Look Alike – Part V

People say that there are 7 people out there who looks like you. Now I’ve found 2. Some of you may recall that I posted a picture of a singer by the name Edwin that looks like me [see here].

The newest person that looks like me (or I look like him) is also a singer. His name is Sam Hart.

His songs are good! The most popular song is probably his Mario Kart Love Song with 2 million hits! Even my Melbourne Shuffle Basic Video don’t have that many hits!

Notwithstanding that both Edwin and Sam are singers, I can’t sing for nuts. But maybe the 3 of us could start a band, Edwin and Sam can sing and I err…just sit around.

5 more twins to go!

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Look Alike – Part III

2 years ago, I blogged about people looking alike here. In the said entry, I posted that one Mr Azmi was mistaken for another person who looks like him in England.

Then my friend took picture of a guy who looks like me (or I look like him). His name is Edwin.



And now Gavin Tan has found someone who looks like him in Kennysia‘s Website.

Our Gavin.

(Standing at the back) Kennysia’ Gavin. AHHAHAHAH

Look Alike – Part II

A: Is it true that in this world, u will find 7 ppl who look exactly like u
X: yeah. couple of weeks back, I met a girl who looks exactly like you. Now there are 5 more to go!
A: Who?? Where did you meet her?
X: She was in the Criminal Magistrate Court of Kuala Lumpur whereby she was charged with Section 12 of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which is the unlawful possession of drugs!! Your twin is a criminal!!
A: SHUT UP!!!!!!! I dont believe it!! You didnt take a picture of her???
X: No la. She was with her husband! You want me to die ah.
A: eh you said 5? whois the other one?
X: Oh no, its 6.
X: eh nono, its 5!
A: 5?? Who is the other one?
X: She’s the lap sap poh (garbage lady) in my office.

Look Alike

People say that there are 7 people out there who looks like you.

Mr. Azmi couldnt agree more.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/7/16/nation/11505500&sec=nation

Front page look-alike, exec mistaken for Azmi in Leeds


SHAH ALAM: As he stepped out of his house, Azmi Shaari noticed curious looks and stares from the people on the streets.

He only found out why when a neighbour showed him The Star.

Azmi was shocked to see a man who looked just like him staring out from the front page.

The man was none other than Malaysian Azmi Shafeei, who lives in Stratford Street, Leeds.

Azmi Shaari showing The Star’s front page with the picture of Azmi Shafeei in Leeds,Britain.

Azmi Shafeei had given an exclusive interview to The Star on his neighbour Hasib Mir Hussain, 19, whom police believed was responsible for blowing up the bus in Tavistock Square in London that killed 13 passengers on July 7.

Azmi Shaari was surprised that his Leeds look-alike even had the same first name.

Since yesterday morning, the business development executive had been getting calls non-stop, from his family, relatives and friends.
“I received nearly 100 calls from all over the country. I even got calls from some long lost friends. Most wanted to know whether it was me and what I was doing in England,” he said when met at Section 9 here yesterday.

A motorist, who spotted him at a traffic light, pointed to the front page picture and shouted: “Glamour-lah. Front page!”

“Even a foreign worker at a mamak stall asked me what happened,” he said.

He added that people at the petrol station, shops and restaurants where he had stopped by asked him the same question.

Azmi, who has two brothers and two sisters, admitted that even his siblings did not look so much like him, unlike the Azmi from Leeds.

Then yesterday, Sui Lin told me that she met someone who looks like me @ Songwriters’ Round 18 @ Alexis. He’s a singer. It seems that we dress the same as well!

Pictures from Lynnzter’s website.


That looks like me when I wear my glasses and dont comb my hair!