A safe road to take

Often we hear and see in the radio or tv about a certain community leader or ministers blaming the reckless and selfish drivers for the increased road accident. However, have they ever think that their road planning,its design and the quality of the work carry out by their nominated contractors should equally be blame for the increased accidents? Do all these “leaders” have any right to point their blood stained fingers at someone else? Afterall, they are chosen by the people to serve the people and they PROMISED and VOWED on it.

Citizen Nades aka R. Nadeswaran wrote about this on 1/12/2004:-

Way back in the sixties, pupils in Standard Six learnt the exploits of Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, Mahatma Gandhi and Ali Jinnah. We also learnt about one Mr MacAdam, who revolutionised the road building industry.

As 11-year-olds, we were perplexed that most of the roads in Malaya at that time were “MacAdamised” roads. Then came someone who decided 11-year-olds had enough of colonial masters and felt they should all learn about Hang Tuah and forget about the Hindu prince called Parameswara.

But those in the public service presently, including Mr Suret Singh, the director-general of the Transport Ministry’s Road Safety Department must have also come across Mr MacAdam. So, what has road safety got to do with MacAdam?

The majority are of the wrongly held view that accidents are only related to speeding, careless driving and the like. But don’t forget that the road signages, construction, condition and maintenance of roads are contributing factors to accidents. For example, a newly-constructed road in SS2 in Petaling Jaya has become a sea of pot-holes and pebbles after rain over the past few days.
While we cannot tell government departments and agencies which contractor they should appoint to carry out road works, (lest yet another scandal ala PMC comes to the fore), at least we can tell them that we need good roads. Therefore, while congratulating the ministry for its far-sightedness in setting up a department to look after road safety, one must not forget to see if the DG and his officers are vested with enough powers to ensure that our roads are safe. Can the DG, for example, compel other departments and agencies to have more visible signs on dangers ahead?

Can the DG ask the Public Works Department to realign any road which it deems is dangerous to the public? At a time when agencies are willing to pay up to RM16, 000 each for plastic coconut trees, will they be willing to spend a fraction for an “Awas” sign? From past experiences, the plastic coconut trees bring other sort of benefits for the people who sign the local order. But can road signs bring about similar rewards?

Can the DG compel the little dictators in local councils to cancel the licences of billboards and hoardings at road junctions?

All the advertisements and television commercials will mean nothing if the people involved do not have the power to put right several wrongs of other departments and agencies who seem to get their priorities wrong.

There was a time when it was a government policy not to allow any sort of advertisements at junctions because they are a distraction to motorists. These days, they are premium spots, not only for the advertisers but also for those who sign the approval forms.The list goes on and on. Suret has the job cut out for him, but he will Be wrong if he thinks the number of accidents and the related deaths can be reduced with the snap of a finger.

Already, the chest-thumpers are at work — claiming that the latest Ops Sikap has brought down the deaths during the recent festive season to 200. The prime minister has chided such feats and rightly so, because one death is one too many. It will be impossible for the department with its small pool of people to undertake a national-level effort.

I am of the view that the department identifies one municipality and implements the policies and measures, then fine tune it and then “export” them periodically to other municipalities. This is the only way to go forward — focus on one area and then get the systems right. Otherwise, the attention will be divided and there will be no concentration in the efforts. We have already spent millions on road safety campaigns which have not brought about the desired results. We are going to spend millions more, but this time around, let us do a bit of planning and execute the plan well.

Note: This article was published in The SUN on 1/12/2004.

Hotels @ Jalan Bukit Bintang..

A Singaporean lady was murdered in a hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang today. She was tied on the bed, naked and suffered multiple slash wound.
This reminded me of a story from my Dad. Many, many years ago, an English chap who works for my Dad’s company came to KL. He stayed in a hotel along Jalan Bukit Bintang. My dad and his colleague were due to meet him on the following weekday. Dad met him in Oxford during one of his business trips.
So anyway, the English chap was murdered in his hotel room. Stabbed many times and blood all over the room. None of his belongings was stolen. The door was locked from inside, no sign of break-in.
In the hotel room, there were two phone numbers, one belonging to my Dad another belonging to his colleague. Hence, the two of them were suspected as murderers. Our house was searched and his colleague was arrested in his jogging attire. He didn’t get the chance to change his clothes at all.
However, his colleague did not know about the case. He was kept in a room for hours. Then a Chinese policeman came…
Policeman: Just admit it, you wont suffer anymore.
Colleague: Admit? Admit to what? (Colleague then thinks to himself…shitt..must be one of the many times I jaywalked).
Policeman: for murdering that gweilou (Caucasian).
Colleague: WHAT???? I didn’t!!
He was released couple of hours later.
The murderer was not found until today. There were 2 conspiracies.
1. Few hours before he was murdered, he was seen talking to a transvestite in a disco below the hotel. However, there was no evidence that the transvestite went to his room.
2. He was murdered by IRA members.
8 – 9 years later, an enquiry was held. No further evidence was found and even the motive of the murder was not known. The court closed the case and hence some ah kua (transvestite) might have gotten away with murder.

Day 4, Night time @ Seoul, South Korea

From Gapyong, we took a taxi to the Nami Island Jetty. Nami Island is where mmmm Yong Jun and Ji Wu rode a bicycle and kissed all those mushy stuff. I don’t watch Winter Sonata by the way, Jane watched it.

Unfortunately, since its autumn, the sun sets by 5PM. We wandered around the island in the dark but thank god few parts of it were lighted! The weather was freezing as well. We had to get ourselves bottled warm drinks to warm our fingers.


This is what I call ART!!



Yes, these are Drew’s Graffitis done in Melbourne.



Also part of THE Melbourne Graffiti!

So, you ask “What have Malaysians got to do with it?”

I’m telling you,

I'm loving it.jpg

Yes, I’m loving it at SS2 McDs

Graffiti has begun to hit the walls in Malaysia with a ssSSsssSSSTTTTTT~~!

The wonderful sound of a spray can at work, ladies and gentlemen.
At least, it has in my bedroom~

room being graffitied.jpg
Is it a good idea?

Well, those of you out there, if you want to sembur, remember to…

.. Sembur With Style!

**Pictures are courtesy of Drew, a close friend and upcoming Malaysia’s biggest graffiti artist aka spray painter larh! teehehee*
Check him out here!

Close shop?

No larh..where can??

Work Work Part 3

Working life is pretty normal after 3 weeks. I woke up 6:30 am, walked to the LRT station by 7:20 am, reach there by 7:30 am, reach the office by 8:15 am, had my breakfast there…blah blah. My mentors have not actually give me a lot of work yet. They wanted me to be familiar with the court rules, document drafting, and case researchs. However, this week will be a very busy week. I have to draft an affidavit in reply for a client by tommorow afternoon which mean that i have to read through a whole pile of cause papers and also to research and advise the client by Wednesday. Then, i have to attend a court hearing on Wednesday morning as well and to research on the casae due for hearing that day. Right after that, i will take a day off to attend my CLP convocation in PWTC. I looking forward to thursday because my parents will be attending it.
Although, my mentors are easy on me but they are very strict. They want me to maintain the integrity on the Profession. They expect no “half bucketed” work from me. However from time to time, they do tell me to enjoy life as a chambering student and spent my weekend well. I guess joining a medium sized firm is not a bad idea afterall because i get to learn and work with 3 senior litigation lawyers!

KL Annual B4r D1nner

My firm booked a table for us Chambies and Legal Assistants for the KL Annual B4r D1nner yesterday. It was held in Sherat0n Imperial Ballroom with about 500 people. And yes, 500 lawyers. Imagine a bomb went off and we would not have any one in the courts on Monday.

Despite the mediocre food, the stand up comedy was good. Jokes poking politicians and races cracked everyone up. They even sang a song about Viagra!

Day 4, Day time @ Seoul, South Korea

This time round, we managed to get to Cheongnyanyi in time. I got myself the latest Christmas Stamp issue at the Post Office there. w00t! While waiting for Jane to make a phone call, an old man pushing a cart of bananas was shouting loudly in Korean. Jane and I had no idea what he was doing. It sounded like he was trying to sell his bananas but in an angry tone. Maybe gone crazy due to the Korean War.

Chuncheong is the place where the famous Korean Drama, Winter Sonata was shot. It is also very popular in Japan. I heard many Japanese obasans (aunties) were injured after trying to catch a glimpse of the main actor, Bai Yong Jun when he visited Japan.
Yong Jun’s face is everywhere. I see his face more than the President’s face. Japanese obasans were everywhere as well.

There is a Winter Sonata tour as well. One can hire tour guides to bring you around . Jane and I decided to go on our own. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well. We got lost and even missed our train! We only managed to visit the part where Yong Jun and Choi Ji Wu first met. There were couple of souvenir stalls selling Bai Yong Jun merchandise and a Yong Jun mannequin.

We wanted to go to Chongdo Island (also where Winter Sonata was shot). We couldn’t find the jetty though. We ended up abandoning that plan and also missing our train to Gapyong.

Since we had to wait for an hour for the next train, I decided to commit a crime. I stole a stamp from an abandon post box. Hehe

Life as a chambie..

South Korea aside, hello legal life.
I started work in a law firm with 200 over people last week. Oh my god, so many people to meet!! I can’t remember all their names!!
I am now put in a crummy corner surrounded by mountain of files with 3 other chambies. So far not much work for me as it’s the end of the year and most offices are closing for xmas.
Despite the huge population, the firm is all work no play. Work finishes @ 530PM but most of them will stay till late! A colleague of mine stayed till 530AM went home, and came back to work..Too much work it seems.. I feel like I’m working like a Japanese…
Frank and I are getting busier by day. Soon, we’ll have no time for this website. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hand together now and say..”CLOSE SHoP LUUUUUUU!!”

Day 3, Night Time @ Seoul

We had dinner at Dongdaemun. Initially we didn’t know where to eat but after passing a Korean restaurant with Japanese words, we decided to eat there.

Dongdaemun is a must when visiting Seoul. It consists of endless roads of shops and markets. For sports wear, head to the Dongdaemun station. Be prepared to bargain.

Souvenirs are abundant there as well. I bought couple of Gundam keychains 😀

After a long walk, we rested at a café. The café had a funny looking cake. It looked like spaghetti cake.

Another thing to take note in Seoul is the shopping centres. Sometimes they would hold a performance or ask some of their customers to perform on stage. The one we saw was a dancing competition. It was really amusing as a weird looking schoolgirl did a sexy dance on stage. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the competition.

She danced too much till the hostess had to pull her away. Then during the finals (she was eliminated in the semi finals), she gatecrashed the stage and danced. She got kicked out of course.