xes’s Forever Love

Anything Doraemon never fails to bring xes to mind. Just anything. I associate Doraemon with xes all the time that it’s not my fault! ;P You can tell by the favicon for xes.cx that he loves Doraemon dearly. ;P

According to GSC, Doraemon has a ‘movie’ coming out soon – it will be released on 17th August 2006. Guess who will be queueing up for tickets? xes, of course! ahahahah ;P Fighting among the kiddies for a ticket!
The movie is called ā€œNobita In The Wan-Nyan Space-Time Odysseyā€. I tried to understand the synopsis but had difficulties. There’s a pet dog, abandoned cats and dogs, time machine, kingdom of cats and dogs and Doraemon falls in love with a cat called Shami in a restaurant and lives happily ever after. Oh, not yet, he and Nobita and friends have to do some more saving of poor doggy and catty souls. *confused*
And Doraemon has ears??
Read the original synopsis on GSC’s website.
WHY PLEASE TELL ME, WHY does everyone adore Doraemon????
Woo, Doraemon suffering the aftereffect of drugs. -> here.

Eh, it’s quite cute, actually. ;
NOOOoOOOOOOoOoOoOOoOOOOOOO I don’t want to like Doraemon!!! I have been avoiding it since my friends started watching the Malay-dubbed Doraemon cartoons on RTM1 (or 2?) years ago. I don’t want to be a convert!
OK, I ADMIT. The cute grin is affecting me.
I’m going to break into xes‘ house tonight and steal his Doraemon floppy bunny furry slippers! So cute eh, imagining xes flipflopping around the house in his Doraemon furry slippers. šŸ˜‰

18 thoughts on “xes’s Forever Love”

  1. bimbobum u shd try and have a child with xes,
    then u can call your 1st child doraemon, 2nd child nobita(boy), or sizuka (girl)

  2. i read this site frequently..anyway, after browsing thru his photo blogs…xes haha~actually looks like doraemon..i mean, if u put both their faces together XD XD XD..btw, doraemon’s ears were chewed off by a mouse..thats y he’s so afraid of them

  3. bimbobutt: is your butt bigger than mine???? show!! ;P
    xes: we use surrogate mom lor. later la only relationship post. dry season, no dates lately. ahahahahah jk
    insomnia: ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cool! when i’m sober and awake k….. thanks! šŸ˜‰
    karheng: you like or don’t like???
    .+:himawari^teruteru:+. : ahahahahahahahahah xes probably kept dreaming of Doraemon every night, hence the resemblance. ;P but the new movie’s Doraemon has ears!!

  4. jasMine: aiks… do you have the dolls? šŸ˜‰ i only remember those tiny rubbery ones that came out from the Ding Dang boxes i used to buy my parents bought for me when i was 4-5 years old. ;P
    d_D: is a joke? where’s the answer?? ;P
    wolfx: no idea wat’s dat. keroppi i know la. ;P
    endroo: Carebears!!

  5. i’m a guy but i love xiao ding dong very much, i even have one ding dong doll.
    i watch every comics, and movie of ding dong since i was in primary four, now i’m 25.

  6. frank: ahem ahem? ehehe. he confessed to me one day actually, when he was drunk. ehehehe. joking ;P
    johnson: ahahahahahahahahah suddenly an image of xes sucking his thumb while ‘hugging’ his blow up doll to sleep is hilarious ;P heheh

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