moved on …. right?

i was in KLCC today – i walked into one of the shops. a guy who was standing in my path, walked quickly to the glass display on my right. usually i do not pay attention to passer-bys, minding my own business (unless the passer-by happens to be an ah lian with bad dressing sense, i must look!) but so happened i glanced at the guy.
and i quickly walked away, far from the guy. i bit my lip, and hoped he didn’t see me as i stood before the displayed goods. as shock registered, i turned to see where the guy had gone.
and i stared at his back, just for a while, before i quickly left the shop.
oh the coincidence. i could kill myself…
just as i brought up the ghost of my ex in the last post, i happen to catch a glimpse of him again. after 4 years. can you believe it?
funny how people move on, yet how the people from the past can still affect you in a certain way.
i could also kill myself, because i wasn’t looking my best, lacked make up and all… so basically, i was looking like a hag. no way i could have gone up to him and say hi. no way did i want to notice every single detail of him and be this affected.
crap. i have to admit, he did look good. ;P
unlike the other ex (the one with the new gf who befriended me).
i’m so affected, man.
the memories of the relationship are coming back all over again.
i am over him.
i am over him.
just that, he’s the yardstick i compare new boyfriends to.
being affected, doesn’t mean i’m not over him.
4 years.
yup, the pain of the break up comes crashing back again.
time to go boozing.
come and join me.

Greetings from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

One of the most prominent things here are the motorcycles. They are everywhere! This country doesnt seem to have a law compelling all motorcyclist to wear helmets. 90% of the motorcyclist here does not wear helmets, only caps or hats during day time. Further, the driving condition here is horrible. People here honk indiscriminately, even over small matters.

I’m staying in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, where all the tourist traps are. Many things here are in USD or prices equivalent to USD. As such, the prices here are almost the same with Malaysia.

However, the food is good. I tried their famous pho (rice noodles) with beef. The soup is clear but it has loads of vegetables in it. Further, the beef is medium rare. Damn good I tell you.

Another thing that I’ve just tried is their white coffee. It comes with 2 layers, 1st being a filter and 2nd the cup. The filter contains coffee powder soaked with hot water. To drink, leave the hot water to drip into the cup for few minutes.

Despite all the developments in this city, poverty exists. I had kids forcing me to buy things from them. No doesnt seem to be a clear answer to them. But I found out that the best way to make them go away is to walk into a shop.

More updates soon!

moving on …. sooner than later

(you know who won CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2006, right?)
a break-up is often one of the hardest for some people to deal with, because of the years spent together, the effort and energy put into building and sustaining the relationship. some people patch it up after a while, realising that the person is “the one”, whereas some people remain in their depression due to the break-up, or some people move on.
you know how a girl is usually bawling her eyes out when there’s a break-up, wailing that her heart has been broken into pieces and she’ll never be able to survive singlehood without him, there’s no one good enough compared to him, etc..
they say girls deal with the pain differently, unlike the guys. there is a need to be heard, wearing their broken hearts on their sleeves, wanting to be comforted by their friends. there are some, of course, who keep it inside, not bothering the world with their sorrows.
how about the guys? it is usually the latter, i think. the world goes on as usual, they shrug away that closed chapter of their lives. it’s back to being a full-fledged bachelor with the boozing and the cruising. others may choose to sleep around, in desperate need for another girl to fill in the empty space the previous girlfriend left behind.
ok, i shouldn’t generalise. but i stand corrected, perhaps there are some girls who deal with heartache that same way, too. ;P
whatever it is, everyone should move on. but the question is, how soon?
when someone gets into a fresh new relationship within weeks of a break-up with the last partner, mouths start whispering, “oh my goodness, obviously that is the cause of the break up!” or “that bastard!” or “that bitch!” and you know how it goes la.
one of the reasons why outsiders may make such comments is because, the dumper must have said to the dumpee things like, “you know there’s no one else like you… you’re too good for me. maybe we can work things out in the future. who knows, maybe you are truly the one for me.” to appease the dumpee’s pain.
and the dumpee, still in shock from the break-up, may accept those words and feel a bit better.
until dumpee finds out that the dumper has found a new partner. within 2 weeks.
oh, the further shock. the pain. the betrayal. the reality. what the hell?
be it 2 weeks or 2 months, when is it the right time to jump into a new relationship? surely it’s subjective, depending on the coincidence of meeting someone appropriately better than the last. ;P does the dumper have to hide it from the dumpee? must dumper get dumpee’s permission to start a new relationship?
i do notice that dumpees from long relationships actually jump into a new relationship very quickly, and the next thing i know, 6 months later, they’re announcing their engagement or wedding. imagine the surprise. why the rush?
but anyway, back to the topic. is it too soon to be starting a new relationship within weeks or months of breaking up? can we differentiate between casual dating and flings from relationships, i.e. perhaps telling the dumpee that “the new ‘fling’ isn’t a relationship, dear…. i’m just trying to move on… i’m not ready for a relationship right after us…”, etc..
years ago, i had a really nosy friend . the first time she asked me if i was waiting to get back together with an ex. i told her, no, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. but you know the sucker in me at that time was thinking, “hmm… i’m not telling you, just in case i jinx my wish!”
the next few times she asked me, a few months later, i told her no, “please stop asking me that!”
i had gotten over him and having mutual friends can be so difficult, i tell you. anyway, i got so fed up, i asked her why did she keep asking me that.
her answer, “because you’re still single. so you must be waiting for him!”
just because i didn’t have a new boyfriend until much later, actually meant i was waiting for the ex? what logic is that? ;P


lately, i’ve been busy eating and eating like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s no wonder my belly can rival xes’ beer belly. ;P
i have to admit, i am not that adventurous when it comes to food.
1. Puttu – indian steamed rice cake @ somewhere in Bangsar

when my friend and i first saw the waiter “cooking” it, we thought it’d be good to try. when i first heard the waiter mention “puttu”, i thought he meant “puttumayam”. so when it came looking like that, i stared at it, not daring to mention to my friend that it looked weird.
puttu is usually white in colour, but this one was steamed with sweet palm toddy syrup mixed in its ‘batter’ already. served with a garnish of grated coconut, i tried to drown it with brown sugar (mixed with grated coconut and whatnots).

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Experience the G-ForceX reverse bungy jump

Last month, my big boss Mr N suddenly suggested that we go bungy jumping at KL Tower to conquer our fears and to improve our perception. It was sort of like a motivation and confidence building activity. Mr N is one of the top litigators in Malaysia and he’s around 50 over years old. A personal invitation from Mr. N is one opportunity that must not be missed.
It was scheduled on the weekend of the day he proposed but in the end it didn’t happen cause we were too busy.
Further I found out that the bungee jumping activity has not started in KL Tower. From what I read, it will start around August this year.
However, instead of cancelling our event, we went for the ‘reverse bungy jumping’ at KL Tower. This ‘reverse bungy jumping’ involves a huge anti gravity machine where 2 people will be seated in a steel cage and thereafter shot up to the sky at 0 to 120KMP/H in 2.5 seconds.
We dragged our colleague Low along. Mr N’s son and nephew were dragged along as well.

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Heineken Music Lab: Analog Girl @ ZOUK KL 28.4.2006


Initially it was just Sui Lin and I. Both of us were interested to see a Singaporean girl perform with a laptop and singing with it. What made it more intriguing is that she has performed in places like Japan, France and UK.

Then Sharon Dilirius and Angeline joined us.

Since it’s a Heineken organized party, beer was cheap. RM65 for a bucket of Heineken it and it comes with a free gift.

Admission was free but non-members of Heineken Music Lab would have to register themselves before getting in. I thought it was going to be packed, but it wasn’t so. We managed to find a place to sit.

Further, I had the privilege of the company of 3 gorgeous ladies. 😀 But the problem is that the 3 of them does not drink beer… ARGH. NO BUCKET OF BEER FOR ME! Fortunately, the Hardsequance crew was there as well, Jovi spared me a bottle 😀


Analog Girl was dressed in a black 1 piece dress, and sneakers O_O. She didn’t say much during her performance but she sang throughout her 45 minutes performance. I find her music a bit morbid. It has a little tinge of Bjork in it. Further, her equipment wasn’t limited to a Mac laptop, she had some sort of mixer as well.

Overall performance was fairly alright. The first few minutes were interesting but my fascination sort of die down after few songs.
There was another event in ZOUK as well. It was the Cleo’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor party. The queue to get in to ZOUK was crazy, the line wasn’t that long when Eddie Halliwell was here. It was all the way till the roadside !

Further, no way I was going to attend that event. But definitely Gavin Tan would love to since he loves checking guys out. wahahHAha