Office @ 11PM

Last Saturday, I had to go back to office to get some work done. It was about 11PM and the entire office was empty. Initially I felt okay cause during the day whenever I arrive early, the office is empty too.
Things were fine until I heard noises on the upper floor. I called my colleague to see whether or not she’s in the office. Her room is just directly above my room.

Nobody answered the phone.

I text her and she replied that she’s not in the office. Then she told me that the office is scary at night.

I thought to myself, “Ok Fine, I’m a big boy now. I don’t need anyone to accompany me”.

I had to run to the library to get a dictionary. BOY IT WAS DAMN SCARY.

Imagine walking into a huge and dark empty room without knowing where the light switches are.
Then while doing work, I heard the main door being opened. Foot steps were heard and it was coming towards my room. I waited for the ‘person’ to appear but nobody came.

Who could it be?

1) A hard working colleague? But it’s Saturday night, I doubt anyone is that hardcore.
2) A thief? or
3) Nobody, just the wind.

Suddenly, a black figure popped in front of my room. The hairs on my face begin to stand. I felt like a grizzly bear.

The figure was dark and of medium height.

Then I realised it was the maintenance guy. doh!

Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

View of Camp 5 – from outside

I finally climbed at the much anticipated Camp 5 rock climbing gym. The place was brand new hence the walls and handholds were rough.

However, getting there was a problem. Since Christmas is approaching, the queue to get into 1u shopping centre’s car park was few miles long. But we had a better idea. We parked at the housing estate and walked to the shopping centre.

Traffic Jam!!!

The Walls.

But since the walls are brand new, our limbs were prone to be scraped by the wall.

Wall for Lead Climbing (Lead Climbing – where you have to clip the rope on to the runners (clips that are attached to the wall)

There’s a huge indoor lead climb wall. I tried unclipping the rope from the runners. Wahlao, it was so bloody scary.

Bouldering Wall – climbing without ropes. Loads of power needed.

Powerful Men

Tight area to climb. The metal bar looks dangerous. I always have this image of myself falling on to the metal bar…landing between my legs on the bar!!
Other than the indoor lead climb wall, one should check out the auto belay device. It’s a small device fixed on top of the wall. All the climber needs to do is clip himself/herself on the rope connected to the small device and climb. In order to descend, all the climber needs to do is let his hands go and put his weight on the rope!

The Auto Belay Device

Hundreds of Handhold and Runner

Speaking about ropes, the ropes in the gym are dynamic ropes which means that the ropes will expand upon pressure. It’s not so good when belaying a heavy person. Cris crashed into me after he fell. He would have missed me if the rope didn’t expand!
As for the routes, they have many types of routes but many of them are not for beginners.

However, such state of the art climbing gym comes with a heavy price. The entrance fee for adult is RM22. Rental for shoes and harness is RM7 and RM5 respectively.

More info @

The damn Wall speaks

I worked late today…well, if you consider working till 8 or 9pm late la.
While i was resting, i looked at the wall where my colleague’s desk was. She sticked 3 motivational/advisory (whatever you call them) posters on it and one of it which say :-
Wow…that bloody poster is TALKING to me!!! WOW!!! AMAZING!!! or is it that the WALL is TALKING to me!!!
As for the other two, they looked like some deep riddle to me. Maybe it was not time for the Wall to reveal their meaning to me yet, hmmm…*rub chin* how come ar?….hmmm….*rub face*cannot be….hmmm…*yawn*…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sleep better la, no need to think so much. =P

Memoirs of a Geisha

Watch the trailer @
More info:

Zhang Ziyi..her parents must be terrorists…cause she is tEh bOmb!

Watch a parody of the Memoirs of a Geisha–Mad-TV?v=_AQvqsZFgDY&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsatkuru%2Ecom%2Fmemoirs%2Ehtm

Women and Cars

This post is not meant to offence women. It is merely an urban legend aka stories that i heard from people around me.

A lot of man say that woman cannot drive properly or woman don’t know how to look after their car. Here are two stories that i heard about woman who don’t know how to look after their car

Story 1
Ms. A is a uni graduate. She bought a car. Two year later, her car had to be sold for scrap metal. Why? It’s not because she got into some accident. The reason behind it was that for those two years that she had been using the car, she had never serviced it. When she was being asked about it. She said “I wash my car everyday. Isn’t that servicing my car?”

Story 2
Ms. B, college student’s new car broke down one day. She insisted that her mechanic didn’t have to check her car battery because she refilled it once per week. When the mechanice came to his wit end to find out what was wrong with the car, he took out the car battery for a look. The car battery had battery water in it but how come it was not working? When Ms. B was being questioned about what water she filled her battery with, she said “Normal water la”.

Christmas stamps!

Since Christmas is approaching, it’s time to make money!!

Post Offices around the world have been issuing Christmas stamps.

Here are some new Christmas stamps:-

Well, boring design
Merry Christmas!

Czech Republic

Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok


Feliz Navidad!


These Japanese stamps are cool. Other than the self adhesive stamps, you can use the characters (teddy bear, snowman etc) as well.
Kurisumasu Omedeto!


Santa Clause! I remember once pikey sent a letter to Santa Clause in Finland. Santa replied!
Hyvaa joulua!


Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom!

United Kingdom

Christmas 2005 Stamps

Recently, the Royal Mail stated that it would not to issue the 68 pence Christmas stamp to customers unless specifically requested. The 68p Christmas stamp featured a picture of Hindus worshipping Baby Christ, and had led to calls for a withdrawal by Hindu organisations in the UK.

Merry Christmas!

For more Christmas wishes in different languages, visit

Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 2

As regular LRT user, i had seen a lot of “civic minded” folks taking the reserved seat. However, some of them will give it away when they stumbled upon a needy person. Some just could not be bothered and contiune to act blur. I had even seen a blindman standing in the LRT. Comon man, the fellow is BLIND. He might not be able to see you but you can see him suffering there!!! STANDING!!! HE IS BLIND…you DUMBO!!!
However, that still does not piss me off because ever so often there will be some kind soul who will hold his hand or support his body to prevent him from tumbling over. BUT THIS INCIDENT DEFINATELY PISSED ME OFF!!!
On 12-12-2005), i went down to KL and had lunch with Ms. HS because it was a public holiday in Selangor. On my journey back, i was standing. One stop after that, an old man got on the train. He was looking at two teenagers who was sitting down on a red chair (Even though it’s a red chair, don’t you think you should give it up to the old folks as well?). Teen A looked at the old man’s walking stick and said to Teen B
“Dude, you should give up your seat to the uncle. He has a walking seat”
“Why don’t you give yours to him”
Then Teen A got up…
“Hahaha, you think i will give the seat to him, right?”
They laughed out loudly. The uncle and me looked to each other and shaked our head. Then, the train reached it next stop. I turned around and checked to see if there was empty seat or not. The uncle did the same as well. The two teens still remained unbudged from their seats though so were the other seated passengers.
Soon, the train started its journey to its next stop. The uncle and me glanced at the two teens in disgusted occasionally while i continue to pretend looking for empty seats. The teens remained unbudged for another two stops and the uncle and me contined doing what we were doing namely glancing at the teens and i contined looking for empty seats.
Finally, the teens could not take it anymore.
Teen A: Dude, the journey is damn long la. Let’s get down and have a smoke first.
Teen B: eeer…i agree.

Kyoto, Japan – Rokuon-Ji

I visited Kyoto when I was in Japan few weeks back.

Kyoto is the ultimate tourist magnet in Japan. It’s well known for its Shrines and Geisha.

The Famous Kinkaku

Our first destination in Kyoto was Rokuon-Ji Temple, where the famous Kinkaku (Golder Pavilion) is housed.
Jane & I traveled around by bus using a One Day Bus ticket at the price of 500 Yen.
Kinkaku is a pavilion consisting of 3 floors. The 2nd and 3rd floor are covered with golf leaf on Japanese lacquer.

Top Floor

Unfortunately, the original Kinkakuji was burned down by a mad monk in the 1950s. It was rebuilt few years later.
Other than Kinkaku Jin, the garden of the temple is also worth looking at. At the end of the tour, we tried tea ceremony at one of its tea houses. They served us a bowl of green tea and a sweet to ease the bitterness of the green tea.

Jane said I look very Jap here. Jap Ojisan (uncle) I guess.

Such Japanese tourist attraction is not complete without Hello Kitty. God Damn Hello Kitty is everywhere. Even the “Drive Safely Charm” has a Hello Kitty version of it!

We hung around pigging on free food offered by souvenir shops. We tried some sort of Green Tea mochi. It tasted great!!! We kept on going back to the same stall to eat their free mochi. 😀
Another unique souvenir in Rokuon-Ji is the gold flakes water. It’s just water with gold flakes, I don’t know how does it improve our health. All I remember is that I got bloody gold flakes stuck on my throat!
There’s a mini shrine just next to the souvenir shops. It’s damn “international”.

Jane praying that she’ll strike lottery…

I once blogged about fortune teller vending machine at a temple. Now, it’s fortune teller vending machine in THREE LANGUAGES!!

English, Korean & Japanese.

Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 1

About two years ago, i went to KLCC with Mr. HC using LRT. The LRT was packed with people. We were standing. Then one of the person left and there was an empty seat.
Mr. HC: “Go sit down la, Frank.”
I looked at the chair, it was painted in grey. Grey Chairs are reserved for the needy people such as pregnant woman, old folks, handicapped and women with young children. It had a picture sign depicting all those people. Totally dumb prove, i must say. Before, i could say anything. A man around my age took the seat.
Mr HC: ” Aiya, other people take your seat already.”
I glanced at the man for a second. Then i turned to Mr. HC and said alound,
“Bro, those chairs are meant for the needy.”
I pointed to the signs.
“They are reserved for the old folks, pregnant woman, handicapped and woman with young children.”
Upon hearing what i said, the man sprang out from the chair.