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My 22nd birthday! The red lobster surrounded by hot chicks and protected by gay men πŸ˜€

My 22nd Birthday
12AM was a little bit quiet. I was expecting phone calls and text messages. However, at 12AM, there were none so I decided sleep. An hour later, while I was soundly asleep, messages and phone calls kept on coming.

Sui Lin, Cris, Ben, Yu Ann, Irene, Sow, Leonard, Gavin, Wen Dee, Wei Chen, Zing and Faith celebrated my birthday at Souled Out last night. After uncountable mugs of beer, a flaming Lamborghini (a present from Sui Lin) and ended with Graveyard, I was so, so fucked. Every thing seems so blur then and I vomited many times. Thank you Sow for trying to bring me down!

I don?t really remember what happened last night. All I could remember is bits and pieces of it. I could still remember the tiramisu cake my friends bought for me with the word Happy birthday Cheng HAI on it. I was told that it was really expensive. Unfortunately, I didn?t manage to finish my cake, as I was too fucked.

Another part I remember is Sow dancing with the Souled Out staff. The staff was performing some sort of line dancing and Sow joined in, on the condition that I will have to down a Graveyard with him.

By the end of the night, I was so fucked. Zing had to fetch me home with my car while Wei Chen?s car and Faith followed.

Thank you everybody for last night! Thank you for the cake, the alcohol, your presence and a terrible hangover!

* video hosted by Melvin! More to come!

Birthday wishes!
Cris ? 00:17AM
Happy bday fucker!

EngKeat ? 00:32AM
Happy bday mr leong.

Guo Xin ? 1:11AM
Am I the first one who says happy birthday t u? I guess not bcos I just over slept? Is 2day ur birthday? Ur gift is on ur door, hope u will find it l8ter.

Wendee ? 1:09AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONG!!! May all ur wishes come through! Yes, I will pray tat u get a double-D chick to hump u real soon! =D Hehe take care ah boy =D

Khai Fei ? 2:45AM
PpBoy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY wei..hehe, all the best the whole year and may ur wish come true which is passin CLP n a chick to b wit leh..haha

Sui Lin ? 2:43AM
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Weichen ? 2:35AM
Hey sohai happy birthday

M λ  u (5:47 AM) :
Bday today?

HappY birthday Ah Xes!

Smiley Face (1:01 AM) :
happy bday man

sowdog says:
btw happy birthday fucker

dEv|LiShbAbY? …till Death do Us Part says:
haPpy birThday firSt!! *mwah*

selamat hari jadi…
not sure how to spell…lol..
anyways wish u the best and enjoy ur birthday ya!!
get drunk and rawks!!

ForceZOne (5:46 PM) :
happy birthday to you pal..

sammie (5:38 PM) :
happy birthdayyy to youu
happy birthday to youuuu
happy birthday to cheng leongggggg
happy birthday to youu youu youuuu

hahahaa….a virtual birthday song will do?
hehee have a great day! πŸ™‚

J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :
yoooo…. happy bday…xes maniac!
J3di Knight (2:30 PM) :

s u c h e e n (12:36 AM) :
happy birthday cheng leong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hope this birthday will be a fun & memorable one for you!!!
will see you at the end of the year….take care ya friend!!

deviLish (5:39 PM) :
harpee burfday to u…
ehh..cannot log in to ur website wan!?!

GavinTan says:
happy birthday fag

Lai Kin – 9:53AM
happy birthday

Ben – 4:57PM
Eh fakka happy birthday ah. yesterday phone no battery to wish you. sorry. just woke up see you tonight man

Melvin ? 9:18PM
Eh sorhai! Melvin here… Happy birthday dude! Dont so vulgar la ok? Hehe have a great day..

Shee Yee – 4:31PM
Sexson!funkiss ere!i wann wish u ‘Happy Birthday’!gettin old,huh?anway, enjoy ur day!take care!!

+???~? rAξŽ₯ ?~???+ (6:28 PM) :

Jessie 8:35PM
HAPPY BDAY!! cant make it 2nite! Hvnt get m car yet coz it?s still not done n got stuck at home wif my dad! I?m really sorry. HV A GRET BDAY tho! J

# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
# pea_ass # (6:24 PM) :
hapy bday
# pea_ass # (6:25 PM) :
lotsa muaxxxx

x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
cheng leong!! happy bday!
x ((*?`?.??.?*)) x (5:53 PM) :
oops, i mean dicky :”D

SchizoPhrenic (6:49 PM) :
happy bday wor lengchai


Infusion @ Atmosphere

Kent Clubbers held a free party for all its members and their guest. I was told that they were giving out free finger food and free booze plus liquor. I guess that?s what everybody heard since there were loads of people. The free food was good especially the cheesecake. However, we were cheated, instead of free booze plus liquor, they gave out free Pepsi Blue. We had to buy our own liquor! But never mind, the food was good and their performances were good too.

The music went good to bad and then bad to worst. Infusion sucks. Infusion is made up of 3 DJS. They?re actually a band as one of them sang the vocals.

The crowd was good, loads of pretty people. I bet Ryan the gay magnet got picked up by gay men again. Hehe. However, towards the end of the night, the club was pack, so pack that I couldn?t stand still on the same place for 5 seconds as people keep on pushing me.

I stood straight with my arms folded staring at the DJ console. Then suddenly, a cute petite girl came to me,
Hi, excuse me. Are you taking care of your girlfriend now? (Referring to the girls standing on the podium)
Me: Oh no, I’m looking at the DJs now.
(In a flirty tone and cute face) ohh, you’re not dancing? Can you please move over a little so I can dance? (Well she didn?t exactly said that but it was something like that)
Me: ….
Me: okay sure no problem!

Well, I could have continued our conversation but I was too shy. Damn, there goes another cute girl. Well, if I were to continue the conversation, I?ll just initiate an innocent conversation. But according to Dion, I should have said, “well I’ve been looking for a girl to dance with. Do you mind?” Ha ha. I might as well say, “Hey is your father a terrorist? Cause you are the bomb!!!”

Pictures @ Sui Sui‘s website

atmosphere for meng’s bday

Sui Lin, Irene, Cris, Ben and I headed to Atmosphere for Yit Meng’s birthday. He opened 6 bottles of whisky! However, Meng couldn?t bring us in and we had to fork out our own money to get in. The KCC (KENT clubbers) members paid RM20 while, non-KCC members like me, pay RM40. Fuck up KCC, they kicked me out from the club cause I’m not a smoker. Ha ha.

Music was so-so. I thought the Japanese DJ was going to play hard techno for us but it was too slow for me. I want to fengtau!! (Fengtau = a typical Malaysian Ah Beng dance that involves shaking the head non-stop)

Anyway, Hi Eraine, Did you enjoy yourself just now? πŸ˜€ Oh yeah, Hi Ben and Nigel, nice meeting you guys πŸ˜€ oooohh..not forgetting horny fai, nexus, wheimeng, ccl, tmt and err..fuck it, bumped into too many people .

Meng was almost gone by 2AM. He was running away from his friends and took refuge at our place. My god, he was like a drunken chick, running around hugging people. I bet he doesn?t remember what he did, the next morning.

Alright, I got to sleep now. I have to get out from the house at 7:20AM to play football. Good night everyone.

Pictures courtesy of Sui Lin

Genting Rave – 16.8.2003

Sui Lin, Ryan, Cris and I reached Sui Lin?s apartment (located on the foothill of Genting Highlands) about 6PM. We unpacked our bags and goodies, watched a Malay army show on a 20 year old television (it has only one channel hence we were forced to watch it. Surprisingly, the 20 year old box still has power to glue our eyes on it even though the screen was all fuzzy) and change. We lamed around in the apartment for an hour or so before we headed to Genting to have dinner (fast food again).

Cris had free ticket. I couldn?t get my free ticket from a friend so Ryan and I ended up buying the RM50 ticket. Sui Lin was waiting for Rueben for her free ticket but we had to wait for Rueben for couple of hours at Starbucks. Gavin came with his parents and sister and he had couple of VIP passes. Goddamn it, if I knew earlier, I wouldn?t have bought the RM50 tickets. Anyway, the VIP passes come with a tag with the word VIP on it and VIPs are entitled to free flow of beer on a special tent with security guards guarding the entrance. We got our share of free flow beer as Gavin?s dad helped us to get into the VIP area. Thanks Gavin πŸ˜€

At the beginning, the music sucks ass. The DJs were playing house music and lousy tribal break beats. Someone please shoot the deejays please. To add salt on wound, a friend of mine came over and said, ?eh, I saw your ex girlfriend just now, she has a new boyfriend eh?? What the fuck man..

Soon it started to drizzle. I was well prepared as I brought my trusty Sheffield Uni Muay Thai Club hoodie jacket along. The light rain didn?t dampen the clubbers? spirit and we raved under the rain. However, the rain got heavier and people scrambled into the tents.

As soon as heavy rain stops, we were back on the dance floor again. No doubt there was another exhibition of Melbourne Shuffle again. The scene is getting bigger again. During Melbourne Shuffle?s early days in Malaysia, shufflers were predominately Chinese. But now, there were a handful of Malay shufflers. My dream of making Melbourne Shuffle popular in KL came true!

Anyway, there were couple of late minute appearance of my fellow friends. Irene, Big Ben, Melvin and Sow came at the right time. Right time = raining heavily and lousy music. Ohh yeah I bet Big Ben loves Genting even more now!

We left the place about 5:30AM (party ends at 6AM). We were all tired, drenched and hungry and our feet were at the verge of falling off. Instead of heading back to Sui Lin?s apartment to sleep till late afternoon, we had to wake up early cause Sui Lin has catwalk practice in the afternoon.

Initially we planned to head home immediately but in the end we decided to sleep for couple of hours. Even though it?s only couple of hours, we woke up feeling much, much better. Oh yeah, Cris fingered Ryan while Ryan was sleeping. Ha ha. *private joke*

Pictures and video courtesy of Sui Lin

(L-R) CL, Cris, Sui Lin & Ryan

Me & Sui Lin

EisHin_X & Sui Lin *hehehe*

Liquid popping video @ Genting Rave

More pictures at Sui Lin‘s website

clubbing for 3 days in a row :D

Thursday = Tech-circuit, Atmosphere
Friday = Jungle Jerry’s attempt to set Malaysian’s spinning record, Atmosphere
Saturday = Regenerate, Emporium

I got into Regenerate for free. Well, the first 200 patrons get free entry but unfortunately I was the number 201 patron. God damn it! However, Jia Nee and Cris had a little plot. Jia Nee and I exchanged entry hand band while Jia Nee claims for a Media pass to get in. However, it didn’t work cause Jia Nee’s name wasn?t on the media list. However again, I was already inside Emporium using the entry hand band. I passed the entry hand band to Cris so that he could pass it to back Jia Nee. It worked! 3 of us got inside for free!

The music was good but the atmosphere wasn?t so good. It was pretty boring.

Okay, I think I’m off the clubbing scene till the 16th August, Genting Highland rave.

Btw, Happy Birthday Facky πŸ˜€

Euww… This morning, Dad found a kitten’s head under the table. Apparently, it was bitten off by some animal. It couldn’t be the mother of the kitten cause it’s mouth is too small. We suspected it was the neighbour’s dog who occasionally runs into our compound. May the kitten rest in peaaceeee…amennn

Ops… news update! Apparently the kitten wasn’t killed by my neighbour’s dog but was killed by it’s own mother. My tenant saw the mother killing it’s own child. :/

Frank’s birthday dinner

It has been a tradition to sabotage Frank on his birthday. We smashed Frank?s face onto his birthday cake during our first year in Uni. Last year, a group of people ambushed Frank at his hall with eggs and flour for 2 consecutive days. He took a bath after being ambushed, but he was immediately attacked once he got out from the bathroom. And this year, we had a plan; CM. HC and Fred will bring Frank for dinner, while Chee Feng and I will prepare eggs and flour mixed with water. Then the scenario would be, Frank waiting outside the front door for someone to open the door, and then Chee Feng will then pour the flour mixture at him while I attack him from above with eggs.

Unfortunately, it didn?t work out as we planned. Frank didn?t wait outside at the main door but instead he got into the house. However, he got out after being tricked into going to a strip club. Once he got out from the house, we attacked him with eggs and flour mixture at him but it was for a short period. He got angry and swore at us and complained that we dirtied his best jacket. We stopped immediately and Fred had to send Frank home.

And today, 23 people turned up for Frank?s birthday dinner at Oriental buffer today. All you can eat for 7.65pounds. Frank was so happy πŸ˜€

It’s been a while since I checked my guestbook, shoutouts to:
Irene of
Sui Lin of

Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday

My faithful phone of 2 years, has finally gave in. The screen is now totally blank. I can’t read text messages or even recheck the number I dialled. And it even resulted to this,
Hello, hai pin tou?? (Where are you in Cantonese)
hello bzz bzz ffderhjwhjew (sound of a distorted line)
hey the reception is damn bad
(other party slams down the phone, I redialled)
?hai pin tou?? (where are you?)
(other party mumbles)
Hello Wai Keong hai tou mou?? (Is Wai Keong there?)
Wai Keong ah? Sei joor la! (Wai Keong? He’s dead!)
(other party slams down the phone again)

Sepang Rave 28 December 2002 Saturday
Finally, the long awaited rave, the Sepang F1 Circuit rave, has come. The preparation for it was a hectic one, loads of waiting and travelling. I had to carry the booze we bought yesterday (1 carton of beer, 1 bottle of vodka and 1 bottle of Bacardi Lemon) and borrow a Coleman from Jin Han to store our booze and ice.

I fetched Chin, jo5 and Justine to the rave. In return, Chin offered to pay all the toll charges. It cost him dearly.

For the first time, the security was tight. A body and bag check up is required. Cameras are not allowed (it could be a bomb?). I had to forgo my intention of bringing my camera in. However, we decided to smuggle it in. All we did was just standing next to an empty corner of the fence and pass it to the person standing on the other side.

The parking from the entrance was far. We had to walk for damn long to entrance. Chi, jo5 and Justine had to make 2 trips from the car to the entrance because the security refused to let them bring their camera in.

We were greeted with a huge area with white tents perched to sell tickets. KENT clubbers (KCC, that includes me) ticket holders had to line up to validate their tickets with their KENT clubbers card, identity and a packet of cigarettes (!??). Since I?m not a smoker, I had to borrow a cigarette and puff it in front of the KENT staff. It worked. I got my ticket validated!

While everybody was patiently queuing on the KCC ticket booth, the On-door ticket sale counter was virtually deserted. Malaysians are stingy to the max.

We bought too much drinks until we thought of opening our own stall in the car park to sell them away.

We were too pissed to finish all of them. We even had to give our beers away to Eishin to finish it. Boy, he surely drinks like a fish.

The place was huge, so huge that there?s enough space for everyone. Melbourne shufflers gather on the edge of the dance floor to shuffle. It?s amazing how the popularity of Melbourne Shuffle is resurrected once again. It was dead for couple of months and now it seems that it?s back on the dance floor again. Now even Malay ravers could shuffle. Yit Meng and I spoke to one of them. He seemed pretty friendly but all we did was just an exchange of name and smiles.

There were 2 main areas, area 6 and area 9. Each of them resembles a huge white tent and has rough cement floor (shuffling was hard). Big international DJS such as Sasha, John Acquaviva and Space DJs were the main attraction. However, I spent most of my time running around looking for my friends than dancing. It?s amazing how a person could disappear in a crowd within seconds.

Some of my friends left early. Hen was sick while the others were too tired. All that was left were Ping Sheong, the girls and I. We took break from the dance floor and boozed in the car park for an hour. But yet we still couldn?t finish everything.

We left the place as soon as the rave closes down at 6am. Driving back was chaotic and hectic as my body were on the verge of shutting down. Thank god we got home in one piece.

Sam’s birthday

It’s Samantha?s 21st birthday today. As usual, we had birthday dinner at Mei’s Chinese restaurant. It was good. 20 people turned up.

I had a mild hangover this morning. No idea why, I wasn?t seriously pissed last night. Darn, it was giving me a headache whole day. I couldn?t study at all.

Cold, cold weather. Absolutely chilling. According to the weather forecast, it?s about 2 degrees Celsius but it sure feels like ?4 degrees Celsius. Most people on the streets wore beanies and gloves. I myself had to wear 2 layers of clothing and a beanie.

Despite the cold weather, it didn?t stop a small group of people protesting outside Firth Court. They lighted up a lot of candles around them, held banners saying ?Animal have rights too? and ?Sheffield University Animal Laboratory?. They were handing out flyers with ugly pictures of mutated animals.

Alan Teo’s Birthday

I went to Alan Teo’s house to celebrate his birthday. As usual, there was plenty of booze. Alan was already drunk by the time I reached his place. Everyone seems to be forcing him to drink everything in sight.

Surprisingly, JuLeun was there. It’s been weeks since I saw him. We chatted and caught up with each other. He told me that he went to Amsterdam again but this time with his girlfriend. Both of them were smoking weed all night long.

Ju Leun told me that Carl and Alex were no longer studying in Nottingham Uni. Carl is back in Malaysia working after dropping out from Nottingham Uni. It’s the second time he dropped out from Law school. Alex on the other hand is back in Germany. He dropped out from Nottingham too, smart guy but no idea why he dropped out.
There weren’t many people in Alan’s house but it was sure noisy. They were forcing Alan and Allen to drink the whole night and in the end, Alan and Allen tried escaping the torturous mob by running away from the house. Unfortunately, they were caught and the mob barricaded the house to prevent Alan and Allen from escaping.

Khai Fei’s Birthday 2002

We had a little birthday celebration for Khai Fei at Fridays. About 15 of us, took a 15 minutes cab ride to Thank God It’s Fridays just to celebrate Khai Fei’s 21st birthday. The food is outrageously expensive but their drinks were good. I had this 12 oz steak, which I ordered medium rare. Chi Der ordered the same thing too but he wanted it rare. After the food is served and while we were happily eating it, we found out that our steaks has been mixed up. One of my steaks is rare while Chii Der’s other half was medium rare.

We made Khai Fei drank a lot. Frederick bought him a bottle of Champagne and Yong Chun and gang bought him a glass of vodka lime. As soon as we reached home, Charles made him few glasses of blue lagoon. We kept forcing him to drink more and soon, right after he had his last shot of vodka, he headed straight to the toilet to puke.

I had 2 pints of beer throughout the night and felt tipsy. My threshold is getting lower and lower. I don’t like the feeling of being too drunk. Happily drunk is just perfectly fine but it happens rarely, most of the time when I drink, I’ll be fucked.

There were many occasions I was too drunk. I ended up puking everywhere namely Bangsar Alley (very memorable drinking session, 3 of my friends and I drank too much till we had to puke in the alley) and toilet bowls (my usual spot).

I gave Khai Fei a burned CD with some movies and pictures on it. Janet and her housemates gave him a FCUK sweater. There were many birthday wishes via phone calls for Khai Fei. Anyway, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY SIEWKHAIBEI!
11:50PMnote to Ben: FUCK U!!

The braids on the back of my head are falling off. I’ll make a trip down to the Saloon tomorrow afternoon to get it fixed. I feel like removing it but hell no! i just paid 20 quid for it! It should last at least 2 weeks!