When is it the right time?

How soon do you introduce your other half to your parents and family? Is there a time frame you should adhere to? For example, should it be 3 months into the relationship or do you wait until you feel it’s the “right” time to introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents?
I know parents are often curious about their children’s “other halves” and therefore it makes an introduction necessary. But does it give them a sense of expectation? Is the other half obliged to join all family gatherings 2 months into the relationship?
Once, I ended up joining weekend meals with the ex-boyfriend’s family – it was made compulsory, that I couldn’t even make my own plans with friends! It was difficult, as the ex-boyfriend took offence. Yikes!
Noooooooo, my “crush” has not asked me to meet his parents. Phew! It’s TOO SOON! 😉

11 thoughts on “When is it the right time?”

  1. 4th..
    i dunno..i’ll bring my gf home whenever she is ok with it, my parents on the other hand of course they were curious
    tats jus cause they wanted to know tat “this” gurl i’m bringin is number wut only…
    hahaha XD

  2. i guess it’s when u feel it’s right. you know when you get that feeling that it’s gonna be a long relationship.
    but it all depends on the person lah. some may want to wait longer, some may want to introduce sooner.

  3. should update us with your second date instead. I’d say don’t move into ‘meet the parents’ scene so soon. Some guys might think you are ready to move on to the next step, unless both of you have discussed about it of course.

  4. i suggest both of u watch meet the parents/fockers first.
    gain experience ma,what if all the brooms,dishes and hangers start flyin round the front lawn…

  5. that’s probably only applicable if you are not living with your parents…
    if you are still staying with the parents, they would be bound to bump into each another when he picks you up/drop you off very early in the r’ship.

  6. DBKU: heh, a girl’s parents are usually more concerned with the friends she hang out with.
    fanky: er …………………… ;D
    karheng: NO!
    Abalon: wah, playboy ah u? 😉
    baburs: no strict rule to this eh? ‘Meet the Parents’ is just a normal introduction of your friends … not necessarily an interview towards marriage 😉
    pokai: my second date? didn’t know anyone was that interested!
    rych: and the stupid cat!
    dB: true! ;D
    karheng: damn experienced lah u??? 😉 AND IT’S NOT WOLFX!!!!

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