Xes.cx – Dance Department mix

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its really hard to make a mix to cater to everyone’s liking so i’ve decided to hybrid this mix with the most popular genre. The mix kicks off with hardstyle, then mellow hardhouse, madness electro hardhouse, hardhouse,trance, hard trance and finally vocal trance.Since it only took me now to post this, im just remembering the tracklisting by memory. I might miss out a couple of tracks in the list but what the hell, the fengtau element is there.
citizen x – lonely
Groove Coverage – The Last Unicorn(Deepforces rmx)
Kindervater – ftp://013.07.974
Sa.Vee.Oh – Nohacker.exe
Sa.Vee.Oh – Global anthem
Kindervater – steinwenberg
Malec – Let me take you on a journey
Dave 202 – Moonlight
Dark by Design – Bitch
Sunblind – Believe (nunrg/p.h.a.t.t. rmx)
Dj Dean – Music is my life (Dave Joy rmx)
Heaven’s Cry – Till Death do us a apart (Yoji Biomehanika rmx)
Pet Shop Boys – Home and Dry(Blank and Jones rmx)
pump da bassline but don’t break anything while you’re blasting.LOL

11 thoughts on “Xes.cx – Dance Department mix”

  1. DaRkS0uL:thank you for your support as well
    julie:glad ya liked it.
    kian:no problem man.
    xes:that’s my favourite dbd track,=D.
    flint:woah, 12inch sub already serious damage, now 15 inch pulak.
    xes:hahaha xes, i try lah k.
    Amos:actually i got one hardstyle set, but its damn unz unz unz,from start till finish unz unz unz unz unz unz unz unz unz, i listen also headache u sure u want it?

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