The Year 2010 at a Glance

2010 went by like a breeze. I must say it has been a good year overall – although there had been some downs. Work was enjoyable, got promoted, parents are well, A and I hit our 3 years mark, got featured in newspapers and media and so on.

I read from somewhere that one should always look back on what has been achieved throughout the year and vow to achieve better next year. It is also good to reminisce the good and bad times in a year.

Here’s a summary of it. Click on the links for the full story 😀

In January, I got featured in Astro B.yond TVC together with other fellow bloggers.


In the same month, my 2nd article on Putik Lada was featured in The Star. I wrote about Social Media and Law

The entry was retweeted many times and got me a cool 400 page view! I’ll be writing another article on Putik Lada again in January – stay tuned!

April wasn’t a good month as I had a streak of bad luck. It started off with a RM100 parking fine. Then Mum had an accident, my car broke down in Court and got towed, tyre was punctured and petrol leaked from my car thereafter!

But the month of April was an eye opener. Jamie Toh broke “the world record” by finishing 10 sticks of raw siham cockles.


May marks the death of my brother in law. May his soul rest in peace.

On the same month, I travelled to Boston to attend the International Trade Mark Association conference. In the meantime, I stopped by New York City.

I met up with Timothy Tiah and fourfeetnine there as well.

You can read all my entries on NYC and Boston here.

June sparked my interest in Data Protection. I was featured in The Star newspaper in an article entitled Keeping it Private.

It spearheaded me in this data protection field and got invited by various organisations to talk about the impending Personal Data Protection Act 2010. I did probably around 15 talks on this topic alone. Work started trickling in after all these talks.

Data protection wasn’t the only topic I spoke about. I spoke about social media as a panelist in the Asian Blogger & Social Media Conference with other fellow bloggers fehmes Niki Cheong, Kenny Sia and KinkyBlueFairy.

Right after the conference, I was featured in The Star newspaper in the article “Tweet below the law

September is the month where civilians p4wned a robber. The security guards at my area caught a robber and got the robber’s picture published in a leaflet!

In November, I was featured in Klue magazine as one of Malaysia’s Top Ten Hottest Bloggers.

It was embarrassing -___-

Later in that month, the KL Bar IT Committee organised the IT Law Forum @ KDU College of Law and Business on 12.11.2010. Organising it wasn’t easy. We had so many twists and turns.

In the end, it went well!

December was an entry busy month for me. Although I took the entire month off to clear my leave, I had to go to the office everyday. Gah.

Anyway, I look forward to 2011. Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a great year ahead!

Maxis iPhone4 Launch

I attended Maxis’ iPhone 4 launch at Garden’s Hotel. As some of you may know, I am a lawyer by profession. Attending a product launch is something out of the ordinary for us practicing lawyers. It was definitely an eye opener and was glad to be invited to one!

I arrived at the Maxis iPhone launch at 11pm. There was already a long-long line! I thought long lines to get iPhone4 is a thing of the west! Heard some people waited until 6am for the phone!

Upon arriving at Garden’s Hotel, I was whisked into the VIP section for free flow of drinks and food. I was alone but luckily I bumped into a few bloggers such TimothyTiah, fourfeetnine, sixthseal and a few others. Hate going to parties and be alone :/

Fourfeetnine, kinkybluefairy, me and kennysia

ShaolinTiger and fourfeetnine – check out the height difference.

At 12am, the phone was launched and a press conference was held. The bloggers stood by the side while journalists cramp together to catch every word that was said. It was an eye opener to see real journalists in action. It was quite cordial. No pushing and shoving and journalists took turns to ask questions.

There was even a lucky draw for journalist. The lucky ones got themselves an iPhone 4! I should have gotten myself a blogger name card and drop it at the lucky draw bowl.

So after the press conference, it was time to get my hands on the new iPhone 4!

I got myself a 16GB. It compliments my iPad 16GB 3G! Heh.

It was already 130am when I got my new phone. I had to wake up at 6am to head to Seremban the next day. -_- Felt like a zombie the next day.

As for my review of the iPhone, I’ll write a review after I play with it for few days 😀

The prices are @

Asian Blogger & Social Media Conference @ Times Square Hotel

I was invited as a panelist in the panel discussion of this two-day conference at Times Square Hotel. The invitation to be a panel member was quite last minute. I only gave in my confirmation letter and profile 2 days before the conference.

I couldn’t attend the first day of the conference because I had another talk to give. It was a rather stressful week. I had to give 3 talks in 3 consecutive days. Fortunately, the 3 days went well.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir gave the opening address. I heard it was quite out of topic.

The event was featured in the Malay Mail the next day. I realised that my photograph was on the conference banner. I didn’t even send the conference organisers my photograph!

Thank god I wasn’t wearing the same shirt. *phew*

The panel discussion was the last event of the conference. Other panel members were the honourable Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Niki Cheong, Kenny Sia, Kinkybluefairy and a few others. The topic for discussion was Freedom of Speech. The moderator proposed that each speaker give their views on this topic for 5 minutes before opening the floor for Q&A. I was shocked! I wasn’t prepared for it at all!

At this point, Kinkybluefairy said to me, “F**k, what am i supposed to say??”

The moderator called up names randomly by picking pieces of papers inside his pocket. It felt like back in school again. It was like waiting in line to be caned in school!

Then when it came to my turn, I confessed to the crowd that I wasn’t prepared for the speech at all.

Fortunately, my past talks on Blogging and Law and also article on Social Media and the Law helped me to fill up the 5 minutes that I was supposed to fulfill.

Some twitterers complained that our session wasn’t a panel discussion at all. I thought this would turn around when they open the floor for discussion.

Unfortunately, VIP of the day, Federal Territory Minister Raja Nong Raja Chik came early and the discussion had to be cancelled.

The organiser was nice enough to give me a token of appreciation. I was invited to the stage to receive the token presented by the FT Minister.

The Minister – I shook his hand when I went to the stage to collect my token. His handshake was rather soft. Not something I expect from a Minister. HE SHOULD HAVE CRUSHED MY HAND!

Overall, it was a good event. Wish I had spent longer time there!

[Picture credits to TianChad!]

Look Alike – Part III

2 years ago, I blogged about people looking alike here. In the said entry, I posted that one Mr Azmi was mistaken for another person who looks like him in England.

Then my friend took picture of a guy who looks like me (or I look like him). His name is Edwin.



And now Gavin Tan has found someone who looks like him in Kennysia‘s Website.

Our Gavin.

(Standing at the back) Kennysia’ Gavin. AHHAHAHAH