I Detest Ear Thermometers!


I suddenly came down with a cold yesterday and if you don’t know by now, I really detest having a cold! I hate stuffy or running noses, they irritate the heck out of me.

I don’t like feeling chilly as well, despite 5 layers of clothing (bra included). I don’t like having watery eyes or the loss of taste – no point in eating when I’ve got a cold, grrrr!

So I went to the doctor, hoping to get some Clarinase. Instead, he gave me this bottle of nasal spray, which looks more like the one where you dainty girls spray mist on your face? Yah. “Sea Water”, this one says.

At a glance, I thought it even said “Psychological Sea Water Microspray”! Hehehe.

The doctor asked, “Have I taught you how to use a nasal spray before?”

I said no, and he proceeded to teach me.

Apparently, when you stick it into your left nostril, it should be pointed to your left ear. When you stick it into your right nostril, you point it to your right ear. DO NOT stick it in and point it towards the back of your head. No no no, apparently. It is WRONG.

The nasal passage is on the sides of your nose.

Thereafter, the doctor asked if I had a temperature. I told him I felt chilly. He used the ear thermometer to take my temperature, only to tell me, after 2 seconds, that I did NOT have a temperature.

“But…,” I protested, but it fell onto deaf ears.

So I just sat in the office, with 2 jackets on like it was freezing in the North Pole.

I detest the ear thermometer!!!! This is the second time it has failed me. Sobs.

Unfortunately, it seems to be VERY accurate, if you google it up.

I’m off to bed. I’ve got sleep with 3 pillows behind my head to be able to breathe. Sigh.

Yee Kee Seremban Beef Noodles @ Seremban 1

Few months ago, one Mr Ivan Lau emailed me informing me of his newly opened restaurant in Seremban and invited me to his new place by the name Yee Kee. According to him, they serve Seremban Beef Noodles, one of the famous dishes of Seremban.

Yee Kee is a new conceptual restaurant in Seremban. It’s the first of it’s kind in Seremban and since it’s opening, it really has been the talk of the town.

Yee Kee specializes in Seremban Beef Noodles. Yee Kee is the originator of this dish and it was started way back before the Japanese occupation. It is now operating under it’s 3rd generation.

Yee Kee is located in one of the pre-war shop houses of Seremban. It’s directly opposite Public Bank. Although it’s located in a pre-war shop house, the interior is nicely done with a tinge of modernity.

Moo Moo

We manage to meet Mr Ivan Lau himself. Mr Ivan used to be IT profession for 7 years before venturing into this business. According to him, his grand father started Yee Kee in the 1930s. However, the business ceased and Mr Ivan revived his grandfather’s business with his partners.

The Old Yee Kee Shop

Although we were full from our Hakka Noodles, we couldn’t resist to try Yee Kee’s speciality, the Seremban Beef Noodles.

I must say, the noodle was excellent. The sauce is sticky and the beef, zomg, tender and chewy. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

Other than its beef noodles, Yee Kee also offers boxes of beer jerky at RM6 per box. It comes with packet of sauces. According to Mr Ivan, it’s quite popular among his customers.

Mr Ivan and myself

Business must be quite good for him. According to Mr Ivan, his business is about to break even – at his 4th month!

For directions, please refer below:

If you’re coming from KL, go out Seremban tol. You’ll keep left to go to Seremban Town. Go all the way straight until the end of the road where you’ll be force to turn left.

Once you turn left, keep to your left. You’ll pass by Hong Leong Bank and then OCBC Bank.

Turn left after OCBC. Yee Kee is on your left hand side.

The restaurant is open 8am till 8pm daily except Monday which it will be close.

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Tow Kee Hakka Noodles @ Seremban 1

In conjunction of the Deepavali holidays, the xes.cx makan team headed to Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan for their unique dishes.

Other than Seremban Siew Pao, Seremban is also well known for their unique Hakka Noodles. Hakka noodle is made of flat noodles served with minced pork in a thick clear sauce.

Our first destination was Tow Kee Hakka Noodles. According to wikitravel.org, the said shop existed since 1930s.

The said coffeeshop is located along Jalan Lee Kim Chiap, directly opposite the Seremban post office. It’s a small shop with limited seating space. Their service was terrible – slow and unfriendly. We waited for almost 20 minutes for our noodles to arrive.

Nevertheless, their Hakka noodle was excellent. The texture of the noodles was soft but chewy. If you have time to spare in Seremban and is able to tolerate bad service, head down to Tow Kee Coffeeshop for their Hakka noodles. Alternatively, you may head to another Hakka Noodles stall at the Seremban Wet Market.

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Postage stamp honours Steve Irwin

Recently, the Australian magazine New Idea! teamed up with the Australian Post to create a stamp to commemorate the late Steve Irwin, a famous Australian wildlife expert and television personality.

From News.com.au

The late Crocodile Hunter has been immortalised on a new commemorative stamp, brought out just in time to celebrate Steve Irwin Day.

The stamp features a New Idea magazine commemorative cover of Irwin, his two children Bindi and Bob – and a large snake – which was originally published shortly after his death last September.

The stamp is the second joint venture between Australia Post and New Idea, after the two previously collaborated on a souvenir stamp featuring Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Asked by the magazine to nominate a second celebrity for another set of stamps, the public overwhelmingly voted for the late world-famous but home-grown wildlife warrior.

“We were overwhelmed with the response to the public poll and happy to be able to support New Idea in this initiative,” Australia Post’s Michael Zsolt said.

“This is the first time that an Australian magazine cover has been made available to the general public on an Australia Post stamp product.”

The Brangelina stamp was not available for public sale, unlike the Irwin one which can be purchased in 10 x 50 cent stamp sheets from Australia Post outlets or directly from New Idea.

It is available for sale from today, just in time for the inaugural Steve Irwin Day on November 14.

Proceeds from the stamps will go to Irwin’s conservation charity, Wildlife Warriors.

As you can see, the actual stamp is the stamp with a Kangaroo. The pictures of Steve Irwin and his family are merely supplements to the actual stamp.

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A Sign of Weakness….

is when your boss sees your red eyes when you’re fresh from sniffling away in your cubicle
and to have him ask you, “Did you just cry?”
and you shrug and roll your eyes and say, “NO!”
when he knows you’re lying
so he asks you what’s wrong
but you try to act normal
but your voice cracks when you try to talk about work
and you stifle your tears, in case they flow down your cheeks again.

Sometimes tears of frustration just come, unwelcome
and it really sucks when it happens at work.
I can’t help it at times.

I hope he won’t give me a bad appraisal by the end of the year by saying, “She’s a crybaby, too soft. Weak.”

Upcoming Events – November 2007

Global Gathering – Relive the moments at our post-party

As some of you may know, the main event which was held at Melaka was a mud party. I heard it rained for 3 days in a row. The ground got so soft until it was knee deep. O_O
LIVE & LOUD KL 07 – The largest and Longest-running, Most Sensational Music Festival
Welcome to Live & Loud KL 07 – KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

A 10-day jam-packed music extravaganza featuring a wide range of genres and over 50 of the planet’s hottest artistes, with more than 45 hours of live music play; Live & Loud KL 07.
The festival starts 23 November stretching to 2 December, where each passing day greets festival-goers with a different genre, a different theme, a different repertoire, a different venue and most definitely different uber-stars.
The festival will feature the following performers such as:-
One of the most popular and recognizable personalities and voices in music since the early Sixties, Dionne Warwick continues to enjoy a phenomenally successful and diverse career on record, in concert, on television, and as the host of a nationally-syndicated radio show; “Love-Notes From Around The World.”
Whitney Houston is inarguably one of the biggest female pop stars of all time. Her accomplishments as a hitmaker are extraordinary; just to scratch the surface, she became the first artist ever to have seven consecutive singles hit number one, and her 1993 Dolly Parton cover “I Will Always Love You”
Vocalist Elliott Yamin first gained recognition as the second runner-up on the fifth season of the reality show American Idol. Born in 1978 in Los Angeles , to a painter father and professional singer mother, his parents divorced when he was 14.
Emerging in the early ‘90s, Shaggy was the biggest crossover success in dancehall reggae with his break-through hit “Mr. Boombastic”; his other smash hits including “Angel,” “Sexy Lady” and “It Wasn’t Me.”
Cedric and Joel Hailey comprise the romantic R&B duo K-Ci & Jojo, who were one of the two pairs of brothers that made up the chart-topping ‘90s group Jodeci.
Kool & the Gang has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to songs like Celebration, Cherish, Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness and Open Sesame, they’ve earned two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, twenty-five Top Ten R&B hits.
Ohio native James Ingram saw his musical career kick start in 1980 with a demo tape; the song was “Just Once”, the composition delivered to Quincy Jones for a possible inclusion on Jones’ landmark album The Dude.
Mint Condition is an R&B band formed in the late ‘80s, comprising of lead singer Stokley Williams, bassist Ricky Kinchen, guitarist Homer O’Dell, pianist Larry Waddell and keyboardist/saxophonist Jeffrey Allen.
James Taylor, founding member of the infamous group The Prisoners formed The James Taylor Quartet, often referred to as JTQ. JTQ’s first single in 1985, “Blow Up” was a huge success appearing on the Festive 50 Chart for three years running.
At the ripe old age of 21, James Morrison became an overnight sensation in the UK with the release of his debut album, Undiscovered, which wasted little time going platinum across the British Isles after it was released in the summer of 2006.
Muhammad Taufik bin Batisah, the winner of the very first season of Singapore Idol. The lad of mixed Indonesian and Indian descent, attended a local primary school and polytechnic in Singapore .
Dubbed the clowns of the Indonesian music industry, this sextet comprising of 5 guys and a girl deriving from a comedy group known as ‘Padhyangan,’ have managed to turn almost every song they perform into a side-splitting experience for listeners.
Gary “Lil G” Jenkins dipped his fingers in music from as young as seven years old by singing in church. From there he started mastering instruments with the tally reaching a total of 14 instruments, most of which were self-taught.
Rick Price is one of Australia ’s most accredited singer/songwriters with his trademark singles, “Not A Day Goes By,” “Walk Away Renee,” and “Heaven Knows.”
It’s hard to find a cosmetic surgeon that gets down and funky these days but some will drop the scalpel for a microphone when the feeling’s right.
Adibah Noor • Hazami • Dina • Mark Douglas • Anuar Zain • Camelia • Jaclyn Victor • Azan (Ruffedge) • Lah (VE) • Nikki • Mode • Dayang Nurfaizah • Maliq & D’ Essentials • Noryn Aziz • Joe Flizzow • Hannah Tan • Zainal Abidin • One Buck Short • Akademi Fantasia Talents • Malaysia Troupe • Troupe • Japan Troupe • China Troupe • Cambodia Troupe • New Zealand Troupe.
For more info: http://www.lnlkl.com
The Masquerade

The Event Studio presents a Bachelors party “The Masquerade” for all the singles in town, to indulge yourself to an evening of mysterious splendor and enchantment. Get lost in a mystical dance of fire, lets the belly dancers hypnotize you with the sway of their hips, marvel at the wonders of the snake charmers and trapeze performers and discover what lies ahead of you for the evening by our Tarot Card Reader. All this magic is predicted to happen on the 28th of November 2007.
However, our party is promoted to corporate company, single organization, hip and trendy café in town. To makes this party has all variety of profession coming in different industry networking under the same roof.
Besides, we have invited Freda, the famous emcee (From Boom Boom Room Penang/KL) and Eric Chung, an experience magician which have more than 8years experience doing magic in Malaysia and Australia to serve you all night.
This event is joint partner with CSC Network which it located in “Golden Triangle” in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and it also the most successful match maker in town, they have more than 11 years history and experience in match making, and successful rate is 80% and they have the widest network around the region. CSC network believe in understanding the clients need and tailored make program for individual in finding ideal partner walk right into the arms of their perfect match.
Halo Café, is one of our tight up ticketing outlet for our event, and it also a café that concentrate in building globalize Chinese musical kingdom in Malaysia, their daily mission which include excellent food and beverage, customer services, lifestyle, discover local talented artist and music event. Halo café have 9 outlets in Malaysia, which located in the capital of Malaysia states.
We are offering a package of 1 Mask and 1 drink per patron and as for VIP they will be entitled to 2 drinks and 1 mask to enjoy a mysterious ambience and mingle around. The pre-sale ticket would be RM55, door price RM65 and VIP RM120. Ladies and Gents for more info please log on to www.theventstudio.blogspot.com or call up 03-78428070.
Quench Your Curiosity and Let Your Soul Be Stirred!

Unleash your soul to the nourishing play of DJ Najee’s impressive music quality and energetic vitality. DJ Najee is set to rule with the sounds of funk at the 4th Johnnie Walker® – The Knowledge, in association with JUICE. Rocking the sounds of James Brown / Sly and the Family Stone / George Clinton / The Meters / Kool and the Gang, this man has a reputation for exploring only the finest music repertoire.
Funk with DJ Najee at Qba, Westin Kuala Lumpur on November 7, 2007 from 10.00pm till closing. Free entry to all, no cover charge, cool door gifts for the first 100 to arrive plus 2 free drinks of JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL® GODFATHER cocktail.
Register at www.blackcircuit.com.my for your exclusive invite.
Note: Entry is restricted to patrons aged 18 years and above only. Club rules apply.
Return of the HARDSTYLE @ Baze Club

Year End Party 2007 presented by [X]oun[D]reaMz
Lastly, something for the kids in December 2007.

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DAVE SEAMAN LIVE @ ZOUK CLUB, Therapy Sessions Vol:4 Official Launch – 30 November 2007

Black Eyed Peas @ Genting Highlands – 27.10.2007

Two weeks ago..
ivN: Rave?? Still young meh!!
ivN: By the way, anyone going to Black Eyed Peas concert??
Me: Concert?? Concerts are for school kids la!!! wahahaha!!
Then few days later, I received a call from A..
Hence, begins my journey to Genting Highlands to watch Black eye piss.
It was held at the Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands. Arena of Stars is a musical amphitheatre located at the outdoor theme park of Genting Highlands. It has hosted many concerts for famous western and eastern artistes such as Michael Learns to Rock, Sally Yeh, Sammi Cheng and so on.
Kenny and Sui Lin were going too hence we hitched a ride from them. Many thanks.
The amphitheatre wasn’t filled to the brink though. At least 10% of the hall was empty. It was quite surprising as I though such international act would fill a hall easily.
Before the show started, a moment of silent was held for the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong (fondly known as Uncle Lim), the founder of Genting Highlands who passed away after a short illness on 23 October 2007.

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A Year and a Half

I was just wondering to a friend yesterday that despite my never ending advice and firsthand relationship experience stories, perhaps, just maybe i am not that wise after all.

They tell me their stories and together we’d wonder about the best possible solutions. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly have no idea why they’d seek my advice, because, come to think of it, I’m not so experienced after all.

Firstly, my longest relationship lasted a year and a half. So who am I to advise on the secrets of maintaining a wonderful relationship that goes beyond 2 years?

Secondly, I’ve never been married before. So who am I to suggest to people how to keep their relationship happy and exciting?

Thirdly, just because I’ve dated a million men and had more than 50 over relationships doesn’t make me a pro. (NB. Highly exaggerated!)

I can only give tips on how to maintain long-distance relationships, just for the fact that I have been in several. How tough it can be and how much dedication one must put in the commitment and compromise. But that’s about it.

I have opinion what amounts to cheating on your partner, and have ruled that flirting is not one of them, IF it’s only verbal flirting. No touchy-feely, of course. But this is because I have a tendency of flirting with attractive male who flirt with me, and that’s about it. ;P (Hey, I know my limits!)

What am I raving on and on about on a Sunday, you ask me?

Because I’m worried that this current relationship I’m having, which is fantastic, by the way, doesn’t go beyond a year and a half.

Especially when I know that I want to keep him for good.

Upin dan Ipin – Malaysian Animation

I recently watched this excellent Malaysian animation ‘Upin dan Ipin’ on Youtube. The recent series of this animation is about twin brothers Upin and Ipin and his gang going through the Muslim fasting month.
The Upin and Ipin series around 5 minutes and there are only 6 episodes which are shown every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on TV9 (Malaysia) throughout Ramadan in 2007.
Not bad for a Malaysian made animation. Check it out!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6
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Where is Fank @ Farouk???

It’s been a while since frank_omatic‘s last post here, that I’ve realised I’ve been missing him oh so dreadfully all along! Yup, it got me thinking that I’ve been slack with blogging (and have to endure scolding from xes) because I MISS FRANK_OMATIC!


What a revelation!

So I hunted around for past pictures of frank_omatic, only to come across our own version of ‘Where’s Wally’. HAHAHAHAHA!

It got me laughing again!

I tried my hand at it, but definitely can’t beat xes‘!

xes-search4fank.jpgI’m bad at photoshopping. ;D