Climbing @ Damai + Camp 5

In view that our climbing trip @ Krabi is just less than 2 weeks away, Anna, Edmund, Ping and I headed to Gua Damai, Batu Caves to refresh our memory on the safety procedures. Gua Damai was packed with climbers and we had problem selecting routes as most of the routes were occupied.

Wow, I didn’t know you can actually book the entire Gua Damai..



Guess what is this?

But we brought some kuih along and even set up a hammock to entertain ourselves.

Gua Damai also got guai lou..not bad, we’re turning into a mini Krabi!


GG-ed finger again.

After climbing 2 routes, it started to rain. Everyone ran helter-skelter. We had no choice but to adjourn our climbing session to Camp 5.

And we did more than climbing there..

Edmund = 60kgs ++

Anna = 48Kgs

Ping training to lift Anna up..

Climbing Accident – Part III

Due to an exhausting Saturday i.e. from Pushmore, Futsal and drinking, I had a hard time climbing on Sunday. While lead climbing a 6C route..

Me: I can do it!!
Belayer: YES U CAN!!
Me: aaaa rrr ggg hhhhh !!!!!! tuuuuunnaaasssiiinnggggg

I fell from the second bolt ended up scraping my arm on the rope.

Thereafter, I had some lovely white liquid oozing out from my wound. The pain started trickling in. This type of injury is quite common among climbers. We call it ‘rope burn’.

I read from somewhere that to treat minor rope burn injuries, the injured part should be placed under slowly running water and then covered with a clean, sterile, non-fluffy dressing.

But what I did was leaving it alone for few days. 2 weeks later, the wound was fully dried up and healed!

This entry serves as my third entry on climbing injury 😀 See

Climbing Accident – Part II

Climbing Accident – Part I

Gua Damai @ Batu Caves

On Sunday, Amos, Cris, Ping and I forced ourselves to wake up to head to Gua Damai to climb. Since Krabi is just 3 months away, Ping, Cris and I had to familiarize ourselves again.

Gua Damai has changed tremendously since we came last year in February. There’s a grand entrance to Gua Damai now – with pathways and huts built around the vicinity.

Pathway for wheelchairs/trolleys!

3 years ago, the place was like this.

The old houses around Batu Caves were demolished and at one part, a playground sits over one of the old houses.

3 years ago, a monkey and rubbish sat here

Pool with stairways

3 years ago, no stairways!

Perhaps the only thing that didn’t change is that the place is still infested with monkeys.

Monkey having McD

Unfortunately, it was bloody hot. We went home with sunburn. We had to come out with ingenious ways to avoid the sun. Umbrellas were very handy.

Umbrella boy

Bea’s new invention


We managed to top the “Monsoon” route (many rock climbing routes have names) – a long but easy route.

After topping 3 routes or so, we headed for lunch at Bintang 7 mamak.

Mmm..fulfilling lunch..

Last Summit Climbing Competition

Our playground of 6 years has finally called it quits. This was ended with a climbing competition dubbed “The last Summit Climbing Gym Competition”.

Free shirt for climbers!
It’s been a while since we saw the gym filled with people. For the past few months, it was only few groups of regulars are seen in the gym. Looks like everyone came to bid Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit Shopping Centre goodbye. It’s sad to leave this place.

Jangaaaan jattuuuhhh aaaa!

Score sheet – 20 routes to finish.

Fai – center of attention.

Tetek soon in the background and his “” bottle

Which 1 is bigger? Anna-Rina‘s camera? Anna-Rina‘s head? Anna-Rina‘s biceps?

Iguana pun ada

Street performance pun ada..

View from top!
I arrived just in time to catch the men’s open bouldering competition with Ms. Canness joining the men’s open because there was no women’s open bouldering competition. She managed to wallop half of the male contestants.

Canness – looks like someone just cum chalk all over all.
As for non contestants, like me, we wandered around catching up with other climbers who haven’t been to the gym for ages. Many came with their dSLR to take pictures. Some of us ended up playing chor tai tee.

After the men’s open competition ended, the wall was opened to the public for the dyno and campus competition.


[Credits to Lai]

Ping: Ha!

Ping: Hu!

The Summit Climbing Gym Crew
Anna-Rina, Bangxin and Fai managed to win themselves a medal. It came with a goodie bang with nice stuff.


Things you do with your medals..

Boohoo… [Credits to Anna-Rina]
With Nomad Climbing Gym closing its doors, we have no choice but to head to Camp 5 which charges an exorbitant amount for entry. Our alternative, Deltarovers gym, was destroyed in a fire last year. I pray that a new gym will come soon!

Rock Climbing in Perlis

End of this year, I’ll be off to Raileh Beach, Krabi, Thailand again to climb. I can’t wait!
400km from Kuala Lumpur, the state of Perlis was never known for their rock climbing activities. But last year, the Mammut expedition team set up climbing routes at Bukit Keteri and Gua Kelam. A video of the process can be seen below.

My palms!! My feeet!! They’re all wet!!
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Summit ROXX 2008 Climbing Competition

My one and only indoor climbing gym will be shifting to a new premise soon. With Nomad Climbing Gym gone for few months, the only choice we have is Camp 5 – which charges an exorbitant rate for entry. At the moment, Nomad Climbing Gym charges RM14 per entry while Camp 5 is RM25 per entry. I heard that Camp 5 will be raising their entry fee to RM28. It’s like paying cover for a club!! And club comes with a complimentary drink!!
To be fair to Camp 5, they have excellent facilities and a nice toilet for patrons to use. In Nomad Climbing Gym, they do not have their own toilet. We have to use the public toilet to wash up. I have to put my leg in to a basin to wash my feet.
Camp 5 hasn’t been on top of our favourite hangout place as there are many gym rules that we had to adhere to. In Nomad Climbing Gym, we can, among others, go topless and play silly games. In Camp 5, we gotta be prim and proper. Bloody Posers.
Nomad Climbing Gym has been my playground for the past 4 years. It’s sad to see it go.

No..Ping is not shoving the bottle up Mikey’s ass.

Taken from the guess the body part entry.

Mock err…credit card??
In conjunction with Nomad Climbing Gym’s departure from Summit Shopping Centre, they will be holding a climbing competition on the 10th of August 2008.

It starts at 10am and ends 6pm – 10am – 1pm is for top rope competition, while 2pm to 5pm is for bouldering. RM 10,000 worth of cash and prizes to be won. The categories are as follows:
– MEN Top Rope
– MEN Bouldering
– WOMEN Top Rope
– Novice TEAM event (3 pax mixed)
It’s a good chance to see Malaysia’s best climbers and bid Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit farewell.
More info @ Nomad Adventure Official Website

Climbing Accident

I had a little accident while bouldering. I was cleaning this simple route for n00bs. While on the last move, I took a plunge from the top and was sent crashing down the mattress. Unfortunately, there was a gap between the mattresses and my right feet slotted nicely into the gap.
In the process, I hit my heel on the floor.

Immediately after crashing down, all eyes were on me…
Few minutes later…
Me: argghhh…GG already…damn pain..

On the next day, I had limped my way to and back from Court.
I went to see my company doctor on my bruised heel. Doctor said I ruptured an blood vessel.

Me: Do you think I’ve broken something or fractured something?
Dr: Noo…if you did, you wont be able to walk here.. it will be extremely swollen..
Me: a matter of precaution, I think I should go and do xray..
Dr: Sure
Me: Can I do it here?
Dr: no but I will send you to another Clinic which is 5 minutes walk from here
Me: O_o I think I’ll pass, I don’t think I can walk there!!

[Edit: Day 3 = getting better!]

Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit

[Note: Nomad Climbing Gym is now closed]

Working out,..


Renoma watching someone climbing.



More butts!

Smelly Climbing Shoes (9/10 climbers dont wash their shoes often :P)

4.06B (4th Floor), The Summit Subang USJ,
Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1,
47600 UEP Subang Jaya,
Telephone: 603 8024 5152
Fax: 603 8024 1710