server back after 1 day of downtime


Anyway, last night, after midnight movie session with my friends, I headed to Hartamas to meet up with Cris, Ben, Leonard and Gavin. We had another laughed filled yamcha session again. And once again, I present you Gavin Tan’s chronicles *clap clap clap!* Mannn, he should just appoint me as his personal biographer. Ha ha. Anyway this story was published with his permission ๐Ÿ˜€

One day during his high school days, Gavin went to the toilet due to diarrhea. After he was done, he stood up with his underwear on his shoulder. Then suddenly, the underwear fell into the toilet bowl and *splash!*. Since he couldn’t savage what has fell into the toilet bowl, he had to flush it down with his shit. Ha ha.

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