Chap Goh Mei 2007

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Below is the 3rd clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
There are two words to watch out for in this clue. On Tuesday’s The Star, 6 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page B7
* Detect article: What if there’s a climate change in Kuala Lumpur?
* 5th paragraph, 3rd line
* The 1st word: 5th paragraph, 3rd line, rhymes with “cover”
* The 2nd word: Name the place where this news took place.
4th March 2007 marks Chap Goh Mei. Chap Goh Mei means the 15th night of Chinese New Year. Various activities are planned to mark this very traditional occasion and one of them is the orange/tangerine throwing ceremony.
In the past, Chap Goh Meh was one of the few occasions where eligible young ladies, transformed into scorching beauties, were allowed out from the confines of their homes. Eager gentlemen could only admire longingly at all the passing beauties, as the lovely ladies were always accompanied by an entourage of the fiercest looking aunts and amahs (servants)! These young maidens (and spinsters) would throw oranges into the sea as a gesture of hope to wed good husbands. To keep this quaint tradition alive in modern times, orange throwing has transmogrified into a competition of sorts, where oranges thrown into the sea by girls (single or otherwise) would be scooped up by boys in boats. The boat with most oranges would be declared the winner. (Soure:
For the past 26 years, I’ve never been to such ceremony. However, Ping, Yap and I heard that such ceremony is held every year at one small lake at Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
In keeping with the tradition, I have got hold of one banana from my Dad’s fruit basket.

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Wah Bird

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Below is the 2nd clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
On Monday’s The Star, 5 March 2007…..
* Flip to Page B12.
* Would you rather be in bed to________?
* 3rdColumn, 2nd line.
* The word shares the same meaning with “acceleration”.
My sister took these photos while she was on holiday in home town…

white bird1.jpg
rare looking bird in my hometown

white bird2.jpg
I think it’s from a circus

P.S. Just in case, you people wonder why my housing area got so many satellite dishes. Well, that’s because i live in Houston, Sibu, Sarawak.

DJ Anatta – Feb 2007 Mix – ‘Just a phase’

Sharon Dilirius @ DJ Anatta has release a new mix!
According to DJ Anatta

    ‘Phase’ is something that came out of the latest obsession with deep funk sounds that I have grew to like for the past months or so. But there’s an unexpected turn towards the end of the set as well. Cheeky and a tad edgy. Definitely not for the ‘boomchit-boomchit-180bpm’ lovers – no pun intended.

DJ Anatta’s Official Website @

Valentine dedication through

Recently, I listened to one radio station which has a section that lets listeners dedicate love songs to their love ones. As rightly pointed out by bimbobum, song dedications are romantic. But the chance of one being able to dedicate a song on air is like striking lottery. First, one has to get through the radio station’s busy phone lines, which is almost impossible!
Therefore, I’ve come out with a suggestion. Why not dedicate your song through To me, blogs are the newest form of mass media. Their reach is taking the world population by millions.
Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I propose to all readers to email me their dedications. In your dedication, please let me have the following information:
(1) Your Name
(2) The name of the person(s) that you are dedicating the song to
(3) Your Message
(4) The song
On 14.2.2007, I will post an entry publishing all dedications.
For example:-
From: A
To: B
Message: This song is for you, B. (Picture may be inserted here)
Song: Morris Albert – Feelings –

As for the song, you can either give me the artist and the title of the song or the link of the song from any websites [e.g.]
Few of my friends have already made their booking. 😀
Email me @ or msg me on MSN.


Lately, my work has been stressing me out. I couldn’t sleep well, I had pimples popping out overnight like mushrooms , lost some weight and I lose my temper easily.
There was one incident where I lost my temper badly. I had to pick Sam up from her place. Before entering into her housing area, I had to go through a guard house. I was stopped at the guard house and one of the guards asked me where I am going.
Me: pick up a friend.
Guard: What is you friend’s address?
Me: Er, lupa (forgot) but it’s over there.
Guard: you go call your friend now for her address
I got pissed off with his tone of his voice and I replied,
There was another car behind me. As such, they ordered me to park on the side on the road to let the car behind me pass.
Instead of stopping, I speeded off and headed Sam’s house. After picking Sam up, a speeding motorcyclist was horning behind me. It was one of the guards I wind down my window and he then started shouting at me. I then shouted back
“SAYA DAH KATA SAYA TAK MAU TUNGGU!!” (I’ve told you that I’m not waiting!”
And then I sped off. Sometimes, although they are doing their job, these guards piss me off beyond belief.

Debt Collection Agencies in Malaysia

Lately, I’ve been receiving numerous letters from one company by the name of Ztrade Sdn Bhd (note: name has been changed). The letters were addressed to one Nian Aik Sdn Bhd and one Chua Choo Lam, both whose address is almost similar to my current address.
Prior to this, I’ve received one letter from the Registrar of Companies regarding Nian Aik Sdn Bhd. I’ve no idea who or what Nian Aik Sdn Bhd and Chua Choo Lam are and as such, I’ve written to the Registrar of Companies explaining that I’ve no idea who these people are.
So, since I’ve been receiving letters addressing to Nian Aik Sdn Bhd, I decided to look at its contents to see whether this Nian Aik Sdn Bhd is causing further problems.

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