Poslaju @ Jalan Tun Sambanthan

I received a note from Poslaju last week, asking me to drop by their office at Brickfields to collect a parcel for me. Not knowing where to park, I parked at the parking space behind KL Sentral, where the first hour cost RM3.50!

The Poslaju building looked wonderfully new, a single-storey building located along Jalan Tun Sambanthan.

It was rather empty when I was there. The officer who attended to me took the note and told me to wait while they located my parcel. However, a few minutes later, I was informed that according to their records, the parcel had already been collected by someone named, Ann.
“Ann?? Who’s that??” I asked.
Wondering who it was, I thought and thought and kept insisting that I didn’t know anyone by the name of ‘Ann’. The officer told me that they’ll contact me when they traced my parcel.
Just as I was about to step out of the building, I realised that it may be my neighbour. I called her up to check whether she had collected a parcel on my behalf, and she said,
“OH YA YA! SO SORRY! The postman kept ringing the doorbell so I thought I’d be nice and pick it up for you. Sorry ya! I collected it last week. Forgot to tell you!”

15 thoughts on “Poslaju @ Jalan Tun Sambanthan”

  1. ryuu: hi! actually, i never realised her name was Ann. i think auntie decided to have an english name on the spot! ;D
    DKBU: laugh at my wasted trip lahhhhhhhhh *biSh*
    insomnia: never really been to that area before mah!
    KhinKo: exactly! grrrrrrrr!
    Amos: u want me to kill an auntie????
    karheng: nope! ehehe … u saw me there ah?

  2. but…isnt parking inside poslaju itself free?
    there’s always plenty of parking space at the furniture mall down the road…FREE 😀

  3. wow such great neighbors. but if it was me, i would have been like, ” why the hell would you pick it up for me for? ” but anyways its always nice to have great neighbors. Don’t find really nice ones nowadays huh..

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