wall climbing

I finally did it. I went wall climbing! 😀

It was easy though.

My classmates, Fe0nna and Mei followed me to Summ1t. They wanted to check out the place but refused to sign up for wall climbing. They ended up sitting on couch while drooling at the muscular climbers

After paying RM25, I slipped on my climbing shoes (it?s tight and one size smaller) and harness (nylon belt for the waist and a pair of leg loops for the thighs).

Firstly, I had to go through a 15 minutes course given by Stephanie, one of the instructors on how to tie the ropes and belaying (when someone is about to descend from the top, a belayer holds on to the rope in order to coordinate the ascend). Ascending was pretty hard for me as I am an acrophobic (person who has fear of heights). I didn?t dare to let go of the rocks and let my back fall back. There was once I lost my balance and hit the wall and Stephanie, my belayer was lifted up in the air with me. oOoOOoo…. my ballsssssss? They were squeezed by the harness?oOoooooh?

Mikey then taught me the basics and introduced me to bouldering. Oh my god, bouldering is so frustrating. It?s so physically challenging. Despite the fact that Mikey and his friend gave me an easy route to go, I couldn?t finish it! GAHH! No fear.. I shall go again this Sunday? Anyone wants to join me? 😀

Furthermore, Bouldering was fucking tiring. By the end of the day, my arms were hardened and I couldn?t even grip my hands! But I shall let the end justify the mean, super body here I come!!

11 thoughts on “wall climbing”

  1. hey…GREAT!!! I’m looking for kaki to do wall climbing wid me… err… I only did it once…kinda fun…. call me yeah when u goin again…. not this sun cant join u cuz i got wedding lunch…..:P

  2. sunday 4pm har.. will try my best to come! i’ve been wanting to try it out but haven’t really got to it. mmm, let’s see, kwill give u a call if i’m going!p.s. i have zilch muscles…

  3. U sure u want to go on Sunday!?!?!?You will see a few hundred ppl queing up before each wall there…really one…even 7 year old kids!!

  4. shin: next sunday? 😀 ryuu: cu there dude..dimsum: sure bo? damn alot of ppl on sunday ah? tiuu potong stimmmm

  5. Come…i’ll join you xes. But been awhile since I climbed. Last time used to climb alot, now unfit liow. Can’t even do 5C+ routes anymore. Damn sat pai. Sigh!

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