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Reinforce 3 was raided!! Well, not exactly! I was informed that police will raid the place by 3AM, hence the rest of us headed back to our cars, messaging people to tell them to leave ASAP. However, by 3AM, the music stopped. Everyone went home. How frustrating is that??? What a shame! One of the most anticipated rave has to shut down by 3AM. This is a huge blow to Malaysia nightlife man..

Well, overall, if its not for the early closure, this rave is fucking good. It drizzled at first but as soon as the rain stopped, everyone hit the dance floor. As for the shuffling board, it’s not as big as I expected it to be. It’s just a few planks of wood. Further, it’s worth mentioning that the whole arena is huge. It’s actually an equestrian park as big as 10 football fields. The main entrance from the main area was fucking far. I guess it would be as far as 3 football fields!

Brian Burger did the opening and was replaced with Uncle Maverick who donned a collar t-shirt with a fish shaped tie plus a huge framed spectacle and not to mention, flatten hairstyle ala Clark Kent! He opened his set with Superman’s theme song.

At 1AM, Richie Rich was next. I didn’t like it cause his songs tends to be a little bit monotonous but no doubt it was hard. Further, they hired some dancers to perform on stage. We felt bored as the dancers took our dancing spot.

Feeling bored, Ivan, Melyn, Umeng and I went out from the arena to chill. Ivan wanted to take a dump so we intruded a stable nearby. The horses’ eyes were covered with a cloth. No idea why. The toilet was clean though. It was like a 5 star toilet. First time in my life, I went to a clean toilet during raves.

And as for Space DJz, ohhh my gooodddd..he is the mannnnnnnnnnn…lovely beatssss.. very Melbournerish.. However, his set lasted a mere 45 minutes. I was fucking pisseddddddd… was too good to be missed..GAAAHHHH..

I heard that the owner complained about the music. Apparently his horses were disturbed by the loud music.

I ended the night at Spicy Kitchen with the gang. The rest of the gang headed down to Bar Code for second round.


16 thoughts on “reinforce 3!”

  1. One of the bad things partying in KL is the RAIDS!! Reminds me back to Hardware.. *haiks* Oh well it was good while it lasted right? Maverick wearing a tie? *lol*

  2. 3am? wahliao, why so sohai one? this is probably the main reason why waikikis is still around after so long.

  3. Sui Lin: it was getting good when it was raided! chee pet!! i took a picture of maverick with umeng’s camera..will get it from him 😀 penny: yala ask your friend to refund la hahaha or organize another event jsut for space djz to spinLaine: waikiki’s? is that some fengtau place?eishin: the cheepet horses cannot sleep..hence all of us have to go home and sleep because of them..ivan: nvm..we shall wait for reinforce sohighlands!!

  4. alamak xes, not superman theme song la, its the star trek enterprice theme la. But to me its a good nite out! hehe

  5. hmm. complaints from the mgmt. i’m sure there were a lot more than just that for the shutting down. the entire planning was weak in the first place. next time they should just have bryan and maverick as main acts hehe

  6. that’s why i was wondering what they were gonna do with the horses as there are horses there worth $300,000 USD o.O crazy. If I had $300,000 USD I wouldn’t blow it on a horse *pah* I wonder what they’re gonna do with the horsies during Incubus ..

  7. was good while it lasted la. next time come earlier. i had to sit around like sorhai for 2 hours before ppl started showing up,

  8. shuflz: yeah man it was gooodddirenehai: keke okok.. 😀 Melissa: i think incubus would be alright as it would last till 3am in the morning 😀 glo: ahha what to do..malaysian timing mah :Dand btw people..please keep your reinforce 3 wristband, you can redeem it as a free entry for reinforce 4 😀 anyone got spare? i threw mine away *sobs*

  9. omfg!!!! look at all the eyes…hahaha especially don’s eyes!!!! sigh….sound so fun ah :\ space dj’s!!!!!!

  10. sow: hahahaha i forgot what he was doing edi kekesuilin: yeah man.. thanks to fatness firsttmengie: wasted la u never come ekek.. and lastly, a message from Horizon Link @ the Klue wwwboardTo all the valued paid guests who attended our party last Saturday night, please keep your wristband and email us your name, contacts and where you purchased the tickets from and we’ll make sure you enjoy a special rate for our next Reinforce party. Please do not post any message on behalf of Horizon Link Event & Services anymore as this would be the last message by us and all our crews. Sorry for any in-convenience arise.

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