Zheng He commemorative stamps

Pos Malaysia Berhad’s has issued new stamps to commemorate the 600th anniversary of Malaysia-China relationship.

The stamps and First Day Cover pay tribute to Admiral Zheng He, the greatest navigator during the China’s Ming Dynasty who paved the way for the establishment of the enduring relationship between Malacca, and subsequently Malaysia, and China as well as bringing to light the influences that came along with Admiral Zheng He’s voyages that had since become parts and parcels of the present Malacca community.
I went for the launch @ the Philatelic Department of Pos Besar. There were loads of people. People in Malaysia actually queue up to buy stamps!!

This stall opens every time Pos Besar opens its doors for Stamp Collectors to purchase its new stamps. Unlike some stamps collectors I know, this nice lady offers stamps at reasonable price.

Being a young collector, many stamp traders tries to take advantage of me by selling me stamps at exorbitant prices. These unscrupulous traders should be shot, hung and served as breakfast.

People fixing their stamps on envelopes.
Postal authorities from China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Macao has also jointly issue commemorative stamps marking the 600th anniversary of the ancient Chinese navigator and diplomat Zheng He’s seven voyages to the Western Seas.

So u wanna be a snake hunter…

Apparently snake hunter is a very lucrative profession in Kedah. I hear that the snake hunter in Kedah catches snake with their barehand.

Damn brave, man!!! Unfortunately, i have yet to seen them in action. I wonder if it is the same as these African Snake Hunter…

Before going into action, the hunter wrapped his hand with some thick animal skin. From the photo, it looks like fox skin but i doubt it is fox skin…=P

He then climbed into the snake hole.

Ah Ha! He found his prey, a female python guiding her nest

Snake: You are going to get me so easily

The hunter offered his hand to the snake!!!

Hunter: dude faster pull me out!!

Hunter: i am the MAN!!!

Finally, the hunters marched home with the catch of the day.
Hunter: Let’s have BBQ Snake meat and Snake Kut teh soup for dinner today

Look Alike – Part II

A: Is it true that in this world, u will find 7 ppl who look exactly like u
X: yeah. couple of weeks back, I met a girl who looks exactly like you. Now there are 5 more to go!
A: Who?? Where did you meet her?
X: She was in the Criminal Magistrate Court of Kuala Lumpur whereby she was charged with Section 12 of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which is the unlawful possession of drugs!! Your twin is a criminal!!
A: SHUT UP!!!!!!! I dont believe it!! You didnt take a picture of her???
X: No la. She was with her husband! You want me to die ah.
A: eh you said 5? whois the other one?
X: Oh no, its 6.
X: eh nono, its 5!
A: 5?? Who is the other one?
X: She’s the lap sap poh (garbage lady) in my office.

Look Alike

People say that there are 7 people out there who looks like you.

Mr. Azmi couldnt agree more.

Source: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2005/7/16/nation/11505500&sec=nation

Front page look-alike, exec mistaken for Azmi in Leeds


SHAH ALAM: As he stepped out of his house, Azmi Shaari noticed curious looks and stares from the people on the streets.

He only found out why when a neighbour showed him The Star.

Azmi was shocked to see a man who looked just like him staring out from the front page.

The man was none other than Malaysian Azmi Shafeei, who lives in Stratford Street, Leeds.

Azmi Shaari showing The Star’s front page with the picture of Azmi Shafeei in Leeds,Britain.

Azmi Shafeei had given an exclusive interview to The Star on his neighbour Hasib Mir Hussain, 19, whom police believed was responsible for blowing up the bus in Tavistock Square in London that killed 13 passengers on July 7.

Azmi Shaari was surprised that his Leeds look-alike even had the same first name.

Since yesterday morning, the business development executive had been getting calls non-stop, from his family, relatives and friends.
“I received nearly 100 calls from all over the country. I even got calls from some long lost friends. Most wanted to know whether it was me and what I was doing in England,” he said when met at Section 9 here yesterday.

A motorist, who spotted him at a traffic light, pointed to the front page picture and shouted: “Glamour-lah. Front page!”

“Even a foreign worker at a mamak stall asked me what happened,” he said.

He added that people at the petrol station, shops and restaurants where he had stopped by asked him the same question.

Azmi, who has two brothers and two sisters, admitted that even his siblings did not look so much like him, unlike the Azmi from Leeds.

Then yesterday, Sui Lin told me that she met someone who looks like me @ Songwriters’ Round 18 @ Alexis. He’s a singer. It seems that we dress the same as well!

Pictures from Lynnzter’s website.


That looks like me when I wear my glasses and dont comb my hair!

Seafood Pork Noodles @ Restoran Sun Sea, Taman OUG

As requested, here’s the direction to the famous Seafood Pork Noodles of OUG, Old Klang Road.

Price ranges from RM4 to RM6.

You have a choice of soup or dry version. As for noodles, you have a choice of mai fun, kuew teow, lou shu fun or mee. It comes with minced pork, prawns, clams (lala), slices of pork, seaweed (on request), pig intestines, cuttlefish (sotong) and so on.

Business hours from 6:30AM till 2:30PM

The Shop

The Stalls

Chuo Ming’s Birthday

Last week, the former Sheffield bunch (plus some of the respective other halves) met up at La Bodega for Chuo Ming’s bird day.

The Cake

Sheffield Tradition! oi siewkhaibei! what are u doing?
We had a great time catching up and also making fun of waitress for the day, Ms. Ja ja.
“Oi JAJABINKS. BRING ME MY BEEER!!”, shouted a rude boy. Mmm..i think it was me..
Then something interesting happened.
The table opposite us was celebrating a birthday as well. Out of goodwill, they sent a piece of cake to Chuo Ming (CM).
CM: “wow…this is nice man..”
(Proceeds to think)
“Leong, What is the strongest alcohol here???”
So instead of giving them another piece of cake, CM ordered a glass of Graveyard for the birthday boy on the other table !
We couldnt see the birthday boy’s face though.
Me: Eh what if he’s a Malay?
CM: Oh shit..
We took the risk though. Few minutes later,
Birthday boy on the other table: O_O!!!
Everyone: bwWahahahahahah

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Miss Tibet

Tibet is a country that has been troubled with all sorts of political.
2 years ago, there was an article in BBC news saying that the Miss Tibet competition was in a crisis. Apparently, only one contestant turned up for the contest.
The only contestant, Tsering Kyi, 20, was immediately declared Miss Tibet.

“There was immense social pressure on the girls not to participate by traditional sections of the Tibetan society,” Mr Wangyal told the BBC.
But in 2002, there were more than 30 contestants.
Here are the following contestants..

But in 2004…

Ms. Tashi Yangchen w000t!!! winner of all Miss Tibet competitions! woohoo!!!
Unfortunately, Miss Tibet 2004 pulls out from the Miss Tourism 2005 pageant in Malaysia.
Excerpt from the Star newspaper
KUCHING: A controversy over the participation of a Tibetan contestant in a beauty pageant ended following her decision to pull out from the contest.
Miss Tourism 2005 organiser Alaric Soh said yesterday that Tibetan beauty queen Tashi Yangchen had decided not to participate in the pageant.
The Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur had protested against Tashi’s decision to compete as Miss Tibet.
Interview with Miss Tibet 2004.
There was a particular comment that cracked me up

    Dear fan, Let me thank you all for the good words and the bad words you have commented on me in this web page. please give me a break. I am the most prettiest girl ever born in the Tibetan communities. I am confident that I will surely be selected in the final round of the Miss world pagent and then ofcourse the Miss world title.I will make each and every Tibetan proud of but there is a problem and the problem is My sponsor Lobsang Wangyal is too broke that he could not afford to buy a bottle of beer.So I need help from you guys. Please DONATE generioulsy for the Miss Tibet 2005 contest. It will be very grand. I bet. THANKS

However, in a following comment, it seems that Miss Tibet herself responded to the above comment.

    Tashi Delek to all the readers.By the way it was really great reading all the comments.I appreciate all for taking time to write on this page.Well I thought I would not comment on this page but then I am obliged to as some one under my name Tashi Yangchen has commented something above….well I think whosoever the person is why don’t you comment using your own name instead of borrowing someone else’s name…only a coward would perform such an act ….i really find it very immature…hehehe!!Anyways …thank you so much to all my well wishers for your kind appreciation.Well even those who has some negative comments to say..thanks for wasting your energy as it is not going to affect me one bit.Beware of those who write comments under others name….it’s really very funny.Any ways ..Tashi Delek…Peace!!…..Miss Tibet2004(Tashi Yangchen)

If thats her, she seems like great sport. I wish her all the best.
So people, please contribute to the Miss Tibet Funds!
Source : http://www.misstibet.com/i_love_miss_tibet/
You may write a cheque or transfer your contributions via bank to the following information.
For Cheques (drawn in favour of)
Free Spirit Festival
Postal address:
Lobsang Wangyal Productions
255 Tipa Road
Mcleod Ganj
HP 176219
For bank money transfer:
Free Spirit Festival
Account no.: 1131
Bank name: Allahabad Bank
Address: Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, HP 176219, India
Bank code: 0210686
Swift code: Mumbai AllAINBBXXX