What’s your flava?

i woke up at 7am as usual this morning. brushed my teeth.. however something unusual happened. this morning, i ter-shallow some of my tooth paste.it was the colgate mint fresh with the green paste ones. it tasted… MINTY? a little spicy feeling oso la. this reminds me of some wierd hobbies i used to have back in my 4-7 years old days.
disclaimer : before u read on, dont judge me for whatever u’re about to read. i’ve already grown up into a handsome boy 😀 its just what i was not what i am mmkay?
ok, bursting the bubble time. i used to like tasting different tooth paste flavours. i’ve tried alot of flavours like the strawberries, peach, peppermint, orange, honeydew and i can go n on. notice why i mentioned strawberry 1st? yea.. that’s my favourite one. especially if its manufactured by kodomo lion..
HAHAHAHAHHA… (daydreaming)
sorry was having a short flashback 😛 the good ol’ days yoh? so dont be shy, burst all ur childhood embarassing/proud moments here today! 😀

we promise not to tell other people about it.. MUCH *evil grinx*

14 thoughts on “What’s your flava?”

  1. I remember my friend’s brother used to collect his boogles after he picked them out frm his nose…euwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i dont know whether he made it into a ball

  2. So does your accidental incident would have arouse the long lost habitude again in you again? It was long long time ago since you last practice to eat toothpaste … they have alotsa new brands on the market now … you might wanna try everyone of em and give reviews on each one on your next post. hmmmm …

  3. xes: wah.. i thought ppl use to say ‘my friend’ to represent themself for anonymousity.. now upgrade to ‘my friend’s bro’ edi ah? 😛
    yvonne: i bet u like the taste ehk? 😀 when u terswallow..!
    wolfx: yes yes 😛 strawberry’s rock!
    pennypupz: o.O
    mikel: ummm dont know ler.. that morning was colgate’s.. not so much kick la.. probably should drop by the pharmacy later to get some kodomos then 😀 ok.. i will keep that in my ‘to-do-list’ for the summer.
    hazel: STRAWBERRY RULES#@!
    glo: wo men dou ai.. kodomo lion 😀

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