Ghostly encounters

It’s true
It’s true. I did really see them. It was many years ago, when I was still a kid. Mum was playing mahjong with her friends and I was watching TV. I felt thirsty so I headed to the mahjong room. While on my way, an image, about 10 feet away, appeared in front of me. It happened very fast.

2 heads popped out from the door. Their eyes were huge and their face was purple and rotten. They were staring at me. I could clearly make out that the 2 heads were a woman and a boy. I screamed and fainted.

After all these year, I was unsure whether or not that incident really happened. I somehow think it was a bad dream. But today, my mum clarified it. She said that there was once she found me unconscious on the floor. I was having high fever. I?m sure that was after those 2 purple heads incident.

Well, this was not the first time our house had such ghostly encounters. There once was my tenants saw an image walking up and down the stairs. After that incident, they were so scared till they didn?t dare to come home alone.

Hard Rock Cafe
During the eve of Chinese New Year, families would gather for reunion dinner. In Kuala Lumpur, people would take a day off earlier in order to head back to their hometown for the reunion dinner. For the next few days, the city of Kuala Lumpur would be a ghost town. Shops will be closed, street will be empty.
Our usual dinner places would be closed too. So Dad made an early arrangement for tomorrow.

Dad: Is Esquire Kitchen open tomorrow?

Me: Yeah I guess so.

Mum: It will be opened tomorrow. Let?s have dinner there.

Me: Mmm, yeah sure.

Dad: mmmm? How about Hard Rock Caf鿠It sounds like a great place for reunion dinner!

Me: Errr?

life is all about chemicals..

According to recent scientific reports, it states that human feelings such as love, hunger, anger, lust and happiness are induced by chemicals in the human body. Well, it seems the human body is the thing that creates feelings for us. If we take the body away, what do we have? A soul? What kind of soul? A soul with no feelings due to the fact that the body is no longer there to provide chemicals?

Religions promised us heaven, the land of eternal happiness. But here, the body is no longer there to provide the chemicals to make us happy. How can there be eternal happiness?

Despite that, I never doubt the existence of a greater force. There was once I doubted the existence of a greater force, but until Abby Lu told me this,

“Imagine there’s this community of ants eking out their existence within an ant hill.

And one day, a person was to stumble across this ant hill and started to kick it, destroy it, or clear it.

To these ants, who have a very simple and no prior knowledge of external force.. it would seem as though, that human was very powerful indeed.

And that human.. could be to their simple minds.. a God..”

monash pre departure briefing

Yesterday, after lunch with Sui Lin @ Damansara McDonalds, we headed to Regent Hotel with Gavin to attend the Monash Pre Departure briefing. It’s basically a talk telling everyone what to expect and what to do in Australia.

There’s a Monash campus located next to a beach. God damn it, it’s damn cool. If I get to study there, I could literally throw my books and go for a swim everyday! But now, my god damn college is located on a dead end street, surrounded by printing shops. Everyday, we are subjected to hard thumping Indian and Bangra music…

We were given notepads, pencils and survey forms to fill up. Out of boredom, I filled my survey form with these answers

What is your main purpose of attending this briefing?
To check out the hot chicks!

Are you satisfied with the briefing and why?
No! No free food and not many hot chicks!

What else do you want to know from the briefing?
Whether or not drugs and weapons are easily accessible

Please fill up your details
Gayvin Tan (Tel: 016-XXXXXXXX)

I wanted to hand up the survey form but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the person who were supposed to collect the form 😀

Babbling bloggers

ATTN: 30th January 2004, Bar Sa Vanh TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All welcome (NOTE: you dont actually need a blog to come 😀 ) except irritating fuckers like Fish. 😀

Leave a note everybody..except Fish..

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More info:

Address: Asian Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy* (off Jalan Sultan Ismail) (Next to Sheraton Imperial Hotel)
Time: 9pm till late
Cost: FREE!!!

Here’s the list of people that are or might or might not go for the event.

wen dee
paul & kim
Kar Lok
`Jolyne & Wei Lik
Sheh May
Sze Wei
Yew Seng
hhfhgfdghdfghdgh too many..!!



Picture015 (190k image)

William, one of flatmate had gone back to Penang for Chinese New Year. Now only Hun Chong and I are left in the house. I will be returning to Sarawak on the 18th January while Hun Chong will leave for Penang on 20th January for Chinese New Year. Strangely, William’s absent from the house is not really felt. Maybe it is because we hardly do things together apart from watching TV together. That also explains why we do not have any argument about anything in the house. That is so different from my previous experience.

When I was doing A-level in Taylor’s College, I used to share a house with 6 friends. Although all of us were doing different courses and had different friends. We would always do thing together at night such as playing snooker, mamak, or watch movies. We had a lot of arguments about bills and about whose turn was it to mop the floor. Among the 6 of us, Boon is the coolest and the most happening housemate. He was the one we taught me how to play snooker and pool. However, Boon had a tendency of killing songs. He likes to play his favourite songs over and over again. His favourite song at one time was “She” by Elvis Costello from the movie Nottinghill. That song was one of my favourite until he killed it by playing it from day to night. Back then, we did not have a TV so Boon had this wacky idea of setting up his room to become a mini Cineplex. He would push his Queen Size mattress against the wall and put his computer in front of the bed. Then, he would have his table lamp shinning up the ceiling to create a cinema like atmosphere. All of us would sit on the bed in his air conditioned room to watch VCDs . Another of his wacky idea was putting his radio so that our toilet would have pipe music. All of our friends who visited our house were impressed by our fully conditioned house and pipe music toilet.

Cheng You was supposingly the boss of the house because the house was rented under his name. He made a cleaning roaster for the house. Sadly apart from Simon, Shan Rhen and I, the rest never obey it including Cheng You himselves. Our house was fully conditioned at that time. We had air con in the each of our room and another one in the hall but we only paid RM10 per son. Cheng You, the genius in electronic appliances had come out with an idea of stopping the electric meter by pushing in the front panel glass of the meter.We were supposed to keep this a secret among all of us. However, Boon and Malwin told everyone in school that we were using electricity on behalf of the Agong.

Simon was the most hardworking student among all of us. He studied most of the time. I could not remember why he ended up living with us. Shan Rhen was my football kaki. We used to play football at the field near KFC every Thursday and watched football together. Malwin was the only non Chinese in my house last time. He is a Punjabi. He might be big and strong but he is afraid of ghost. He believed that we had a 7th ghostly housemate in our house. Until the day we moved out, he still insisted that there was actually a ghost in the house. In fact all those extra phenomenon events were the work of Shan Rhen, Boon and me. Malwin was a very innocent person then. He loved to watch porn but dare not buy them because he was afraid that his grandmother or his mother might find out about it.

I had a really great time living with that bunch of jokers. Even though I did badly in all my term exams that year, I have no regret. I really miss them sometimes.

Malaysians vs. Americans ….in Geography

Today, I went for my second class in Hawaiian studies at Kamakakuokalani Building (kamaka-ko-ka-kolani) quite interesting…except the teacher said “umm..” 67 times..couldn’t concentrate properly on her teaching cuz I was counting the amount of “umms..”. Dang.

Anyway, today I met some new American friends. Seriously…their geography sux.

Me: Hi, I’m Kim..and you are?
XXX: Hi, I’m XXX. Nice to meet you. Where are you from?
Me: I’m from Malaysia
XXX: Malaysia?..err…where’s that?
Me: err..(silence)…next to Singapore….?….?..?
XXX: OoOoOH!..Singapore!..I see…I see…(2 minutes later) err..where’s that? the pacific ocean?
Me : ….

Sigh…and XXX is not the first.

The Ant Entry

It was a fiery battle. Me armed with R1dsect, them armed with their passion to keep home in my bedroom. Me against the ants. THE BATTLE BETWEEN DEE & THE BLACK SMELLY ANTS. *cue: appropriate war tune*

After my vanilla c0ke exploded in my bedroom, within 15 minutes, a river of Black Smelly Ants That Bite (hereby BSATB) were aggressively streaming towards my bedroom from godknowswhere. Thus the battle began. They were everywhere! I sprayed every nook and cranny of my bedroom and finally managed to trace the BSATB fort in Kim?s bedroom. The ultimate spraying began, every ant that came out of the hole, I sprayed them to oblivion and the BSATB retaliated by bravely running towards me (ala Arag0rn and gang running head-on towards the Trolls in L0TR ? of course, this time the Arag0rn of Ants get to meet his maker way sooner. Blind recklessness, really), futile attempts to attack me. After minutes that seemed like hours, the battle was finally over. Shrivelled-up dots of what used to be BSATB littered the battlegrounds of my sister?s parquet floor. I left feeling triumph and yet, the ironic emptiness of a battle won.

Woke up the next morning smelling the fumes of the after-battle? AND a throbbing ant bite on my left point finger!!! Vehemence swells within me, as I squinted through my shortsightedness to see a slim river of BSATB on my bathroom wall. The battle began once again. But my line of attack had changed; I held my showerhead firmly on my right hand while my left hand turned up the water pressure knob. Watching the ants run wildly around as I slowly sprayed the water along the wall towards the midst of ant-panic, like a tidal wave leisurely approaching the shore. Watching them go down the drain was almost overwhelming as I felt the soreness on my left finger.

And I thought I won once again.

The following day, I was rudely interrupted while I was typing an email on my laptop when I saw a rather carefree ant running across my laptop screen. And behold! The BSATB had made my laptop their new fort!!! A virtually indestructible fort – inaccessible by R1dsect, untouchable by water. I almost cried.

So there I was, squatting in front of my laptop ? waiting for an ignorant ant to wander out of the sanctuary to succumb between my ruthless tissue-covered fingers. A messy and foul job but it had to be done to restore the honour of my beloved laptop. Hours later with tainted fingers, I felt a hint of victory. The only BSATB left were in tiny squashed-up segments all over my fingers, the tissue that yielded halfway through the battle, thrown at the side. The smell of death congesting my senses.

And finally, I think I have won. 🙂

running this website…

Running this website is like running a business

I am the boss and my guestbloggers are my employees.

My visitors are my customers.

My income is the hits I get per day and everyday I work to get the required �income�. My guestbloggers on the other hand have their own �incomes�. They have their own friends and fans (that includes Wen Dee’s fan club) that visit this website.

I made Wen Dee a partner of my firm because she is the biggest contributor. Siew Lee and Frank are sleeping partners, they blog once in a blue moon. Wen Kim is my new guestblogger (to those who doesn�t know, she is Wen Dee’s younger sister). tiberian_x on the other hand can go fry, he never blog anymore!

Fluffy,the cat

After months of absent from Xes’s blog, I am finally making a come back. That is also because my boss, Xes has been reminding me everyday to blog. Thanks, Ah Leong.

Perhaps not many of my friends know that I love to keep pets. I have 3 German shepherd, two cats, and two tortoises. Anyway, this is one of my cats, Fluffy. As you can see, she was in a bad mood because she just had her bath a few hours ago. By the way, Fluffy is not her real name. My sister gives her a stupid Japanese name. I think it is Yuki as in snowy in Japanese. I don’t want to have a pet with Japanese name!! Can anyone think of a cool name for my cat here?

Wen Kim’s first post all the way from Waikiki, Honolulu!

wahaha..cheng leong made me a guest blogger!..yeyeye…at least I have something to do here.. sigh, life here is quite shitty here..and i can’t wait to stop feeling like this! Anyway, enough of my whining…classes are starting right lemme just talk a lil’ bit about the peOpLe here.. let’s start with:

The girls here are hot…especially the Hawaiian girls! They have a nice tan, long brownish-dark hair and exotic features..though 80% of them are on the plum side. Nevertheless, they’re h.o.t…The other gals (Japanese, Koreans, Americans) are pretty okay too. In other words: all chun! Almost 90% of the girls (including me) wear clothes like we’re going to the beach.. e.g.: flip flops, shorts, Baby T’s, sports bra (they wear it, i don’t!) -and we, girls actually get away with it! It helps that the Lecturers wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts to teach..;D…so it’s pretty relaxed here..

Boys ahhh..errrrrr….honestly speaking..okay okay only lah..not a lot.(not like I was checking them out anyway :)..:D There are loads of surfers in my campus (you won’t miss them cuz they are always carrying a surf board round the campus) and skateboarders too. Most of them are on the big side..and the Hawaiian guys here totally reminds me of The Rock. Hehe.

…but in the end, they are nothing compared to Malaysian guys..;)