added links and abby pierced her tongue :D

Abby pierced her tongue today. She speaks like Donald Duck now 😀 She had to suck her saliva all the time and her tongue has swell enormously. It would take her a month to heal completely. 😀

Hm, ever since I had guest bloggers at my website, some of my friends mistakenly read my other guest bloggers’ post as mine. Please note that, there are 4 guest bloggers in this website. They are Wen Dee, Siew Lee, Frank and tiberian_x (he doesnt blog here anymore but he’s welcome to anytime hehe).

Ok, added an info page for siewlee, click on her nick to check it out 😀

Plugged some of my regular visitors website
eraine, Ikari, irenekay, Ben and suilin

Did i miss anyone out?

bitchin’ n moanin’

Nothing feels better than a real friend coming upon at the most weakest moments of the night and putting up with all your nonsense and also building up the pillar of strength for you. How many true friends I have in life, I can honestly count them with my ten fingers. Not many. Part of me aches when you come to realise that people are being so pretentious in all possible ways, until you have no goddamn clue what’s real and what’s not. What to believe and what not to believe? Even worse, some can be so pretentious till not realising what they have done have caused damage to others, merely because of their uncontrollable big fat mouth. Such a pain in the arse. Bitchin’ and moanin’ ..and what more? Nothing gained out of it.

Empty, empty, empty…is this an obsession or what? I’m feeling kinda drained, could be possibly more on the physical side, haven’t had coffee since the end of the exams. Maybe that’s what explains it, but nOoOo..can’t have excessive caffeine in my system, coz I’ll go delirious..hahahaha 😛 Excuse my melo-drama tonight, it’s 2 in the morning. *wink*

To those who are bored of their nuts after the exams, check out DYNOMITE!!!!..And those who are not done with their exams yet, never NeVEr NevER start! coz I’ll guarantee you, once u start u can’t stop. Simply amazing 😛

I finally got to watch Matrix Reloaded today (after all the hypes about it ).Amongst all the ‘stylo’ actions and ass –kickin’ fighting scenes, there was this particular scene which was incredibly B-R-E-A-T-H-T-A-K-I-N-G!!! Man, u galz must know which scene I’m talking about *grin* Give me 5 to those who agree…OoOoOo…YEAHhhHh: D


tongue piercing

Abby is going to pierce her tongue tomorrow. 😀

Aftercare tips.
To clean the inside of an oral piercing use a special antibacterial mouthwash which is alcohol free and can be used undiluted.
If an alcohol based mouthwash is used it should be diluted 1/3 mouthwash to 2/3 water.
It should be used after everything you eat, drink or smoke until the piercing is fully healed.
With all oral piercings there will be some swelling, this is perfectly normal and the jewellery you have been pierced with is large enough to allow for this.
Sucking on ice can help reduce the swelling.
If you are at all worried about the amount of swelling, or the jewellery starts imbedding, please call in to have it looked at by your piercer.
For the first few days of your new piercing eating may be difficult (you may notice this especially with tongues). Take it easy, start on soft foods like soup or yoghurt and work your way up to tougher foods.
We suggest you avoid hot spicy food at this stage.
It is also advisable to change you toothbrush as your old one may harbour bacteria.
The tongue is covered in a very thin natural healing agent called “peptide”; this will help to aid the healing process.

hmm, should I get one too? 😛

loo la la loo la la loo la loo la ley~

Many thanks to Leong for the tiny info page :D… after the goddamn exams, I will see if I can find any guidelines of some sort that I can follow by to add in more useless info about myself.

You make me feel like dancing, I wanna dance the night away… It sucks to the core to be sitting in my room all day, doing my assignment (slowly but surely!) and going through past years papers (and wondering how the hell I am gonna pass this one) when all I wanna do is dance dance dance! Like Irene, I am also looking for a latin dance partner when I go back to KL for good in July… anybody willing and interested? 😉

Can’t wait for the Watson 16 roadtrip to Lake District and some other towns which we haven’t decided on yet… the last roadtrip in February was great and sooooo very memorable – we went to Birmingham for food, Bath for the night and the Isle of Wight where we experienced UK’s cold-ass beaches, saw the loveliest cliffs and also where Chuo Ming had his first taste of lobster (eventhough they were PUNY!!). I uploaded these 2 pics for fun…

SL&iWight (19k image)
Siew Lee and I at some cliffs on the Isle of Wight. The cliffs were simply beautiful but this picture doesn’t do the cliffs much justice!

seafood (21k image)
Not the clearest of pics, but here are the 9 of us (Hun Chong, Alex, Frank, Shane, Fred, Mike, Siew Lee, Chuo Ming and I) at a seafood pub/restaurant at the Isle – where Frank did the seemingly impossible by finishing everything on the biggest platter of seafood I have ever seen. You GO, Frank! 😀

Also can’t wait to go for the week-long trip to Europe – Greek Islands? Spanish Islands? IBIZA?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Its gonna be fine fine fine…. Taking some time off to go to some beaches where seafood, drinks, beautiful people and clubs are aplenty has gotta be good shit, yessss? 😉 I feel as if I haven’t gone to enough places around Europe before I head back home to Malaysia. So many places! So little time!!!

“Young man’s slave, older man’s sweetheart” – how true is that statement anyway? Basically that sentence has been drilled into my head since the beginning of the dee-dee by my mum and to suddenly hear her say that she doesn’t mind that I go out with guys my age or just a mere 1-2 years older anymore – I really wonder if the accident affected my hearing senses. To those who know me long enough, would know that my mum’s only (yeah rite!) prerequisite for the guys I date, is to be at least 5 years older or more. Yeah, I know I should be rejoicing and all but heh, am still in shock. Give me a mo..

~Snooty Bubblepants… just found out that you visit this site too 😉 Dj Jason in da hooouuse…! BE GOOD!


sexy spiders

WoOHoOo!! Exams are over! (One smack* Ouch! from wendee 😛 ) Got up pretty late today. Not a good way start the day, gotta ‘perform’ some major cleaning-up session in my room. *wink* Again, my housemates and I had this after-exam drinking night yesterday. Leong and I started off with a bottle of Asti, while Chuo Ming and Kim said they will join us soon after PS2 . Both of us got pretty bored, so Leong suggested we should play card games while waiting for the rest to move their arse. The rule of the game was to guess the colour of the next card (DOhh!!) I have lost count on how much we drank ( Leong must have tricked me into ‘sipping’ most of the shots while he puff away..MUAHAHAHa ) But, it was all good..WICKED!! 😀

As I’m writing this blog, I just received a message from one of my best friends in Malaysia saying that her ex-boyfriend ( who is apparently now in jail ) wanted her home address so that he could write to her. AWWwWwW* She broke into tears when the boy’s mum ring her for her address. I bet most of you guys back in Malaysia must have heard about the murder case of a doctor in Bangsar a month ago or so. ‘Sadly’ , he had to be one of the murderers. Apparently, the charges have been read to them and the judge decided on a death sentence!!!Does he deserve another chance, or was he given too many? Man..mistakes in life..sometimes there is just no turning back. *sob.

GoSHhHh..spiders SpiDeRsSs!!..Spiders have been crawling up my bed and down my carpet!! And also deli-long legs!!! My room is turning into a mini zoo. These pets of mine come from the gigantic overgrown tree which is right next to my skyline window. So, every time when I open it, I’ll be inviting more thingies into my room. Don’t let me see any crawling creatures, otherwise they will all be whacked and smashed (and probably eat them too ? )mUaHAHHahha..I’m turning into an animalist!!




Summer holiday begins!

Japanese exam was good. It was easy and I finished the 3 hours paper in 1½ hour. It’s my last exam today and sadly, my last day as a student of University of Sheffield. Sob sob, the end of my university life! I got out from the exam hall an hour early and stood outside chatting with my classmates. I watched in misery as my classmates, who I’ve known for the past 9 months, walking out from my life. This would be the last time I see them before I return to Malaysia. Sob, I’m going to miss England.

Since I’ll be stress free for 3 months, here are my plans before heading to Malaysia.

Clean up my room, get rid of all my old junks (got all my old notes into the recycling bin but not my Japanese notes, I’ll preserve them!) *done this*
Extend my air ticket with MAS.
16 Watson Road road trip, probably to Lake District.
Move out from 16 Watson Road on the 30th of June *sob*
One-week trip to Europe on the beginning of July
Abby coming here after Europe trip.
Head down to London for couple of times to attend dining sessions at Lincoln’s Inn
Attend Convocation on 22nd July.
Head back to Malaysia on 24th July. *probably*


perilous plot of the underground chinks!

hOoowAaahh.. latest craze would be the name-changing thingy – yours truly would be Tootie Wafflechunks, Siew Lee would be Crustie Girdletush (and how vulgar is that, babe? :D), Frank would be Poopsie Bubblepants and Leong would be Goober Girdlechunks! That obviously made no flying sense to most, but those who do understand – c’mon! hOw COoL aRe wE, mANnn!! Spread the lurve!!

Siew Lee, Mindy (Tootie Crazytushie) and Chuo Ming (Goober Cootiepants) have already finished with their exams and are finally done with their uni-years! I got one more paper to go (10 freaking days later) and then we will all be GRADUATING!!! *throws confetti into the air, yelling merry christmas* Watch out, watch out – they have just unleashed another bunch of palms-rubbing lawyers into this infested world! We all have good things ahead of us – be it the BAR, CLP, Masters or the first day at work. Get married, make them juniors, Labradors, cribs by the sea, BMWs, Ferraris, private jet, other fine fine pleasures in life, yada yada yada… (and yes, I would be joking about the last few parts)

Which brings to mind… I have always been one who would get all sOFt in out and “awwww!” when it comes to things along the lines of getting married, a gorgeous wedding, a HUBBY, the whole “Guess what! I am pregnant!!” hoohaa and BABIES. Then suddenly I have been hearing wayyyy too many news of friends and people around me getting engaged – mind you, these people are around the same age group as me, plus 1-2 years maybe. Early? Maybe… Serious? It better be… Lovely? Definitely ;)… And now, I am very nervous. I got so nervous while talking to my mummy about it, I hyperventilated. I really dunno why… just some emotions (fear even?) which I never thought I had in me, I guess? I mean, I was sooo looking forward to all these but look at me now, all I wanna do is get them out of my head.

Chances are, it is probably just a phase… :D…. if Leong continues to have this site up and if I continue to blog here – stay tuned coz a few years down the road I might just be telling you guys how my future hubby proposed to me :D… I would have gone on to say that I will even give you guys a blow-by-blow account of me giving birth but muAHhahaha I don’t really see how many people visiting this site would be interested in that anyway! 😛

Chin-chin Bubblepants… I know how you hate the new nick and even more so that I made you change it to entertain me 😀 but thanks for standing all my nonsense, quirks and fancies throughout the time we have known each other. *hugs*