Michelle’s Birthday 2002

Things haven’t been working well for me. Today, I bought a 5 satellites speaker for discounted price of £70. It sounds good and value for money but the only problem is my laptop doesn’t support it! The speaker requires 3 plug in sockets and all I have is just one. Therefore, only 2 of the satellites could run while the others doesn’t play at all because the cable couldn’t be plug into the laptop.

I went to Michelle’s birthday dinner at Orleans later at night. Her birthday is tomorrow but somehow we’re celebrating it today. Once again, the steak I ordered came out the way it wasn’t suppose to be. I ordered medium rare but instead they gave me an over cooked one. I complained to the waiter and all of a sudden, he ran to the other end of the table and got me a medium rare one. It was Frederick’s steak and it seemed that both of our steaks were given wrongly. To add insult to injury, Frederick eaten half of the steak already!

Many people turned out for Michelle’s dinner. 5 to 6 tables had to be combined to accommodate everybody. As usual, there were photo sessions, cake cutting and eating session and finally Michelle’s free shot of liquor. As usual again Michelle was in a state of comatose as soon as she arrived home.
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Mai Shiranui
Iori Yagami
Iori Yagami 2

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belated bdayyy

I woke up with a stiff neck today. Don’t know why but I think I slept too much.

Chin called me to wish me Happy birthday. It’s been a while ever since I talked to him. We chatted for a while and did a little bit of catching up.

Melody and I had dinner at Opus Bistro in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar. It’s pretty posh. The place is decorated ala Bali style with sofas and small fountains. They even had sketches hung on the wall for sale (not cheap, RM2000+ for a piece) I ordered a T bone steak with garlic sauce. According to the menu, the meat was specially flown from New Zealand. Bullshit, probably they got it from the market nearby. However, the steak was amazingly huge and it tasted good! Despite the humongous size of the steak, I wanted to have dessert (yes, I gained weight, aiii) We asked for the menu and chatted a bit. Suddenly, the waiters were singing the birthday song and the lights begin to dim. I was thinking who the heck is having a birthday a day after mine. As I turn, the waiter was holding a birthday cake saying “Happy 21st Birthday Babi! *muax*” They were heading towards me. It was a surprise for me from Melody. I was so surprised that all I did was just smile and smile. I made a wish, blew the candles, took the candles off using my teeth and ate a slice of the Chocolate Cheesecake. We were full till we couldn’t finish our cake. We decided to cut the remaining cake into half and gave it to the waiters. Initially I wanted to divide the cake to everyone in the restaurant but there wasn’t enough for everyone and Melody wanted to keep some for her cousin and mum. We decided to give it to the waiters for doing a good job surprising me.

I quote myself, “Alcohol had been giving me memorable memories” and also embarrassing ones of course. Last year, when my Sheffield classmates and I were drinking during my birthday in Tapton Hall, I got very drunk. I couldn’t even see and walk properly. I rested in the lobby with my not so drunken friends and some strangers. There were 2 girls sitting next to me and they were chatting with me. I spoke to the one next to me and after a while, i asked her for her name. She answered “Doris”. As I was about to speak, the girl next to Doris shouted, “She’s my mother!” Embarrassingly shocked and surprised, I opened my eyes widely and saw an elderly Chinese lady sitting next to me.

21st birthday

Wishes started pouring in after the clock hits 12am. Thanks everybody, you guys made my day! I?ve been getting loads of calls and messages through the whole day until I lost count the amount of people who called.

My mates from Brisbane were the first few who called to wish me. Jin Han and Kiang even sang a song for me while Umeng and Soon Loong wished me on the phone. Thanks guys, you guys are the best! Him called me personally later in the afternoon to wish me again. I remembered I called him last year to wish him.

I?ve been throwing parties for my birthday almost every year. But this year, it?s a quiet one. All I did was just watch a movie, have dinner with my parents and Melody and spend the whole night at home watching VCD with Melody. Last year, my Sheffield Uni mates got together in my hall and got drunk. 2 years ago, my friends came over to my house and got drunk again. 3 years ago, my friends were drunk too and 4 years ago, I guess we were drunk again. However, this year, it was totally alcohol free. It was good, alcohol is bad for me but it had been giving me memorable memories.

My mum gave me an angpow and a gold ?key?. The ?key? symbolises the freedom that I will be given. My key has a flower engraved in the middle with the number 21 on the end. Melody on the other hand gave me a box full of things. It has my favourite snacks, books and an engraved picture of us on a key chain. Her mum gave me a present too. She gave me 2 novels and a portable charger (cool thing, it charges with a 9 volt battery!) The first item I got was from Guo Xin (my tenant from China), she gave me a fluffy duckie. Hehe

My parents wanted to have dinner in Klang in conjunction with my birthday. However, dad requested me to come back early so that he doesn?t need to drive at night (his eyesight is poor at night). Unfortunately, Melody and I couldn?t get a taxi and we had to wait. We reached home about 7:30PM and my parents decided not to eat in Klang anymore. *sigh* I was so looking forward for it. We ended up having dinner at our usual restaurant again.

I?m not saying that it was a boring birthday. It was great. I?m glad my parents and Melody were here to celebrate it with me.

blue ice (1:00 AM) :
happy bday 2 u

StAr`StAr (1:40 AM) :
happy birthday to u first!
gif u a big kiss!!!

happy bday to nia mah bbb oso…:)

happy birthday for monday! also happy mid-autumn festival ^_^


Gillian Chung’s Birthday

It’s Gillian’s birthday today.
My Sheffield Uni mates and I had a birthday dinner at Madam Kwan, KLCC. The restaurant, Madam Kwan offers local food at an outrages price! Chicken rice for RM15! It normally cost RM3! But oh well, it’s for the services and stuff.
Most of my friends are working in a law firm now. They were telling us how their work is like and whom are they working for. The scariest parts are they have to handle cases by themselves and even handle clients themselves!
I’m planning to work in a law firm this September and fuck, they expect me to do this!? Furthermore, most of them are not paid at all and yet they work like a dog!

Alan Teo’s Birthday 2001

  • It’s Alan Teo‘s birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • We had Alan‘s birthday dinner at some Indian restaurant at Glossop Rd. It’s a pretty nice place. They decorated the place something like a high-class restaurant. However, the vitiating problem is the prices. I had a plate of rice with 3 pieces of meat, couple of shrimps and a spoonful of spinach that cost me £8!! After dinner, we went to the union’s bar and had couple of drinks. Nothing much happen, we didn’t get Alan drunk. hehe
  • I lost £5 to Juleun just now! We had a bet on who is going to win the drinking contest between halls. I sided Tapton hall and Juleun supported Ranmoor. The hall that gets the best position wins. It seems that Ranmoor won the 2nd place and Stevenson hall won again for 50 consecutive years!
  • I just found out that my server has been hacked. I even found the backdoor and files left by the hacker. I guess they hacked by exploiting ssh 1.2-47. shesh, and yet the admin hasn’t fix the fucking server yet!