my ability to hold myself when it comes to food blogging, esp when it has seafood in it.
    LOL, anyway i think an abalon looks more like what you are trying to describe, the mussle looks “hairless”

  2. frank: where got food orgy la? one hole only wei
    YUMMIE: is it? does it look like one?
    rych: eh? i dont think its an abalone la. doesnt taste like one hehe
    honfaai: mmmm maybe!! hehe

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