Xes.cx – Clubbing System mix

(sorry bout the picture i couldn’t find a better one LOL)
A couple of older tracks but i must say this is my favourite set so far and it just makes me wanna tap my foot and go on a clubbing frenzy even on a monday night. Set kicks off with mellow trance and then gradually pumps harder mid way.Your-typical-clubbing-in-KL-type of music and i hope you all like it as much as i do!
1)Aces Delight vs Baced – Destiny
2)Pervading Call – Two
3)m.i.k.e – Strange World
4)Blank and Jones – Catch (Martin Roth mix)
5)Starsplash – Eternity
6)Dumonde – Ich Will Raus
7)Tiesto – Magik Journey(old school mix)
8)Delirium – Silence (unreleased mix)
9)Artist and song name witheld for protection
10)Liquid Soill – Keep Turning Around(Empyre one remix)
11)Blank and Jones – Mind of the Wonderful(Martin Roth remix)
12)Tiesto – Love comes Again

9 thoughts on “Xes.cx – Clubbing System mix”

  1. rych – still love the blank & jones – home and dry remix at the end of your ‘dance department’ mix. awesome stuff as always. cheers.

  2. tsinikal: thank you. keep tuning in.
    xes: i think i know who that person is. happen to be one of my friends xD
    bimbobum:some people like it hard some people like it soft. different genres different taste. this mix is about trance and someone don’t like it.

  3. weii… nice le the tracks… i like it… infact i love it! 😉
    thanks for such a nice track xes…

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