Patpat’s gathering

Sui Lin, Ben, Cris, Wei Hai, Jia Nee, Farah and I met up with Pat and her sister, Mac @ Chills. Pat and her sister are down in KL for a short trip. Pat was in Switzerland before this.

We went to Viva for Carlsberg?s free flow party at Viva. The place was cock. It?s an R&B club and it was a super duper ultimately packed! Ben and I ended up sitting throughout the night. However, I cannot deny the fact that R&B clubs have abundant amount of chicks and really fit ones. I wonder if R&B music makes them tEh bomb!

Me, Pat, Ben and Sui Lin

Q, Sui Lin, Pat and Me

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin

Deep Dish @ Shooting Valley, Glenmarie

KENT clubbers decided to throw a year-end party for its members so they hired Deep Dish to spin at Shooting Valley, a commercial studio. By the way it was free but it?s invites only. About 1100 plus people attended the rave.

In the beginning, the music sucked due to the cock DJ they hired. But towards the end, Deep Dish played a good set. I thought he would suck too!

Before the rave, they had a contest. All prizes were above RM1000! Guess what, Gayvin won a Nokia handphone! Ryan on the other hand got himself a Tag Heueur watch!

Gay people have better luck than us heterosexuals. Furthermore, they gave out a Prada Bag too. A guy won it. I bet by the end of the night, he has girls all around him.

Unfortunately, the place was too small and it was super duper ultimately hot! Furthermore, the place has only 2 fans. You could sweat just by standing still. The carpet was wet too. I think it was due to human sweat, EUW.

The night ended with supper with Abby Lu. I got home at 6AM.

Picture courtesy of Sui Lin

Christmas time!!!!!

Tick.tock.tick.tock…The long awaited moment has finally arrived!!! Woohoooooo!! It’s the Christmas vacation once again! After being put through 2 and ½ months of sheer madness of intensive studying routine, it is definitely time for a good break. Day in day out, nothing but work work and more work, which seems like I’m close to having a mental breakdown. That’s how mundane one life can be when they are doing the BVC. The bottom line is..I can’t wait to fucking graduate!! Nevermind the fact that I’ll be a soon- to- be unemployed barrister, as long as I lead a stress-free life, i’ll be happy 😀 At the mo, Let’s just move away from this nasty topic…

Ok-la, I gotta at least give my life some credits. My housemate and I finally decided to throw a party last night. After having talked about it since the first day we moved into the flat, we finally did it. One of the highlights of the night was the DARE session. Yes, was your brilliant idea ;p Alex could never run away from his famous hokkien songs. He had to stand on the street in the cold, singing out loud his renowned hokkien song so that we could all hear him from the top of my flat. Everyone agreed that he had done a damn good job by entertaining us across the street 😀 I’m sure he wouldn’t mind showing off his talent a lil’ more if he need not freeze his ass off in that cold winter night. Another classic dare, cm had a half of a wine bottle shaft in his pants and the other half sticking out from his half zipped pants. Like he said, it looked like an unrealistic 15- inched long erection 😀 At the end of the night, it was all good fun and humour.

Mama and Papa will be arriving at the land of pee ( sweet scent of England 😛 hey the streets of England smells of pee!! ) tomorrow afternoon. Unlike previous years Christmas celebration, this year will be special with the presence of family warmth.. gee..I’m getting all christmasy…….i am Walking in a winter wonderlandddd…:P Merry X’mas everyone!!

gheecmi (14k image)
ghee,myself,chuo ming

ladies (16k image)
the ladies..

alex (9k image)
Alex singing his hokkien songs at gray’s inn road

shanemci (15k image)
Meng choo, shane and I



The Communists in Malaysia
Recently, 2 Chinese nationals were arrested for kidnapping another Chinese national for a ransom of RM100K. Criminal activities by Chinese nationals were pretty rampant lately.

Couple of my mother’s tenants were victims of another crime committed by Chinese nationals. One day, the tenants went out for a day trip, leaving all their belonging totalled RM40K locked in the house. When they came back, all their belongings were gone. The house was burgled.

They were pretty puzzled with the disappearance of their belongings, as they told no one about their trip except this girl. So they called the police and the police conducted a search in the girl’s house. They found couple of their belonging but the rest was gone. It seems that the girl has sold their belongings. The girl was subsequently arrested.

Unfortunately, the girl was released. Apparently, the girl’s family in Shanghai has some sort of underworld influence. So strong until the tenants were afraid that the gangsters would hurt their families. They decided to drop the charges and reject the offer of RM7, 000 by the girl as compensation. Where is justice?

If I were a victim of such crime, I would:
1. Get the police to torture the bugger, you know the usual police torture, make her sit on ice, cane the soles of her feet, (INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE TORTURE HERE) just usual stuff la. (Apparently today an arrested kidnapper complained to the media that the police tortured him. The police assaulted him till he lost couple of his front teeth)

And then after she was released, I’ll go up to her and say,

“Wahhh… what happened to you?? I didn’t know police in Malaysia does that…oh you poor thing”

This is the implementation of the law, “Keep your hands clean – You must seem a paragon of civility and efficiency. You hands mare never soiled by mistakes and nasty deeds. Maintain such as spotless appearance by using others as scapegoats and cat’s paws to disguise you involvement” – Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power.


pikey said:

Dear Santa…
Another 2 weeks or so, Christmas is here. And then another 1 week will 2004 New Year!! How time flies. Back in my First Year during the uni days, I read about Santa Claus who is staying at the North Pole, which based on today’s geo-political location, it’s at Rovaniemi, Finland. I wrote him a mail and posted it to Santa. No kidding, I mean what’s the harm of writing to Santa right. I know being a 20-year-old writing to Santa is kinda …erm… ridiculous but then for the fun of it, what the heck. Everyday, after lectures, I was eager to go back to the residential hall and check out if there was any reply from Finland. Few days later, no reply. Another week, no reply. Maybe Santa was too busy that he forgot to reply my mail at all. Sniff sniff. Soon I didn’t even bother to check the pigeon-hole mailbox at all.

Then one day, it came!! I was astounded to see a colourful, full of elves pictures envelope tucked nicely in my mailbox. It was from Santa!! On the envelope was some printing of United Nation’s UNESCO promoting Christmas or something and then there was this catchy phrase that says “Santa Clause comes from Finland”. Hahahahaha. Yesterday as I was reading the paper, there was this article about who is the real Santa Claus. A few countries near the Artic Circle claimed the right ownership of him. For one, there’s Greenland (basically Denmark cos Denmark owns Greenland), then the Finnish and the Swedish. It’s funny how Norwegian being higher up north at the Artic Circle doesn’t lay a claim on him. And you know what, there’s actually a conference every year to solve this issue and every year, Finland still has the winning vote.

And I know it’s abit wee late to send a snail mail to Finland, cos by the time Santa reply comes back, Christmas is already over. But then, what the heck, Santa is available whole year round. Erm.. well, that’s what the Finnish say. Here’s the address,

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,
Santa Village,

HO HO HO~~~~ 😀

I asked my Finnish friend about it. She said that place really exist! Here’s a photo of that place, courtesy of Eeva Keskinen!

Alternatively, you can visit the website here

Update links..

I stayed up till 3AM reconstructing my link page last night. It pisses me off beyond belief that most of the people on my links doesn’t have a link icon. So being a perfectionist, I drew the link icons for them. Well, not to mention I stole some from Lynn’s website. You guys owe me sex.

Click on the links link on top, to those who I left out, please leave a note (with your link icon too of course) and to those who I removed, eh hello? Draw me a link icon la!!

wookookoo and Gayvin favourite pub – Black Cock Inn. Located at Beswick, a 16th Century town in Lake District, England.

Every morning 8 o’clock, I wake up shake my c…..
Every morning before class, I have a problem looking for parking. Sometimes I would have to resort to tiny or obscure places to park. So today I was lucky, I found a place to park as soon as I arrived. It was under a fruit tree (some sort of fruit that human doesn’t eat) so I happily parked my car and quickly left.

7 hours later…

Oh my godd…my car was bombarded with bird shit and rotten fruits. To add salt to wound, I found out that my car ran out of water to wash the windscreen. I raced for a car wash with bird shit and fruits all over my car. It was not good I tell you…

lunch with lynnz

While on my way to Mad Valley for lunch with Lynnzter, I was stuck in a massive jam in Old Klang Road. It took me 10 minutes just to move 500 metres. Then I was stuck in the same place for 2 minutes. I was so pissed off and furthermore I was late. So from the far left lane, I turned my signal and rammed over the divider to the other side of the road. Yeah, I love Old Klang Road, it’s the land of the lawless!

In Old Klang Road, particularly OUG, you can park your car anywhere and don’t give a fuck about it. Tow trucks and traffic officers don’t exist at all.

Dad’s birthday is this Thursday. I had no idea what to get for him so I resorted to my usual birthday present. I headed to Watson’s, got him toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, shampoo, throat lozenge, cotton buds, painkillers and shoe polish. Hey it’s good man! What can be better with presents that you can use and comes in a bunch! Well, I didn’t get him condoms….

Lynn, her friend Nini and I had lunch at Secret Recipe. Then I had the orgasmic bun, the bun that makes you cum, well you know, Rotiboy!

Sheffield University photos

To those who didn’t know, I graduated from Sheffield University.

Sheffield is a beautiful place. So beautiful till every scenery looks like a photo opportunity

It was a bright and sunny day, so I decided to snap some pictures. Here are the photos:

Arts Tower – the tallest building in Sheffield

An aerial view of Sheffield from Arts Tower

Paternoster lift – An elevator constructed of a series of doorless compartments hung on chains that move slowly and continuously, allowing passengers to step on and off at will.

Main library

Despite its beauty, Sheffield is a boring place. You can actually die of boredom there. If you send someone to live there alone, he will start talking to himself and see weird shit. Well, if you had the right friends who shares the same enthusiasm with you, it would be a great place. But for me, not in front of the computer playing computer games or in front of the television playing PS2!!

The Rotiboy phenomenon

I’m a big fan of Rotiboy, a well-known brand name for Mexican Bun. My friends and my dad are a fan of it too. It started off in Kuala Lumpur in the early 2001 and within 2 years, it has 8 outlets and even provides a delivery service!

The founder was an unemployed university graduate. So he decided to start a bakery selling Mexican bun (the recipe was the brainchild of his sister). According to dad, when he first started in Wisma Central, he sells about 300 buns a day (It was RM1.30 per piece). And now, according to an interview of the founder, he sells about 10, 000 to 20, 000 buns a day (RM1.50 per piece). Hence that would be 7 million Ringgit sales a year!

As predicted, copycats mushroomed. There is even a Mexican bun stall at my usual seafood pork noodles shop (some shitty place with good food). Rotiboy has issued a warning to customers to be aware of imitation.

Eat until can CUM aaah!!!!

Kevin Saunderson, U SUCK

Kent Choice: e.Motion Featuring Kevin Saunderson
Date: 13 December, 9pm
DJ : Kevin Saunderson (Techno pioneer)
Genre : Techno ( Detroit style)

To finish off the run-up to the year-end e.Motion Finale, Kent brings down one of the godfathers of techno, Kevin Saunderson, to throw a party that will keep techno heads out there buzzing for days.

RM50 (inclusive of 1 drink), RM25 (before midnight, for first 300 KCC members, inclusive of 1 drink)

I went for the rave at Atmosphere featuring Kevin Saunderson, the GODFATHER OT TECHNO.


Godfather of techno, is that all you can do?????? His beat mixing was fuckup and the songs he played aren’t hard as well. There was a point where he was playing salsa music. I wanted to run up the stage and yell, “Godfather of techno, is that all you can do???”. Well of course I didn’t. The place was too packed to move at all. Despite that, loads of friends were there. Met up with many of my long lost friends.

Shoutouts to Jeslyn, Sasa, Chin, Jennifer and all the usual faces in Atmosphere! (Please not that I hate that place, I go there cause loads of my friends go there and it’s one of the remaining decent clubs in KL). Btw, thank you Gavin for the cheapo ticket, I owe u a blowjob (ATTN: To avoid confusion, I’m not giving him a blowjob but I’ll get someone to give him a blowjob 😀 ).

Picture from Sui Lin’s website

me, callie, Sui Lin, Ben, Ben, Ivan and Gavin..