flirting lady

While having brunch today, a lady came up to me and said,
“Wah! You’re sitting under the sun! Isn’t that hot?”

“Do you want to get tanned?”

“I think it’s okay for you! You will look like Khoo Thin Lock!” (Louis Khoo, Hong Kong actor).

She had long silky hair, pretty face and slim figure. Oh wait, that was probably 30 to 40 years ago! She’s actually the owner of a “Yong Tau Fu” stall. It feels so awkward to have a middle age lady flirting with me.

Well, the last time a middle age lady flirted with me was when I was in Finland. She was holding my arm and started speaking Finnish to me. I obviously didn’t understand. My friends said she wanted to treat me pizza, and probably after that, have sex with me. EUW!

Pictures from eraine’s birthday party.

Most of the pictures we took turned out blur. Damn..

Surprisingly, this is the only clear picture…

eraine’s bday!


She celebrated her birthday at a pub at her place, Duta Vista. Great chill out place with English pub design and soft music (it was playing some China man song which was horrible but thank god they played it softly). Speaking about pub, one thing I dislike about English pub is that they play the music too loud. Every time I tried to chat with my friends, I would end up shouting and screaming plus repeating the sentence. I rather sit down and shut up and drown myself with Snake bite black (a mixture of beer, cider and cranberry juice, my favourite!).

Gavin was his nutty self again. I’m not going to comment about him. He’s at the verge of committing suicide!

Mum’s car
Unknown to Dad, the road tax of my Mum’s newly repaired car expired yesterday. We didn’t know about it until nighttime. If Mum were to be caught by the police for driving a car without road tax, she could be sentenced to jail.

Mum wanted to go out so the only choice she had is to drive my car. Unfortunately, my tenant has already driven my car out to watch Matrix Revolution. So, Mum and I forced him to drive the car back. He was pretty reluctant at firs but I offered to drop him off at the cinema. However, his movie was about to start when he arrived home.

I drove like Michael Schumacher at turtle speed (it was raining heavily). Fortunately, I got him there on time and thank god, in one piece.

He was like sooOOOOOooo hooOOOOTTTTTtttt…!!!!!!!!! :D

K3anu was sooooo the super human-thing he is. Fooooh! And hell yeah, he was like sooOOoooo hoooOOOOTTTTTTtttttt?. I LIKE!!!

I couldn?t sleep till 7am this morning and I have a tiny suspicion that it was because of the Ju-0n trailer I saw before the start of the Matr1x. The classic trick of using small innocent children as the core of all evil (add that with those kids singing some random nursery rhyme and the background tinkling of some toy music-box thing) is an age-old plot should have gone pass頢y now. BUT THEY HAVEN?T, DAMNIT!!

I kept imagining some small naked pale jap kid staring at me from the side of my bed. Hence the arrangement of pillows, bolsters (yeah, I have 2) and soft toys all around the perimeter of my bed. Then I couldn?t move without something dropping on the floor and the dread of bending over the bed to pick them up in the dark mixed with the fear of touching some cold flesh instead of a furry soft toy mixed with the terror of turning around after picking it up to see a small naked pale jap kid at the oTHer side of the bed mixed with smelling the aroma of my malay neighbors cooking their breakfast. And damn, it smelt good? 🙂

I took a break from Sims yesterday coz I am still kinda spinning from the latest episode of my Sim. HE IS GAY!!! After his wife died, he got his guy-neighbor to move in with him along with a kid. The whole works were there ? the flirting, the hugging, the kissing and then they moved in together. The thing is, I didn?t control that, it was more like sat back and watch. *gaAHHhhh* And they sleep together! Ok, I didn?t know Sims could do that. I ?designed? it after Chen too? so? you are not gay, rite? RITE? 😛

(Haha I couldn?t tahan blogging without making a jibe at him just once!)

Ok, that?s it for now. Take care all.. its wet and dreary out there so drive safely and don?t let any depression get to you coz no matter how bad things may get, remember – someone loves you 🙂

internet down last night

My Internet connection was down last night due to unforeseeable difficulties. I mean really unforeseeable. A fox broke the main cable that is connected from my house to the telephone phone.

Matrix Revolution!
I think the movie was awesome even though some of my friends were pretty critical about it. There weren’t many stunts as compared to the previous ones but yet it had it shares of fighting scenes and stunts.

Couple of weeks ago, I passed a shop playing Matrix Reloaded. There was this part where Neo was talking with the Architect. The Architect was blabbing about the Matrix using difficult and technical terms. I totally had no idea what he said and does everyone. What surprises me was that the movie had Malay subtitles and guess what, they translated that part it in Malay. I wonder how they do it, the translator must have a PHD from Oxford or Cambridge to translate all the shit the Architect said. .

TNT kickboxing
Aw tired. I attended a kick boxing class to rebuilt my stamina and reduce the pounds that I gained ever since I stopped Muay Thai. I went back to old training school, TNT k1ckboxing.

They have now moved to another shop, which is many times bigger and has more facilities. I was expecting tons of girls there but unfortunately, the class I attended had only 4 people, including me (but the next class had tons and tons of girls! really fit ones! :D~~). There were 2 fit Malay ladies and another girl, Mei, a graduate from London School of Economics and she cute! Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend already. 🙁

So anyway, the class started off great but ended up me almost giving up. There was once,

Mei: faster! faster! don’t stop!

*panting* *panting* *panting*

*uh* *uh* *uh* *uh*

Sounds obscene but actually she was shouting at me for punching softly. I was really out of breath! Man, the girls were fitter than me. I need to train more often!

But wow, the workout really made me feel good. During workout, I felt so lethargic but couple of minutes later, I began to feel good. The endorphins that were shooting up my brain made me feel happy 😀

Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the fastest horse

It was another random day, ykwya and I were window shopping at our neighbourhood shopping mall when he pressed his face against a shop window, looking at a model car inside… crooning to himself…

dee: ?
ykwya: I love this car…
dee: you look like you are gonna come
ykwya: no-laa… no sound also…

Did you all know that he gets turned on looking at a good car and comes at the sound of a good car engine? At least it isn’t a girl… 🙂 even though I should wonder if I should feel threatened at all. Hehe… 😀

OK moving on from making fun/complaining about my guy YET AGAIN… I am bACk! The last few weeks have been eventful with some birthdays – HAPPY VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY KELL JAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! Got myself some chekap speakers and been addicted to Sims – ‘designed’ 2 sims following both our characters and they ended up being total MONSTERS. Yesternite, one of them died in a fire 😛 so the other is about to die of loneliness since no one wants to make friends with him. BAH!!! I guess that goes to say that you should never forget about your friends once you get hooked.. 🙂

Going to watch the Matr1x tomorrow which reminded me of the time some of the Watson 16-ners went to watch the second Matr1x in UK together… left most of us pretty confused and with Chuo Ming only liking (and remembering?) the chocolate cake part of it. And I still remember watching the first Matr1x and I thought K3anu was sOOoOoOoooo HOOOTTTTTTTTTTT, I sat up leaning towards the screen the entire show. Yeah, he was that hOT. But after a while, his slightly bewildered and dazed fa硤e got kinda dry? I hope the third one, he will look like the gallant superhuman-thing he is? 😀 (arghh *nose bleed..)

Talking about noses, I saw a nose-hair sticking out of his nose and it looked kinda ?loose? so?

dee: eh eh wait don?t move?. (attempts to pull out)

Ok so I didn?t know it was still attached. So there you go, one way to send your guy to his knees and cry oh mother of god, is to pull his nose hair. 😀

Till next time, take care all!!!

ryan’s bday pictures

Pictures from Ryan’s Birthday @ Aero.

Pictures courtersy of Sui Sui againnn

Guest bloggers
Oh my guest bloggers
Where art thou you fuckers aree…
You guys better start blogging.

So anyway, since my guest bloggers blog once in a blue moon, I’m recruiting new guest bloggers. You must have a body figure of 36D-28-36, model look face, smart with a university degree and would help me *fap fap fap* when I need to *fap fap fap*. Nah, just kidding, anyone who could make people laugh or write interesting blogs would do. Leave a comment!

Btw, if you have no idea what fapfapfap means..hahahaha just think of an action that would go *fapfapfapfapfap*

work today

The daughter of one of my neighbours is getting married today, no, not one of the problematic neighbours. But this neighbour of mine has this annoying habit of turning up the volume of her karaoke machine while singing. I mean super loud! Furthermore, she can’t sing for nuts. Anyway, her daughter is pretty, so I guess I’ll forgive her for singing so loud. Oh wait! She’s getting married. MA FUCKING BITCH!! My neighbour sings like a toad!!

Anyway, here are some photos from Kim’s birthday.

Back, L-R : Me, Ben, Cris, Gavin.
Front, L-R : Perry, Sui Lin, Lynnzter, Su Fee

The weather in Kuala Lumpur is getting crazy. The day would be hot like kukuciao while during the evening it would rain heavily.

Rain in Kuala Lumpur = Traffic jam
Heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur = MASSIVE traffic jam + flood!

I was stuck in a bloody jam during the rush hour after work today. It was raining hence it made it even worst. I don’t mind driving slowly but the problem is, those fuckup Malaysian drivers can’t seem to give way to people no matter what. They would do whatsoever tricks in order to stop you from getting into their lane. man..those fuckers should be shot.

kim’s bday!


The gang celebrated Kim?s birthday at Deutches Bierhouse. Expensive food though, so expensive that I skipped the dinner and headed down to the nearest McDonalds. 😀 Sorry Kim I was broke!

After dinner, we headed to Cristo?s to get Kim and her cousin drunk. Well, after numerous shots of liquor and flaming lambos, they were drunk. And guess what, Kim is only 16th and her cousin is only 15th 😀

Btw, Nice meeting you Lynnzter!

i’m not in the picture cause i was the camera man 😀

More pictures @ Sui Lin‘s website (the camera lady is back!).

Internet down
My broadband Internet connection is down! Apparently, my modem and switch were fried by lighting last night. Moreover, my tenant?s computer was also deep fried by lightning.

Damn, I feel so turn off running on a dialup connection.