Throat Infection

My doctor diagnosed me with throat infection after I had a 40 over degrees fever today.

Fck la. It sucks to be sick.

She gave me some medicine. Not bad, I felt better in a while. But there’s one pill where I have to shove it up my arse.

But thats the last resort if the other pills she gave arent working. NO WAY I AM GOING SHOVE IT UP MY ARSE!!! NO WAY!! NO BLOODY WAY!!!

belakang mari…ooo sakit ooohh..
Till then, I need a good rest…

EDIT: I did not administer the medicine through my anus. SO STOP MESSAGING ME ON WHETHER OR NOT I HAVE ADMINISTERED IT.

22 thoughts on “Throat Infection”

  1. Only one mah 😉 But seriously, if you have a throat infection and fever, why a pill up the ass?? Can you actually do it yourself or does it require assistance?

  2. On a more serious note, the medicine may be of a type that causes serious stomach upset etc if taken orally. That is often the reason for a rectal administration. Most anti inflamatory drugs are very hard on stomachs especially if used longer term.

  3. maybe doc will explain it to us when he stop by later. hmmm..i also suspect that xes is keeping something from us about what is the real purpose of the pill. Did Gavin do something to you, xes?

  4. Ben: yor, dont let my gay readers read your comment otherwise tonight they’ll rape your ass tonight.
    Gavin: fuck la. i hope you plane crashes when you come back man..and no, you wont end up in an island with a chick by the name shanon!!
    galferari: read xenon’s comment
    electronicfly: err..right..
    glo: tell me when you did 😀
    applegal: read xenon’s comment hehe
    xenon: oooo thanks for the info. if im not mistaken, the effect of medicine administered through the anal is faster. i heard from a friend that his friend shoved an E into his anus and within minutes, he was tripping!!
    frank: i woke up at 3am jsut to blog okay. bugger if u didnt see me blog why cant u blog ah? useless fellow. btw the medicine is for fever. read xenon’s comment
    mie: thank youuu! of all the comments here, you’re the first one to say ‘get well soon’. what great friends i have mkekme
    cheryljohns: hekhek how does wearing a tampon feels like??

  5. Bwahahah! So do they usually give you this to administer yourself? Last time when i was young and had high fever, doctor did it for me. Sakit wui…… >_<

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