Spot The Raving Blogger @ 1 Utama – 10.3.2007

So the Speedzone Spot the Raving Blogger game has finally come to an end. I must thank Mypartners for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. It was a privilege to meet some well know Malaysian bloggers such as ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Kimberlycun, kyspeaks (although we didn’t have the opportunity to talk), Timothy Tiah of, Fireangel, Thaiboxinggirl and so on. Of course, not to forget Richard Lee of (check it out!) and Penispupz.

The event was held at Starbucks 1 Utama from 2PM until 4PM. A number of readers came with the printed answers and thereafter was awarded with certificates by the organisers. The said certificates are redeemable with 2 tickets to Speedzone Tour 2007 at KL Tower on the day of the event itself.

Some of the Winners!

Suanie & Penispupz’ hair.
We were also interviewed by the Star Newspaper about our blogs. Pictures were also taken. The photographer made me stand alone and pose while being interviewed. Cannot la, I’m not a natural born poser, damn stone ok. It was pretty uncomfortable. And I hope I don’t get misquoted!

Suanie getting interviewed.

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13 thoughts on “Spot The Raving Blogger @ 1 Utama – 10.3.2007”

  1. How come i was not invited to the event. I was bloody at 1 utama that day, on floor below starbycks..applying for One Card because i can’t bloody park at the preferred parking zone.

  2. haha nice try penispupz! saw this in ur blog entry “Then suddenly.. I spotted someone I knew.. and he went “PENNNYPUPZ?” sounded like that la..”
    i think what cheng leong really said was, “ZOMG!! PENISPUPZ!!”

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