Malaysia government declares state of emergency in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang
Source: – Thanks to ivN
Department of Enviroment – AIR POLLUTANT INDEX (API) on 11.8.2005
The weather makes me feel like our days are numbered.

fog you motherfogging foggers!!!!
FRANK’s Report
The API in PJ & KL where xes and me stay and work in,hit 349 and 321 respectively as reported by The Star Online.

The lighting of my office’s reception area make it looks like we are living in a bioharzard zone.

LDP from the Kelana Jaya LRT station’s bridge

The view from 7th Floor, Pertama Complex. We can see KLCC from here but not today. Maybe, i should say “On a good, clear day, we can see KLCC from here.”

Blurry view from the LRT…no, there is nothing wrong with the window or my camera phone.

Just hope that the giant minty, cool, and refreshing Halls Fan can repell the Haze
GOD help us!

Damn that HAZE…!!!

Finally the Government had decided to release the Air Polluction Index (API). IT’S ABOUT TIME LAR, DAMN IT!!! STOP BICKERING EACH OTHER ABOUT AP, AND START TELLING THE PEOPLE ABOUT THE API

choose which one more important, you damn GOVERNMENT!!!
(taken from Malay Mail)

The haze had been getting worst day by day, masks have been selling like hot cakes!

This photo was taken at about 12pm. The visibility level was acceptable but the air was totally unbreathable. I felt dizzy and drowsy just standing outside there for one min.
My boss decided to buy us lunch since all his meeting was cancel due to the haze. But, none of us feel like going out so we order Pizza Hut instead. The bloody pizza took one hour to come, contrary to their promise of 30 mins delivery. So, my master, the self proclaim Pizza Hut Most Valuable Customer, called the Pizza Hut,
“Hello Pizza Hut, your people mana (where), pengsan (faint) on the road kah?”
“No sir, we are busy that is why we will be late.”
“Busy ar? That mean you don’t need our business lar. So we cancel lar.”
“No sir, our man is on the way”
“but he is 30 mins late. If he pengsan on the road, you tell me lar. I understand one. I go tarpau (order take away) something else lar.”
“eeer…that one i don’t know. I will get the branch in charge to call you back.”
The moment my master put down the phone, the Pizza Hut man show up at the doorstep, looking as if he was gonna faint.
Haze not only make people feel drowsy, some became dumber because of it. The newspaper man came to collect his fee at our office,my clerk asked him how much is the charge.
“eeeer…i lupa lar (i forgot)
and he is the boss!!! How can you forgot!!!

This photo at 5pm. ooooh no, the visibiltiy so bad..i can’t see my car from the reception area.

On the way back, the street lights were turn on early at LDP. The jam started early also or was it because people were driving very slowly. So slow that i even had time to take photo…or was i driving too slow…hmmmmm…?
Haze can actually make a person…slow too.

Horrible Haze

Kuala Lumpur 9.8.2005
The haze in Kuala Lumpur has gone worst.
The entire Kuala Lumpur stinks.
Visibility is low and its boiling hot.
Many people are falling sick.
It hasnt rain for days as well.
According to the news, the haze wont go away until end of the month October!!
Soon we need to walk out with a gas mask.
Port Klang air quality at hazardous level
PETALING JAYA: The Air Pollutant Index (API) hit 410 in the Port Klang as at noon Wednesday.
API levels in several areas in Selangor and the Federal Territory at noon are as follows:
# Kuala Lumpur – 181
# Petaling Jaya – 204
# Kuala Selangor – 327
# Shah Alam – 316
# Putrajaya – 224.
The API system as adopted in Malaysia categorises air quality as hazardous to health when the index exceeds 300, according to the Department of Environment website.

*pooooot* *blargh*

This might offend some PETA members but I laughed so hard till I couldnt breath after hearing this story….
One day, D, a friend of mine, was getting ready for school.
It was wee hours in the morning and everyone was still sleeping…except for his little sister’s hamsters…
He then devised and evil plot… which is.. fart at his sister’s hamsters.
He proceeded to do so and let off a loud fart…
*pooottttt* *blargh*
D: oh shit!!!
He accidentally shat on his sister’s hamsters!!

How to marry more than one in Malaysia…Part 1

We all know that polygamy is not allowed in Malaysia except for Muslim. Polygamy according to mean “The condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time.” So that mean, a man cannot have two wives or a woman cannot have two husband. But, what if a person who has two spouse with different gender? Let”s look at the example below :-
Joanne is a bisexual. Although she is married to John but at the same time she is deeply in love with Jane too. John is extremely open minded and understanding, he does not complain about Joanne’s extra marrital relationship with Jane. One day, Joanne and Jane decided to get marry, in some hippies land as a lesbian couple. John does not complain at all.
When Joanne and Jane return to Malaysia, Joanne is charged in Court for practising polygamy.
“Joanne, how many husband do you have?” asked the public prosecutor
“one only wor.”
“then what is Jane to you.”
“my wife lar”
The public prosecutor has to drop his case because homosexual marriage is not recognisable in Malaysia. Hence, Joanne does not commit any polygamy.
NOTE: This is the author’s own point of view. Should you choose to believe and practice it, the author and the members of will not be liable for it.

US Agency Stamps, Coin, Notes and Phone Cards Fair

I saw this advertisement from Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore’s Stamp Catalogue.

This is the first time I see people putting photos of themselves on an unrelated advertisement.

So anyway,I paid them a visit today.

It was held at the 2nd Floor of Heritage Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. One should pay a visit there as its interior is of Victorian/Edwardian design.

Their elevator kicks asses as well. You have to open the door yourself and close it yourself! It’s like living in the early 1900s πŸ˜€

The fair was held in a medium sized room with stamps, coins and notes sprawled all over the place. The price is reasonable as well. Further, their service was excellent!

As for the variety of stamps, they have stamps all over the world and era. I even saw a Penny Red selling for RM12!

They also have an excellent collection of Japanese Occupation of Malaysia Stamps!

RM5600!!!! I gotta sell my ass for this!!

Japanese Occupation stamps. It’s written ‘Savings, the Japanese Government Malai (Malaysia)’

Coins & Notes. They even have Saddam Hussein’s notes.

The fair is held every month first Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm daily. To all stamp lovers, pls pay a visit tomorrow!

Branded cosmestic

My colleague, K and I were commenting on an interesting advertisement.
K: Immaculate services, hair grooming and finger nail clipping, wah, branded cosmetic to compliment the make up
Out of no where.
E (female colleague): I WANT I WANT!! Branded cosmetic!! Where???
K: It’s at Nilai Memorial Park. The full-page advert is by a company offering female embalmers and beauticians for female deceased! You want to book in advance eh?
US: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Law and Medicine…

NOTE:This article is written without prejudice to both the profession of lawyer and doctor. If you find this article too offensive to you, it is just meant to be a joke and the author have no whatsoever intention of defaming or degrading either profession. This is solely the author’s view.
We all know that lawyer and doctor are consider the two most pretigious profession in a traditional, conventional thinking chinese family. But, what is the difference between the two profession in practice?
When a person who had been served a summon claiming over RM1 Million, he goes to a lawyer.
A: Lawyer! Lawyer! please help me. Somone suing me for RM1 Million lar..die lar, i am screwed this time. My wife and children will starve to death. My life will be over!!!! HELP ME!!!
Lawyer: (after looking at the summon) Ok no problem, i will save you.
A: How much will you charge me?
Lawyer: RM100,000 only.
A: HUH!!!! U MAD AR!!!
But, when a person who had a critical disease goes to a doctor.
A: Doctor! Doctor! Please help me, i am going to die soon.
Doctor: (after looking at the medical report) No problem, i will save you.
A: How much will you charge me?
Doctor: RM100,000
A: OK!
When the lawyer fight off the RM1 Million suit against the person and save his life from collasping
A: Thank you ar, Lawyer.
Lawyer: This is your bill
A: Crazy ar! RM100,000. I don’t want to pay!
Lawyer: But you agreed? You said that you shall be grateful to me if i save your life and shall pay RM100,000.
A: Why u so greedy. You lauya buruk lar…charge so much, go to hell lar.
Lawyer: ….
A: Give discount lar then i will pay.
Then the Lawyer will have no choice but to give him 50% discount.
But, the doctor cured the person from the critical disease
A: Doctor, you are my saviour! You save my life!!!
Doctor: Nah…RM100,000 bill
A: Of cos, i will pay. You are the angel of my life!
He doesn’t even ask for a discount.
When a lawyer lose the person’s case because the opponent had a solid good case against him.
A: Pukimah (“motherfucker”), you lauya buruk. Now, my life gone lar now. I hope you die tommorow and rod in hell! Don’t even wish that i will pay you a cent. If you want, you sue me lar!!!
He will scold the lawyer till his kingdom come.
But, when a doctor fail to cure the person
A: Doctor, i know you have try your best already. Thank you very much.