My boss is out for a meeting so here I am again!! Blogging these days is so exhilarating coz you know how it is, to be quietly typing really fast while stealing glances around you for some busy-body colleague or some sort, minimising the window when someone comes a tad too near or amuse yourself even by visualizing the security guards twisting your arm to the back and pushing you out of the office for blogging. (Technically, there is nothing in the company policy that states that I can?t blog, but then again, I was looking out for the word ?blog? and I dunno if the word ?blog? actually exists as a proper word just yet)

My sis is leaving in 2 days. And I?m really breaking down. I couldn?t get a half-day off work to send her off at the airport so I have to settle for the awkward goodbyes in the car before she goes to the airport. While she will be back in 4 months time for her hols, having her away for 4 months is going to be pure hell. The house will be harshly quiet now without her blasting her Stevie Wonder songs, without her daily whines (whining about what? Oh that depends on the day of the week), without the dog and her shouting at each other and see who gets tired first and of course, nowhere to run to when the going gets tough. A phone call away, yes? but sometimes, it?s the comfortable conversations that goes on between two close-knit sisters where no coherent words were actually spoken but yet, you walk out feeling blessed to have someone there for you no matter what. :?(

Moving away from such glum issuettes, I had lunch at McD33?s today and I never knew they had Chicken McD3luxe, so I gave it a try. Reminds me of the Zing3r though. And damnit, Pr0sperity Burger is out once again but they have it only in beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why couldn?t they have it in chicken??? All my colleagues today ordered it and were really rubbing it in. Apparently there was chicken last year but tak laku. I don?t care if it was tak laku but I wasn?t around last year!! Come to think of it, THAT?S WHY tak laku-la? Hah! Menyesal!

(About the occasional spatter of Malay in this post, it comes with having to translate every article I have to write into Malay and not just our ordinary Malay but corporate Malay lingo. So much that my boss threw one of my earlier translations out coz it was too ‘pasar. Right. *goes and digs out Dwi-bahasa from bygones ago)

Ok boss is back, gotta ciao. CIAO!

Last of Sheffield photos.

Dont know what to post today, so I guess I’ll just post some photos of Sheffield. 😀

Sheffield University student union. During exam period, it’s open 24 hours. There I get to ogle white chicks 😀

This Ice Cream truck sells really good shit ice cream. It’s really creamy 😀

While I was taking the photo of the Ice Cream truck, this 2 guys whistled at me. They asked me to take a photo of them.

So on my way back, I bumped into this dog.

LOTR – the bad guys are ugly, the good guys are handsome


Dont you just hate it when people spoil a movie moments before you watch it? Thanks Ben and Sui Lin for trying to spoil LOTR!! Well I know you guys were just trying to confuse me. Here are the things they said..

“Frodo and Sam dies”
“Everybody dies”
“Sam is gay”
“Gandalf is gay”

Anyway, LOTR was great. But there are parts that confuse me. Some one please enlighten me!

1. Where the hell does those eagle came from? I don’t see Gandalf calling for reinforcement!
2. In the last part, where the hell are Frodo Baggins, Gandalf and the rest going with the ship??
3. Are Hobbits gay? They seem to show disgusting affection towards each other..

Bank charges

I remember when i was in primary school. Maybank sent representative to my school to encourage the primary school students to save. The slogan the bank used at that time was “Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit” (Save bit bit, it will become a hill eventually). I opened a bank account with them, thinking that i might be rich if keep up the habit. But now the bank who taught me the value of saving has turn their back on me. They started to charge me for all their services, for no fucking reason. To get a clearer view of the whole issue, Claudia Theophilus wrote an article in Malaysiakini

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry wants banks to furnish it with details of the service charges they are currently imposing on customers. Deputy Minister S Veerasingam said the ministry had made the request to all the banks two months ago following numerous complaints about the increasing number of charges that were being imposed for various online as well as over-the-counter transactions.

“Although we have so far only received verbal complaints, we have acted on it by asking the banks to give the full detail on the type of charges they are imposing on customers,” he told malaysiakini yesterday.

“In fact, many were totally unaware of these charges until later, when they realised that small amounts were being debited from their accounts.”

He said one of the complaints involved a third party who wanted to cash a cheque and was shocked when told to pay a RM2 service charge.

“This does not happen if the cheque is cashed personally by the account holder.”

Promptly and seriously only one or two banks have responded so far, said Veerasingam. He hoped the rest would come in soon.

“This is something that Bank Negara must look into promptly and very seriously.”

None of the central bank officials could be reached for comment.
Effective Dec 20, Maybank will start imposing a RM12 annual subscription fee for customers using its Internet banking facility,, where an upgraded posting explains the service charge.

The Maybank2u website states that fees and commissions are levied on various products and services provided by Maybank. The move has prompted hundreds of protest e-mails to the Maybank Group Contact Centre whose response has been a standard format e-mail to all customers, regardless of their queries or suggestions. An online petition is currently making its rounds via e-mails asking the Malaysian, Singaporean and Filipino customers of the country’s largest banking group to show the power of consumers by signing it before Dec 19. Don’t remain silent

Referring to the latest charge by to be imposed, the petition said it was ridiculous to pay service charges for “keeping our money in your bank”.

“You (Maybank) use our money to invest in your projects. You give us minimal interest, and you ask us to pay for using services that are given free by other banks!” read the petition, partly in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The protest note also claimed that Maybank was the only bank to charge 50 sen for withdrawing “our own money” at the ATM for every withdrawal exceeding four times a month.

In Bahasa Malaysia, the note expressed regret that customers did not protest against the 50 sen charge when it was first imposed a few months ago.

“If we continue to remain silent, I’m sure the banks will impose more charges on us in the future.

“It is because we had failed to protest previously that this is happening now. Come, let’s act. Enough is enough!” the petition concludes.

“Let’s teach them (a lesson) by clicking on the ‘reject’ option on the subscription page in protest of their new terms.”

The petition ends with a call to all Malaysians to show their consumer power by uniting behind this one issue.

Sometimes, i wonder if the bank care about us, the consumer. As my friend put it “Every businessman will try to cheat money off the consumer no matter how ethical they are”. Isn’t the Bank suppose to be our most trusted business companion?

(Potential) HEADLINE: Girl gets fired for blogging at work

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I’m blogging from work and I really dunno if I am allowed to. Am I? 😀 Only a few minutes left before I am able to get out of work and have Mr Wong (wei chen), my personal driver take me home!

And yes, I have managed to manuever in such chekap and cunning ways to avoid driving to work for a few weeks already! And to all the people who have been trying to get me to drive anywhere at all, you can stop shaking your heads now and give up altogether, aight?

Hope everyone had a splendid new year celebration – my new year’s was weird in many ways coz I had to spend it in Dataran Merd3ka, yups I had to worked on new year’s eve! But having a quiet new year’s supper at Ming Tien with Chen made up for everything. He was like SO SWEET to wait for an hour plus for me at the Kelana Jaya LRT station eventhough he was sick. He rawks, huh?

Things between me and him are pretty peachy in paradise right now. And I wonder why we haven’t had our weekly or monthly world war$ (to the chagrin of our wary mediator, Leong :D) in a WHOLE month, but hell, who’s complaining? 🙂

Ok, logging out now before anyone catches me blogging 😉 Take care all and have a great year ahead! MWAH!

an adventurous way to start the new year!

What a way to start the New Year! It was a special day today. The East side has met the West side. Well, the East side were my pals from Old Klang Road while the West side were the PJ fellows. To those who don’t know, Old Klang Road is usually associated with Ah Beng or very Chinese oriented people, while PJ fellows are usually associated with Westernised Malaysians. And yeah, usually, they don’t get a long well due to irreconcilable differences.

So today, the East Side has met the West side. But it was a rather awkward situation.
Hen, Captain Yeap (Yes, from Malaysian Air Force), Him, Umeng, sLoonG and I went to Hartamas Square for beer. It was their 3rd round of alcohol I think, before that, they had Barons and beer. Sui Lin joined us too.

Sui Lin decided to drive my car back to her place as I turned into a red lobster (I get red when I drink). But as we were on the way home, Sui Lin decided to check the highway for roadblocks while the East Side were happily speeding home.

As we reached the junction between Bangsar and PJ, we saw Umeng running out from the car. I thought he was running towards the bushes for a quick piss. But he was pointing towards something.

It was Hen. His car rammed into a divider. The front part of his car was badly smashed. sLoonG was in the car too. The divider was badly smashed too.

Fortunately, they were fine. Not a single scratch.

Hen got out from the car and laughed, “Hey let’s have some more Barons!”

Within seconds, a fleet of call men came. They offered to tow Hen’s car. We quickly drove towards a housing estate to hide the car. Unfortunately, the highway patrol car found us. And within minutes, the police came.

From there, the chaos started. Everything seems to be very confusing. The East Side had to hide ourselves because we have been drinking. But thank god, Sui Lin was sober and Cris and Ben came over to help. But it seems that the call men were pretty unscrupulous. We somehow feel that they plotted with the police to squeeze money out from us.

As the police asked money for settlement, our respected Captain Yeap came to the rescue. With his position in the military, he could easily settle the money for a lower sum. Cris on the other hand, unselfishly offered himself to help Hen. Hen, you owe Cris sex okay? Ben on the other hand, thanks for foregoing your urge to go to the toilet to help us out.

The West Side (Sui Lin, Cris and Ben) has no doubt helped the East Side to ease the problem. West Side rocks!!

Oh yeah by the way, nice meeting you swan!

best new years eve ever!

New Year Eve 2003 @ Mo Far Core, Bar Code, Phileo Damansara.
Despite the exorbitant cover charge, Mo Far Core was well worth it. It has been one of the best New Year eves that I’ve ever been to. The music was absolutely great, thanks to Bass Agents, a group of DJ who play nothing but hard music. Beer was on free flow. Chicks were abundant due to free entrance for girls. The club was small too. It made the entire scene like an underground rave. And the best of all, almost everybody knows everybody.

The rave didn’t go as smoothly though. Free flow was interrupted couple of times because they ran out of beer (The fact that loads of people were walking with a jug of beer as their cup solves the mystery why we ran out of beer). Then power supply was interrupted twice. It was really a turn off.

The place was also a drug fest. While I was waiting for the toilet, 3 guys were openly snorting Ice. But that wasn’t fascinating enough. One of the guys who snorted Ice pissed for more than a minute. I wonder what he has drunk.

Erimin 5 & Versaces

Despite the abundant amount of girls, I didn’t get to met many. Damn.

Me, Sui Lin, Ivan and Umeng @ Bar Code (Picture courtesy of Sui Lin)