Tiesto tomorrow night.

DJ Tiesto, voted No.1 by a British dance magazine, will be spinning @ the newly opened club, Zouk tomorrow night. Admission before 10PM will cost rm45 while after 10PM will be RM60.

5 top reasons why you shouldn’t be there tomorrow night

2. It will be super duper pack. So pack that you might have problem walking. Forget about dancing, every second somebody will be banging in to you.
3. Zouk implemented the Western line up system where you have to line up in order to get in. Sometimes you have to wait for an hour or more in order to get in. Those who clubbed in Australia or UK should know what I’m talking about. Since there will be shit loads of people, the line would be as long as the Great Wall of China.
4. Party starts at 9PM and ends at 3AM. Hello? 3AM?????
5. I have 9:30AM class the next day. *sob* Well, I might consider dropping by. I will be there standing at one corner, enjoying DJ Tiesto hard set. Oh yeah!!

11 thoughts on “Tiesto tomorrow night.”

  1. hello, just passing by. at some point you’re right. i like the ambience. but the music sucks. and its definitely attracting all the wrong crowds (i saw more she-man than shes). but anyhow. still going cos my friends love tiesto to death. we’ll see. 😉

  2. hey true man!! so everyone dont go dont go… all stay at home!!! eheheh…remember, CANNOT go yea!!

  3. u should bring camping gear and stake out the line at 2 pm. the previous day. or better still the previous week. then you’ll be able to get in before 3 am 😛 its a dog eat dog world out there man

  4. i raise my hand and agreed to not to go. Damn pack and you dont get to dances. better stay out side to save money and energy. Pack until u cant breath… lolx.. __

  5. kim: i think i might be going ekekbernard: heard ppl will be there by 6pm!! gavin: kekeke nvm nvvmmm once in a lifetime experience kekeyen: ahh welcome welcome to my humble domain 😀 i guess there will be various types of crowd there tonight.. she-males would be oneof them..stranger: what to do.. no presale tickets 😀 YUMMIE: ohh u cannot go is it..like EVERYBODY MUST GO TONIGHT!!!k: 2pm..dowan la..not that kiasuLaine; it’s a ruling that all clubs close at 3PM 😀 last week dave clarke’s rave eded at 3pm too 😀 steven: mmm unless u wanna enjoy the music…i thnk ill go there for the music! penispup: i fully strongly 100% agree kekeek

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