Women Fear Rejection!

2 months ago, i brought up the subject about men being unable to take rejection from women they have been pursuing. Quite a number of readers believe that it’s due to ego. Some girls (or women) have mentioned that women may equally experience the same embarrassment or humiliation from rejection – therefore the issue of bruised egos cannot be based on gender alone.
Recently someone made a outburst comment which I believe should be considered. Especially by the women out there. (You may need to defend yourself, women!)

You women are stupid. You sit on your barstool and pick and choose and never have to take the risk of rejection. The man does all the work and spends all the money. You live like gods holding the self esteem of others in the palm of your hand and crush it for a whim.(bimbobum: i didn’t know women were that powerful!) Girl’s whole self image is based on one thing, how they look, period. (bimbobum: that’s an issue of vanity.)
Yet, they will turn down a guy who looks good because of “personality” which is always assumed that a good looking guy does not have because he intimidates the girl who is so focused on her own looks and self image. Any good looking guy is a threat to a good looking woman for this reason, and he will be punished for making her feel that way, because women are spoiled, selfish, conceited narcissistic creatures who care only about themeselves. (bimbobum: what, you’re generalising it, my darling.)
They reject so frivolously, telling a man that he is sexually inferior, yet have the balls to wonder why he is upset at being told he is less than a man. I know that rejection means nothing though, because the female attraction mechanism is based on nothing. Women say they go for “personality” and reject that attractive guy, yet they always date a complete jerk who cheats on them, yet cry on the shoulder of the “nice” guy and refuse to date him because he isn’t “exciting” like the jerk. Wait a minute, I thought you went for “personality.” The guy they pick is always ugly, or at least most of the time. This makes no sense. (bimbobum: that’s because the good looking ones are already taken and the nice decent ones) They crush the self esteem of the attractive guy who has every thing to lose when he gets rejected. And they love to do this, since they were intimidated of the guy, they make him pay for how they feel about themselves and then say he has no personality, as if it’s a crime to be attractive, yet, the girl lives off her looks and nothing more.
The girls who cry about this “personality” bullshit all have their nose in the air, walk around like a fascist ice queen, reject everybody but the biggest loser they can find with the biggest wallet. They have a tag on their car that says “2hot4U”, they wear a shirt that says “princess”, ask all around them “could I be a model”, demand to be bought and paid for like they deserve a free ride in this world because they have a pair of tits, and surround themselves with ugly girls since they hate all other good looking women and want to make themselves feel better by having other women around them that they feel are inferior to them based on nothing but looks. (bimbobum: can i be a model??)
They are irrational, selfish and think with nothing but their emotions and their ego, yet have the audacity to judge another person’s personality, which is just a code word for saying they want an ugly jerk, loser, tool homo that they can control to feel better about their arrogant self.
If these conceited selfish women would get their face out of the mirror long enough to go up and ask a guy for a date, and then get turn down, they would probably kill themselves.
Imagine it this way: you are a blond, you are the hottest girl in the room, and you walk up to a reasonably attractive guy that you think is a match for you, he puts his nose in the air, he insults you for daring to compliment him, he turns you down, then walks up to the ugliest, fattest girl in the room, who has the worst, most arrogant attitude and then walks away laughing at the harm he has done you. Imagine this happening over 90% of the time you summon the courage to ask out a guy. Then, you have to walk around watching all the fat, ugly girls with all the good looking guys, day after day. Then, the guys say, I wonder why she is mad, I only turned her down, I only told her she wasn’t good enough. And, its because we only go for whats inside. After all, no good looking girl has a personality, we go for “other things“, its not all about sex, its who you are inside, and there is no way this girl could have a “personaility”, just look at her. (bimbobum: but that’s because i ended up being an ah lian/beng with blond hair in malaysia, of course i got rejected!!)
You are all insane, and you are too spoiled and irrational to know. Take your ugly guys and burn in hell, all of you. (bimbobum: and i’m taking you down with me? ;P)

Raise your hand, ladies, those who have experienced rejection before. As if we’re not brave enough, hmmffh.
(Thank you, GoodLooksAreACurse, this is the longest comment I’ve ever received. Your 2 cents worth is appreciated. Cheers! But I don’t totally agree with you.)

17 thoughts on “Women Fear Rejection!”

  1. WOW…Such a Long COMMENT!
    I oso wanna kopykat la…kasi long long komen…
    I think the GoodlooksAreACurse dude is very pitiful. I mean how do u tell if you’re good looking? (OF course by looking in the mirror) But do u know taste and choice can be very very subjective?
    For one, I think that a person is deemed good looking only when someone says so. If you’re so good looking, why do you whine and complain when you can’t get the girls of your choice? Maybe you think you’re good looking, but maybe in reality, you’re not? OK OK benefit of a doubt…Maybe you are vERY Leng jai, macho and all but that’s when the girls think that you’re so good looking that you’re probably TAKEN!
    For example..Honfaai is not good looking (Well i don’t think so la…maybe cos i’m a guy) but he always so himself good looking. Maybe you have his syndrome. However, he doesn’t whine and complain, because…He has a gf of his dreams! and she probably thinks he’s good lewking. (could it be because he’s rich also?)
    So with that example, you should really understand what girls want. Sometimes, they don’t want pretty boys….nor too charming…otherwise, they lose their heads…sometimes…girls want some guys who arenot so perfect, but MOST importantly be, HONEST, LOYAL, and not PERASAN to think themselves good looking la…Honfaai is an exception. He exudes such a confidence that u can help but want to slap him when u see him say that. HEHEHEH…
    So in conclusion, Be like Honfaai! or something liddat la…. Maybe you can get your girl of your dreams too…NEVER GIVE UP! Or…maybe the girls of your dreams are not confident as well…maybe they’ve never been pursued by a guy before. Must always put in the factor that they’re probably SHY ler…

  2. hehehe honfaai..u very sporting one horrr….
    btw…i’m fat…are u saying that ur jealous of fat dudes? I terasa….

  3. karheng: wah, take honfaai as example! i think he’s quite cute wat. hehe. hehehe. ahaha. ;P
    and who mentioned fat? i is confused.
    honfaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i don’t wear panties

  4. wah this one hot topic..missed this topic last time..damn exciting..i also wanna give kau kau long one! lets start on a little explanation on previous post? I remembered once i read an article before in mens fitness (yes me read guys magazine too..but more towards health than gossips? Theres little gossips in it anyway Heh) and apparently im lucky enough to find this article online, which explains not only why men can’t take rejections but as well as it offers ‘possible’ solutions on how to deal with it. I am not going to rationalize on what happened to our Mr good looking but perhaps after so long he might be able to use this article for his kind perusal (this actually made me looked like a relationship doctor more than bimbo) heh. So this time..Im kinda like standing on womens side..We’re Men! Just take it like a Men! Man heh. Oh heres the link :

  5. Imagine it this way: you are a blond, you are the hottest girl in the room, and you walk up to a reasonably attractive guy that you think is a match for you, he puts his nose in the air, he insults you for daring to compliment him, he turns you down, then walks up to the ugliest, fattest girl in the room,
    Look at this phrase…try changing the girl to guy and guy to girl and u will understand the fat part..

  6. the ugliest and fattest girl is going to be obnoxious for snagging the good looking guy. then the hatred will start not mostly because of jealousy but her obnoxiousness. don’t you think? showing off isn’t good! (do it discreetly ;D)

  7. hehe karheng a case scenario eh? well being calm and positive thinking is always an answer to everything..human are most vulnerable when they are lost and confused (leading to mistakes). but then it doesnt mean that after being rejected, one should not explore the anger and confusion itself. Perhaps knowing how to channel the anger..like u know mr good looking actually did the right thing but in a wrong place and yeah hehe without those degrading human gender comment, hes actually are smart enough to realised things. IF he could just throw back those questions to himself…that would be excellent.
    Bimbo..u know me la..my name already imply the ive got no money how? Hehe maybe illegal hotline can ah..set up a website..pay by paypal or CC then mail them number and call me. Good?

  8. GoodLooksAreACurse:
    perhaps you are after the wrong sort of girl?
    the girl you described can be spotted a mile away. in the future, try to avoid her totally!
    they are not worth your time and money even if they DO agree to go out with you.
    instead, why not directly approach the “OBJECTIVELY ATTRACTIVE” and “NICE” girls? note however you most likely won’t find them sitting on barstools.
    asking them to come up to you is expecting abit too much. firstly, the underlying gender roles (i’m not a stupid bitch!! :(). secondly, you claim you are good looking- this might make it all the more intimidating.
    you sound like you’ve been mindfcuked one too many times but don’t generalise! get back in the game, your woman is still out there for waiting you 🙂 all the best!!

  9. heh..i’d say hes good looking cos i want to give him some credits..shooting him down on his look will just crush his self esteem..sigh well whatever it is GoodLooksAreACurse ill still support you. but man just dont flame down women just because u cant find any mate..work hard..gambatte!

  10. A superb post. What differentiates good blogs to average blogs. Consists of: triggering conversations and comments. Controversy, observational, highlighting common sense.
    My take on this. A big YES!!! Females are humans too. They have goals and when the goal is not reached due to various circumstances, we all (humans) respond the same through various means. The common ones being: Jealousy, Anger, Discrimination, making irrational conclusion, etc.etc. These are just the basic principles, if we wanna go into the details. Well, its gonna take forever. If we are to help ourselves during these situations. First of all, realise what you are feeling and its just that, A Feeling, an emotional response. I know, I know, its hard, its torturing, I have been through it. But face it, its part of life and the fear of being rejected by someone could be conquered…….Conquer it and you will become a better person.

  11. pokai: aha.. good one 😉
    cnigel: girls or guys now?
    AHLOKKOR: some people don’t understand why they’re rejected. they just don’t get it! but we won’t talk about it here, it’ll be a separate post coming up!

  12. girls are nothing but trouble. I say use em and lose em. Love yourself more guys. Dont let these selfish, self centered creatures rule ur life. Live free like a bird! Do anything you want! Have that extra cash to blow! Have the time of your life while ur still young!

  13. It’s quite a physcology when it comes to love. People tend to act either rational or irrational behaviour when least expected. We just need to accept it or try cause love is biochemical in nature. It take 2 different paradigm to reach the cross road and get connected. The biological effect will allowed both to be programme is such way to accept each other…

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