Smokin that stuff will make you hurt yourself, boy!

Harlow everybardy! Being away has been great but hell, I started to miss everybody in Watson 16 the moment I got into the taxi to the train station – and we haven’t even left Sheffield!! But we all had a wickedly good time and errr.. I am swearing off all shrooms – even them button ones now. I SWEAR. And heh.. we didn’t quite make it to the tulips and windmills. Anyway, I will leave Frank to tell you guys about Amsterdam, if he chooses to do so. 😉

The day we came back from Amsterdam, was also the day of our annual Dinner and Dance. I didn’t think any of us would survive the nite, but surprisingly, we all made it and danced all nite too – embarrassingly enough, to songs like the Macarena, Ketchup Song, Cheeky Girls and YMCA among others. Cheesy cheesy cheesy! But all good fun!!! 😀 Beautiful people everywhere, countless camera flashes and the abundance of fake smiles. The pretentiousness of some of these kinda nights sometimes left me going home feeling all empty. Yet, my table had the company that meant the most to me, and that makes it all worth it in the end. Mindy also gave a fabulous performance with the band and her words to the Watson 16 housemates before she started singing really left me, if not all of us, soooOooo touched. aRGhh.. I am getting sentimental about leaving this godforsaken country soon.. 🙁

And ahh yes, among other petty matters – after taking a picture hugging a certain friend at the DnD, apparently his girl has banned him from communicating with me ever again. And she is pretty pissed at me – so pissed that she got her fren to tell my fren to tell me that she was pissed with me. Riiiiigghhhtt. Grow up, girl… what is feeding your insecurities? The fact that you are playing the same goddamn game? Ahhh, I couldn’t give two rats ass anymore.. hope you two have a very nice life together and make many babies. That has to be one dysfunctional relationship if I have ever known of any.

Next time, I will stick to taking hugging pictures with SINGLE guys… no wait, I think I will just stick to hugging girls and see if any of them come back to me saying that their guys refuse to let them talk to me anymore. Yeap. That’s one helluva plan…


Leaving for amsterdam tomorrow

Phew! I’m no longer homeless! I just booked 2 rooms for my friends and I. It’s a 4 star hotel and I got 54% discount for it (booked it via internet). The location is convenient and strategic, as it is located opposite Central station and Dam Square.

Wen Dee, Frank and the rest are back in Sheffield from Amsterdam.

I’m leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow morning, see you guys on Sunday 😀

Amsterdam here I come!

Amsterdam here I come! I just booked my flight and train tickets today. It’s pretty cheap, all together for less than 100 pounds but the problem now is, I don’t have a place to stay. I was supposed to stay with a friend and her family but they couldn’t get a place for me. And to add salt to wound, she told me about it today. My god, I was panicking, 2 days is not enough for to settle everything. And now, I’m homeless in Amsterdam. I couldn’t find a place to stay online. My only solution is to go there and find a place. But it’s hard to find a single room at a cheap price and its peak season now hence most of the places are fully booked.

What’s the worst could happen? I guess it’s just me sleeping on Central train station. Despite the unpleasantness, it might be a good experience, well sort of (I’m just trying to be optimistic). A friend of mine once told me that his friends who went backpacking around Europe slept at parks to save money. However, there was once someone used a knife to cut open their bags and stole their belonging while they were sleeping. Fortunately, they bought insurance for it.

black undies

Ok, I swear I didnt steal them! hmm, Since Wen Dee has no more black undies and I somehow is hosting the Wen Dee’s fan club here, I propose that you (anyone) send Wen Dee black undies. Please send it to

Wen Dee’s Fan club,
16, Watson Road,
S10 2SD,
Sheffield, United Kingdom.

She would be very, very happy! However, please make sure.
1. You have not wore it before.
2. You didnt steal them from somewhere.
3. It’s new.
4. It’s still packed nicely in the box. All tempered packages will be discarded immediately.
5. Wen Dee or anyone blogging in this website, will not pay for those undies. It is for charity 😀

Misteri panties aku yang berwarna hitam…

Damnit, my one last black undie has disappeared along with the rest. Oiii whoever you are, give me back-ar!!! The little black undie is just as important as the little black dress!! Thieves, I tell you, THIEVES!!

Anyway, Siew Lee, Fred, Frank, Hun Chong, Jia Hui, Kin Han and I are going to Amsterdam tomorrow!!! Well, not technically, coz we are flying off at 6am, Saturday morning but we are taking the train to London tomorrow evening. wOoo HooOoo… Amsterdam… the city with the weed, mushrooms, porn, weed, porn, weed, porn, weed – but I swear, I am only going there for the Tulips and Windmills. Really-wan. 😀 (muaHAHhahHA)

Hope all goes well, I think a few of us in the group need time away from home to figure things out, while some need to spend some time together to see what good things you already have, but you are momentarily tempted away for now… You know who you are.

Have you ever been in a position where you know you really shouldn’t be… but you really can’t help yourself sometimes? You figured you had the will, but temptation takes over and you go home feeling like shit. Shit. You are screaming inside – Be sensible!!! You can hear yourself loud and clear but after a while, you tend to get use to playing Ignorance on your own. Then you talk to your friends about it and they tell you what you don’t want to hear – knowing fully well that they are perfectly right in every possible sense. Here’s where you start to play Denial… but this time, some friends will play along with you. By then, you would know who your real friends are. The true ones wouldn’t play that game with you.

I need a good knock on the head and maybe I would be able to open my eyes… coz maybe some things are just not meant to be.

Yeap.. Amsterdam would be a good time to get away from it all… see you guys when we get back on Tuesday!! And pray, we all come back in one piece – not literally, of course. 😀 Till then, take care!


Hit all those pins! Strike! Strike!

This entry is supposed to be posted on Wednesday but I was too tired to write it.

I went bowling today with Frederick, Chuo Ming, Hun Chong, Jonathan, Su Ween, Kai Fei, Janet and Michelle. That was the first time I ever played bowling in England. Fred, Hun Chong, Janet, Michelle and me played in one lane while the others played in the lane next to us. We all had fun there. I was a lousy bowler. I got the least points among all of the people. After bowling, Fred, Hun Chong and I joined Chii Der and Cindy for a movie at UGC while the rest went to KFC. We watched Shanghai Knights.

Movie Title: Shanghai Knights
Rating: 4/5
Synopsis: Jacky Chan went to London with his partner Owen Wilson, to find the murderer of Chan’s father and the stolen imperial seal.
Comment: Apart from Jacky Chan and Owen Wilson, Singapore actress, Fann Wong also starred in the show. Fann Wong is very pretty. After seeing Fann Wong on the big screen, I think Cindy resemble Fann Wong a bit (I hope Chii Der will not kill me when he sees this). The show is hilarious and the action is good. The best part of the show was when Fann Wong kicked Jack the Ripper into the river and said “You fucking loser”. Another good part was the scene when Fann Wong appeared in Owen Wilson’s Wet dream. She was hot and she licked Owen Wilson. Owen, you lucky bastard!

Today, I went bowling again with Fred, Hun Chong, and Wen Dee. My bowling skill improved a bit today. =)
2:35 People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.”
– Soren Aabye Kierkegaard

server is back again..after 1 day of downtime due to ratpadz + kingdom

Sorry for the downtime yesterday, the admins did something wrong with the configuration. And no, i’m not selling mousepad. The admin accidentally directed my url to that website.
My other url for this website is . Bookmark it 😀

Btw, screw ratpadz!

I skipped 2 lecturers today. 😀 I had a mild hangover this morning due to clubbing yesterday.

Kingdom, one of the popular clubs in Sheffield other than Republic (home of Gatecrasher), plays R&B music and patrons ranges from all sorts of races. I hate that place, if it’s not for the music, it would be much, much better! Ben, a BBC, organised a party called Middle Kingdom. It’s aimed at people with Chinese or Oriental background.
It was an impromptu outing. After much persuasion from David and Jasmine, I decided to go. Frederick was worried about Siew Lee and Wen Dee’s singles night out, so he decided to join them.
While I walking towards Kingdom, a middle-aged white guy came to me and asked, whether do I want K (ketamine). I said no and asked whether is he selling. Surprisingly, he said no. Anyway, he was drunk. Few hours later, Frederick told me that guy was asking him whether is he gay. Haha. He misunderstood at first. He thought the guy was asking whether is he okay.
The theme for the night was uniforms. David was in an army suit and Jasmine and her housemate wore tight and short policewoman uniform 😀 The policewomen won 50 quid for the best costume award.
I drank 8 shots of vodka and few cans of red bull with it. I was fucked and had an overdose of caffeine. I basically spent the whole night sitting down and talking to people.

Check this Honda advert out. Got this from Jin Han

Funday Monday

I woke up at 11am today for the 12:10PM Corporate Insolvency Law lecture but I only left the room at 11:55. I walked as fast as I can to the faculty thinking that I might be late. I make it there by 12:05PM. When I opened to door of Lecture Theatre one, there were no one inside! Then only I remembered that the lecture actually started at 1:10PM. I mixed up Wednesday’s timetable with the Tuesday’s.

Today, we also celebrated Janet Chai’s birthday at TGIF. Her birthday is actually on 10th April but we decided to celebrate it early. Janet is officially the prettiest gril of our Taylor’s College class of 2000. She turned 21 this year.The food in TGIF is not as good as Malaysia’s but they still have free refill on all the soft drinks. I ordered American Grill for GBP15. The chicken chop was a bit too hard but it tasted good. The prawns were superb but the steak was a bit disappointing. I wanted it to be medium done but they overcooked it. There was no blood at all when I cut the steak. The steak was plain without the gravy. I should have asked for Cranberries sauce. The dinner party was really good though. Thanks to Michelle Yoong, the organiser of the party. She set Janet up for a surprise dinner party. Janet was only expecting to have a small dinner with her housemates. At the moment she stepped in TGIF, she was shock to see so many people on the table. Once again, compliment should be given to Michelle for her brilliant plan. Unfortunately, I was not there to see the Janet’s expression when she walked into the restaurant. I followed Frederick back to the house to pick up Cheng Leong. Apparently, we forgot to call him up from the basement when we left the house. Frederick felt bad and decided to go back to pick him up. Luckily, Cheng Leong was not mad at us. Cheng Leong, we are so sorry!

Anyway, the dinner was really fun. I really enjoyed myself there. I have not been to a good birthday dinner for so long. Everyone was so alive unlike the previous dinner parties we had. Janet was a good hostess. She went around taking photos with everyone. Wen dee and Siew lee got a free portion of BBQ chicken wing because the waitress mixed up their order. The manager said that they could have the extra on the house. As conclusion, It’s worth going to the dinner although I missed my Real Madrid v Manchester United match live on ITV. (Real won by 3-1 Bastard Raul!)

2:10AM “If God is with us, who can be against us”