life schmlife~ [part I]

this is gonna be really long..

i drove up & parked my car after spending a few hours @ the gym [yes i actually take part in other activites aside from sleeping!]. it was almost 8pm. dark. street lit by very very dim lights save for a couple of porch lights from my neighbours. suddenly, this figure walks up to my car & starts waving frantically at my left window like, “i’m so excited to see you! omgomg!” o.O

how scary is it when you’re nothing but a silhouette?

i squint & squint to take a better look at him [i conveniently forgot my glasses o.O] & was my neighbour. ironically, one whom i haven’t seen for a long time despite the fact that he lived just a block away. i think i last bumped into him a year ago. it’s funny how you almost forget your surroundings sometimes.
so i got out, opened the boot to lug my bagshoesbooksthingamajigs out, proceeded to dumping them all on the roof of my car, then turned around to say hi.

we launched into a close-to-an-hour conversation.

see, when we were younger, along with some other neighbourhood kids, we’d meet up every evening to walk, talk, cycle, rollerblade, whatever it was that tickled our fancy then. shamelessly, we’d also run around plucking flowers & playing masak-masak.
*insert sepia-toned nostalgic playback here*

anyhooooooo, the conversation came to a point where we were discussing age..& what it does to us. i don’t even remember how we got there but somehow we did! so here..

* as jaded as we might get, remember that it’s not illegal. it’s okay to be jaded. it’s okay that people get depressed. it’s part of what your journey brings. BUT..almost none of one’s mistakes are bad. mistakes don’t always have to be bad. we know enough to call it a mistake, no? we learn from it, no? so it brings us down, so it gives us emotional instability. every time we face a big stink, we find it bloody hard to look beyond the upcoming days, to realize, “i SO can get past this!”. but look deeper into it & you’ll find good in all that turmoil that life inevitably puts you through. & believe me, in the end, you WILL get past it.

* no matter what happens, never forget what you’re worth. never let someone else put you down for what you are. you’re always worth much more than you think. truth be told, no one, & i mean no one, ever has the right to tell you that you’re not worthy. no one has the right to blame you for their own doing. no one should ever take advantage of your existence & think that you were born for his/her abusive purposes. who’s to say how you should be weighed or measured? remember, if you refuse to believe in yourself, no one else is gonna step up to do that for you. that’s one thing for sure. so do yourself a favour & start treating yourself with a little bit more respect. because you’re worth every ounce of it :o)

* my neighbour, let’s call him KC, he says that both women & men alike tend to forget that life is really too damn short for you to live worrying & trying to please people. why do people lose themselves to the world? why do people lose their identities ever so often depending on the people that they’re with? you love someone so much until you lose yourself. you fight to fit in until you lose yourself. why struggle? in the first place, if you’re not yourself, how do you know if you’re really what people accept you as? so you keep trying, flipping personalities like you’re some kinda mechanical doll until they see something that fits? do you really want that? to spend all your days pretending to be something you’re not? life’s too short. just live lah, okay? :o)

age it what moulds you. experience is what makes you.

i write too long of a post.

leongs is gonna kill me.

i’ll continue this later :o)

p/s: i was too lazy to do a spell/grammar check. deal.

23 thoughts on “life schmlife~ [part I]”

  1. i agree…life is short. All these time, i strived to do my best to the extend that i forgot what life really mean to me. Until a friend of mine reminds me of what i always tell myself when life has been cruel to me…”Life goes on, no matter what happen.” Thanks, Sel.

  2. frank> your friend can’t be any more right. as hard as it may seem, life really does go on. you don’t get a break..unless if you’re considering suicide :oP but yea..the sun will still shine tomorrow so live! :o)

  3. Life is short and destiny is in your hand but fate was never something anybody can control…there is no need to try so hard to pretend to be someone..for those who is seeking for love…love isn’t about being the somebody’s “perfect person”. Love is about searching a soul mate who understand you exactly the way you are and make the best out of is short but we all should cherished everything and in the end of the never live forever but what is left are memory and remembrance…

  4. Frankson: Whether or not love is about searching for a soul mate whom can live with is very subjective. To me, love is finding someone who appreciate each other, being supportive of each other, and willing to grow stronger together. He/She does not have to be your soul mate but a companion and a partner to see through life. You might not see He/She as your ideal wife/husband but if both are willing, together they can create/make the future together. Everyone has their own opinion but this is my two cents.

  5. frank_omatic: Totaly agree with you mate…Anyway…as what I have said…”destiny is in your hand but fate was never something anybody can control”…The true destiny lies in you hand..whether you want it this way or’s your choice!! While certain things can’t be changed…like your family background or something so fixed that you can’t change..

  6. frankson: It is u, urself whom decide whether it can be change or not. Dude, have faith in yourself, believe in what it is true to u, decide what you want, work hard and determine on it but don’t take life too hard bcos life is short. Hence, no matter what happen, life still have to go on. Stay cool, dude.

  7. sharon> hi babe *muahs* πŸ˜€
    leongs> yes yes..torn between utter happiness [porn] & complete emo-ness [post] aren’t you? :oP
    frankson> i can’t agree with you more. it doesn’t matter really if one brings out the best in you, or the worst in you. as long as you make the best out of that one person. at the very end, you decide what you want out of things. so yes, destiny IS in your hands. at the very end, you can’t blame anyone for how things turn out. fate is inevitable. in both love & life alike, it all boils down to one thing. don’t..ever..forget..who you are.
    frank> your comments all making me damn emo lah. i wanna cry adey o.O

  8. Well..well..i think is some misunderstanding of statement in my comments…it seems my comment have trigger a bit of is full of challenges. Just think about a spinning wheel weaving string that attached with each other…. this is how the pattern of destiny is woven and shape.
    Sometimes, we tend to look back and see thing ahead but think presently as to what u might have encounter may makes you have the reason to believe in what you have said. We are all what we are as to what we see is base on our own perception of what we understand best…”the eyes cannot see what the mind does not know”…i am not a sadist or someone who have no confidence or putting blame on whatever…well..what i can tell u is that if I were to be like that…i have already died a long time ago and may not be here writting about these…hehehe..Anyway, stay cool there and stick to yourself..cause life is about believing who u are..

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