Renewed IC

Check this video out. It’s darn funny 😀 (Size: 800K++)

And I wanna watch Infernal Affair 3!!

Johnson, Don, Samantha and I went to Salak South, a war zone area with roads that has potholes as big as meteorite craters. The queue was pretty short as compared to the Identity card (“IC”) renewal place in PJ. And fortunately, we were the last 4 to get the forms cause the counter limits the people for a day. A form with a number is given to us to fill in and hand it back to the lady. Due to the long queue (!! It’s not long at all, it took us about 15 minutes to line up for the form), a lady decided to cut queue and got herself shit loads of forms. However, her form wasn’t numbered hence she wasn’t given an appointment to renew her IC. Serve her right, kiasu fucker. Haha.

Our appointment was set at 3PM so we headed back home for a short nap. The application was finish by 4PM. We had to take a photo and scan our thumbprint. I heard that our photo would look distorted cause somehow they IC would stretch our face horizontally.

The new IC could store our driver’s license, medical record, act as an ATM card and so on. Although it might sound convenient, I think it would be a security risk to all of us.

Read TV Smith’s commentary about the new IC.

Bar sa vanh

Cris, Gavin, Ben, Sui Lin, Lynnzter, Irenekay, Perry, Iris, Fuzzy, Nik Lim, Hani, Wookookoo, me and many more were at Bar Sa Vanh, a new pub with Bali designs in town. The place was a really nice place to chill out, loads of beautiful people and great music. So without hesitation, the alcohol started pouring and Sui Lin, Lynn and Gavin were drunk. The night was filled with laughter, pictures and stupid things.

Cris and I bought Gavin a tequila pop as a present for passing his exams. Within minutes, Gavin was drunk, and also lonely. So we suggested some pickup lines for him to use and he eventually used some.

?Is your father is a terrorist? ?cause you are the bomb!?
?There are 365 bones in your body, but do you want an extra bone??
?Fancy a fuck?? (Lynn slapped him after he said that)

But nothing beats this,
Gavin: Are you feeling touched?
Lynn: NO..
Gavin: CAN I TOUCH YOU!?!?!


Gavin: Lynn, you hair looks great today!
Lynn: Thanks..
Gavin: Can I take you home tonight?!?!!

Pete Teo & I

Me, Lynnzter and Ben

I am taller than Fuzzzy!!!!

Silly photos we took

More pictures @


I got the job. 😀

This being my last week to spend late nights out with friends, I mentally ran through what we have been doing the past few nights. We went Breaker$ the other night? we planned to go yamchar the day after but ended up in the foos scene? and then it was foos again the next night? then we really really planned to go yamchar but HAH surprise surprise, no prizes for guessing where we ended up once again. You guys are ADDICTS, I tell you.. ADDICTS! But it?s nice to be able to play with them coz they are ever so patient with me (What are you doing?! My grandmother also can shoot harder than you-ar!) and so willing to teach me (First you set the ball then push then you pull then you slide there then set the ball again then flick your wrist like this then you then you then you? by which I start to space out?). So where ARE we going tonight? Coo? the choices seem endless? coo?

Anyway, almost similar to Leong?s latest post, an animal was also found in my house compound today ? but alive! A Tortoise! Not those mini terrapins but a big tortoise! No idea how he wandered into the house though. Now he?s chilling out, swimming around a basin my mum put him in. And he?s named Coolio for now coz he looks so damn cool. We probably keep him for awhile and check if anyone in the neighborhood lost a pet tortoise. If there are no takers, we probably release Coolio in the pond behind my house where there would be abundance of bread and kangkung thrown in by the kids, men and women daily who go there for their evening walks. All the tortoises, terrapins and fishes living there must be so goddamn sick of bread, man.

It?s funny though, this isn?t the first time a pet of some sort has wandered into the house. A Persian cat once came into the house and wouldn?t leave, hence our first pet Puffy who has since left us for a better place (heaven, of course) 3 years back. Then there was the hamster that ran into our kitchen, whose gender was mistaken right until she gave birth to 8 healthy hamster babies. So, hehe, the name Dexter was promptly changed to Desiree. Both those animals have naturally left their footprints on our hearts, contributing to the loveliest times of our lives and I wonder if Coolio wandered into the house for a predestined reason or other. 🙂

Next week will be the start of a new beginning for me. And I wonder if it is going to apply in more ways than one. Here’s to new beginnings, health and happiness to all readers of this site and their loved ones? *clink* 😉

murder of kittens

UNITED GARDEN, Dec 9 – 5 kittens and a cat was found murdered in the garden of xes�s house at United Garden today.

House 337 Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner (II) Saya Makan Rasuah said xes and his tenants went to the scene following a report lodged by the one of xes’s tenants.

He said the victims were killed brutally killed and the bodies were scattered all over the garden.

“The cause of death of the kittens were unknown but the adolescent cat has bite marks on him. This is a case of HAM KA CHAN..whole family die.” No post-mortem was conducted, as the bodies were badly decomposed and rotten.

According to an eyewitness, 4 dogs were seen in the area before the report was lodged. The murder might be due to rivalry between the 2 clans, the dogs and the cats clan.

Bodies of the cats were buried outside xes’s house.

Police urged the public with information to email xes at at gmail or the nearest McDonalds outlet.


I got this from ratz website

Kent Choice: e.Motion Featuring Kevin Saunderson
Date : Saturday, 13/12/2003
Venue : Atmosphere, TwelveSI
Time : 9PM till late
DJ : Kevin Saunderson (Techno pioneer)
Genre : Techno ( Detroit style)
Damage : RM50 (inclusive of 1 drink), RM25 (before midnight, for first 300 KCC members, inclusive of 1 drink)

DJ Mixing Marathon
Date : 26 – 29 December
Venue : Rooftop, Sungei Wang Plaza
Time : 10am onwards
Damage : FREE!
DJ : DJ Maverick’s attempt to break the 80 hours non-stop world longest DJ spinning. Without the help of drugs. He did it before, so he will do it again!
Genre : Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance.

I’m looking forward to Uncle Maverick’s set. YAY party for 2 days non stop!!

As for this weekend’s rave, god damn it, it’s RM50. I used to be a KCC (Kent Clubbers) member (hence i would be entitled for a cheaper ticket). However, they kicked me out from the club even though I’ve been a loyal member of KCC for 3 years. The reason was that I’m a non-smoker. Only smokers can be a member of Kent Clubbers. Anyone got a spare card to spare?

Speaking about Darulsalam cafe in SS15. It used to be a popular mamak until it was renovated into a high class cafe. So one day, Cris, Abby Lu and I had a drink there..

Waiter: Drinks?
Me: limau ais please.. (Malay name for Lime juice)
Waiter: Sorry we don’t have limau ais here.
Me: err.. okay, teh o ais limau please (Malay name for ice lemon tea)
Waiter: Sorry we don’t have that too.. Look at the menu please..

(I looked at the menu)

They don’t have limau ais or teh o ais limau but only Ice Lemon Tea. By changing their name to Darulsalam café from Restaurant Darulsalam, they “high-classed” their drinks by changing it into English. What nonsense is that.

work was good today

While working today, a ninja came to my office. She was asking whether or not she could chamber in this firm. So I went to talk to Steven, and said,

Me: Steven, a malay girl wants to chamber in this firm..
Steven: Chamber? I don’t think we have enough space for her. Look at the office now, we had to fight for a chair to sit!
Me: She’s outside waiting for you now..
Steven: Errr…is Miss Tan around? Ask her to talk to her.
Me: She’s not around…
Steven: err.. okay, I’ll go talk to her after I finish this.

15 minutes later, he’s still in his room. It seems that Steven didn’t really want to see the ninja. So I chatted with the ninja and I had to break the news that the firm is full. I thought she would stay and take a shot at her luck. However, within minutes, she left the office without saying goodbye. Ninjas are good at disappearing.

I was assigned to sort out passports of foreign workers for a Due Diligence Report. A Due Diligence report is a report of a company’s asset, financial status and other material information. Our client wanted to list his company on the share market, so we had to prepare a due diligence report. So today, they sent us a bunch of passport to show that their foreign workers are working in Malaysia legally. However, due to the incompetence of one of our client’s employees, she sent us duplicated copies of passport. I had to sort it out one by one, and mind you, there were about 250 passports to look at. One of my bosses quoted a friend of hers,

“The Bangadeshi workers are very good, so good that US firms sometimes offer them jobs in USA”

“But the Nepalese on the other hand, they are the worst. They don’t even know whats the red light for in traffic lights”

Hehe, sorry for the racist posts lately, cant help it la. 😀


I went for my first ever job interview last week at a bank. naturally, I wasn’t prepared for the tests and essay-writing they had ready for me and I seriously think I screwed up the English test so let’s not talk about the IQ test, shall we? On my essay, the director interviewing me was kind enough to say he liked my hand-writing (but what about my essay?? You like? Oh right, maybe I shouldn?t try my luck).

Got called for the second interview at the end of that week (he must have really liked my handwriting!!) and the motherly director in Human Resources gave me a pep-talk/lecture on flying out of the nest, on being independent, to grow up from the intense glower of my parents, to ask my parents to let go ? I guess I must have looked like one helluva kid to them. Oh and did I mention that my mum followed me to the bank for the interview? 😀

If all things go well, I start work next week. I tried negotiating with them to start in January but the director of my department wants me to familiarize with the company before he comes back from his holiday in January. Oh man? bad timing in so many ways ? friends are coming back from Australia, USA and UK, pre-planned family holiday and most of all, no time to spend with my sis before she flies off exactly a month from now. From such a slow long break, it?s hard to suddenly see so many things happening all at once.

One thing I really really really got to work on is my driving. How the hell I am going to drive every morning to the heart of KL? I can?t even see myself driving to the other side of the road, let alone KL!! *panicking*

Another thing that needs working on is my relationship with him. Many people have told me that it?s probably coz he has started work and that I have too much time on my own to think of nonsense. So I was looking forward to less time to think about him when some of my good friends came back from Australia and Singapore and it was lovely to be out with them again. But it was no use, it only made it more obvious how much I really missed him.

Hey Leong, Siew Lee ? you guys think it?s the Watson 16 curse once again? Seems like it, huh? 🙂

Sorry for the melancholic post but everybody have their down-days?

Japanese test today..

I stepped into the examination hall feeling confident. “Ahh, this shit is easy” I thought to myself. The exam started at 3PM (Initially I thought it was 8AM). I turned on my scanner. I mean, my chick scanner, to check whether there are any cute girls around. *TOOT* *TOOT* Surprisingly there were more than 1000 people who sat for the test. And sadly, I see no cute girls. *TOOOooooo…….*

The hall was surprisingly big too. I didn’t expect Malaysia Universities were well equipped, even the guardhouse resembled a space ship (No I’m serious!). I went in the hall late, everyone was seated. On my left, was a kid who is still in Primary school and on my right was a pink ninja, ops I mean a Malay girl with pink headscarf.

The exam was conducted through a spokesperson. He has this problem of pronouncing certain words,

“Candidates you have 5 milites…”
“Candidates, please do no soil your paper and make sure you shit (shade) your answers clearly”

Loads of Ninjas sat for the exam, ops I mean Malay university students with headscarf. This must be due to Malaysia’s look East policy.

The test was alright, but I think I screwed up my listening test. The bloody problem with it is that they only play the tape once and no repeat of the conversation is given. Furthermore, the test was stopped halfway due to a heavy rain. Apparently the ‘rain’ would affect the hearing of the candidates.

Japanese Exams

????????? ?? ???遂 ?łࠈՂ??? ???砌evel 4 ?̠?????B ?????ɂ? ?͠?????? ???ߑO ???砂ł??B ?????Ġ?P???X ?ɍs?? ???Ơ???ł??܂??񁂁B

ashitani nihongo shiken ga aru. demo yasashii kara Level 4 no shiken. ainiku ha shiken ga hachi gozen kara desu. soshite kerasu ni iku koto ga dekimasen.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sitting for Japanese-Language Profeciency test. It’s easy because it’s only Level 4 (lowest level). Unfortunately, the exam is at 8AM in the morning. I would have to skip class.

Well, if i translate it directly. It would be

ashitani nihongo shiken ga aru
Tomorrow, Japanese exams exist.

demo yasashii kara Level 4 no shiken
But easy because it’s a Level 4 exam (Japanese puts their reason first unlike English. For example, I can’t go to school because I’m busy. But in Japanese, the structure would be, I’m busy so I cant go to school.)

ainiku ha shiken ga hachi gozen kara desu. soshite kerasu ni iku koto ga de ki masen.
Unfortunately, exam 8AM from. Hence class go cannot..

Master Yoda of Starwars, I speak like.. Good luck tomorrow I need… ganbatte yo~

Malaysia is tEh best!

I have to write an essay on “Malays1a’s pos1tion in the global context”. Basically, it’s about Malays1a’s economic position in the world and what are Malays1a’s good points against other developed countries. Any suggestions? Please backup your points with references please!

My dateline is this Wednesday. 3000 words essay in a very short notice.

– I shall expand this further later.