Another Social Casulty

Chuo Ming invited me to his house for dinner today. I had not been to his house for a week now. The moment I stepped into his living room, I was so surprise to see how messy his house had become. The kitchen floor was very oily and the rubbish bin was giving out foul smelling odour. I guess everyone in the house had been busy with their assignments. Chuo Ming cooked his infamous fried rice and Frederick fried two “Bawal Putih” fishes for dinner. Chee Feng and Adrian were there as well. I was the centre of attention on the dinner table for the wrong reasons (as usual). It goes something like this:
Cheng Leong: The fish is good.
Cheng Feng and Adrian: yeah, it’s good.
Me: I think its okay only.
Chee Feng: Mahai, its damn good lar! If you think it is not good then don’t eat lar.

Later when we were drinking Pepsi Cola, I told the people on the table that Pepsi Cola did not taste as good as Coca Cola. Chee Feng was furious with my comment again. He said that I complained too much especially when I was drinking free Cola.

I think I deserve to be told off when I said that “the fish was okay only” because as a guest even if the food is not that good, I should always tell the host that it is good for the sake of politeness. I must confess here that the fishes were good and the answer I gave was a foolish one. Although, I think I am not wrong when I say that Coke is better than Pepsi, It is not right for me to be angry at Chee Feng since he was the one who bought the Pepsi.

Well, all I can say is that the whole incident is another social casualty. If I keep acting like this, I might kill myself off from the social circle soon. I seriously do not know how am i going to make a living in the future when i am such a lousy conversationist. Sigh…

Anyway, Chuo Ming was not eating dinner with us. I think that was strange because he was the one who invited me to dinner. I hope he is alright.
2:22AM Whenever you wonder if you’re being a “fruitful” Christian, ask yourself, “Am I like Jesus? Is His life flowing through me in the ordinary activities and relationships of each day? Do the ‘grapes’ of my life point others to the Vine?” —David McCasland


Confession of a Dangerous Mind
Seen it on 4th April 2003 with Frederick, Chuo Ming and Hun Chong at UGC cinema, Centertaiment, Sheffield.
Rating: 4/5
Synopsis: A real story based on the unofficial autobiography of Chuck Barris, the infamous American TV producer. Chuck was famous TV producer but secretly he was a hitman for the CIA.
Comments: A superb movie directed by George Clooney. Sam Rockwell’s superb acting brings life to the character. The story was a bit too slow for Frederick; He fails asleep during the show. If you like “Catch Me if you can”, you will like this show

The Phone
Seen it on 5th April 2003 alone in my uncle’s place in London
Rating: 2/5
Synopsis: A reporter who wrote an article on youth prostitution in Korea changed her mobile phone number when she started to get blackmailing phone call from the Korean mafia. Strange thing started to happen from then. She started to get weird phone call from a woman and She kept seeing the ghost of a school girl appearing in her house and even in her car. At first, she thought the ghost was just her imagination and the phone call was from the mafia. Hence, she embarked on an investigation to find out the culprit. Things started to get even freakier when her friend’s daughter was possessed by a spirit after the daughter accidentally answered her mobile phone call. Her investigation later showed that the two previous owners of her mobile phone number had all died mysteriously.
Comment: This is a Korean movie. I was not intending to watch the movie at first but when I saw the beautiful actress on the back cover of the VCD, I decided to watch it for awhile. The show was quite scary and the idea of the getting ghostly phone call on your mobile phone was indeed very freaky. Unfortunately, the crappy ending spoiled the whole show. However, Credit should be given to the little actress who acted as the girl who was possessed by the evil spirit. Her acting skill was almost as good as the girl in “Exorcist”. If you think “the Ring” is scary, you should see “the Phone” as well.
12:32AM “God did not write the gospels in the bible only but He writes it on the trees,the flowers,the sky and the cloud as well”

skipped employment seminar again

Millionaire trio convicted of cheating in the tv game of Who Wants to Be an Millionaire. A college lecturer and the winner’s wife were convicated of aiding the winner to win 1 million pounds by assisting and guiding the winner through series of coughs. However, this episode was not aired on tv.
Millionaire’s route to top prize

Skipped Employment seminar again. This is the second seminar I’ve skipped. I was supposed to present one of the answers but unfortunately, I had problem doing it. I didn’t understand a jackshit from the textbook (probably I’m not focused) and I don’t want to present a crappy answer. I ended up sleeping at home 😀
I spoke to one of my seminar mates in the library. Apparently, only 4 people turn up for the seminar. Phew, thank god I’m not the only one.

My whole world surround you, and there’s when I stumbled and fell..

Some words from William Wordsworth which had me thinking…

“Though nothing can bring back the hours,
Of splendour in the grass,
Of glory in the flowers,
We will grieve not, rather find,
Strength in what remains behind…”

I wonder if it was the right thing to do. To end it when things were getting bad, hoping that when I get back to Malaysia – everything will be peachy in paradise once more. Now I am not so sure since the past few weeks, more hurt has been thrown at each other to cost enough massive damage to last us both a lifetime. I wish I could close my eyes and leave it all behind and not think about it for a while.

Anyway, on other matters, I am currently listening to Spin by Lifehouse on repeat (I hope Leong can’t hear it and if he can – Leong, are you mad at me yet? :D) and I think it is tHE-oHhHhh-So-fiNe song of the mo… Spinned, danced and sang to it with much enthusiasm in the privacy of my bedroom and enjoying myself immensely… When the world keeps spinning round, My world’s upside down, You and I wouldn’t change a thing, I’ve got nothing else to lose, I lost it all when I found you, And I wouldn’t change a thing, No, you and I wouldn’t change a thing…

Have you guys ever spinned yourself so much till you collapse on your back and watch the room spin around you very, very, very slowly… wahh..

mmmm.. maybe its time to change the song before I inflict any permanent damage onto myself. 😉


England two Turkey Nil

I watched England v Turkey just now. Both teams were playing very well. It was fun watching an England match with the Brits because like me, they love to shout and curse at the players when they are not playing well. The best moment came when Darius Vassel scored the first England goal. All of us raised our arms in the air and shout as loud as we can. It was so cool. I have not had this much fun watching football for a long time. The last time I had this much fun was 3 years ago back in Malaysia. I used to watch football at Mee-Yoke (the kopitiam opposite Inti College) with my roommate. At Mee-Yoke, all the fans would seat themselve separately from the opponent fans; for instance, the Liverpool fans would sit on the left side of the kopitiam and Man Utd’s fan on the other side just like the fans in the football stadium. When the game started, the Liverpool fans would throw insults at the Man Utd’s fan and vice versa. However, the best part was when a goal is scored, some of the fans would climb on the table or the chair; some would bang the table as if it was a drum, others would be laughing at the opponent’s fan and throw sarcastic remarks about the opponening team. The atmosphere was fantastic! I miss those days. 12:47AM “We live by faith, not by sight”

Crazy Cd drive.

My Cd drive on my Compaq Presario is dying. It refused to open when I pressed the button. After several attempts, I gave up. I used a straightened clipper pin to open it. Well, if the cd drive really dies on me then I can still use my USB external cd-r/rw as my cd drive. Then again that is just a short term solution because if my Windows OS die on me (touchwood), my USB drive will not work at all. I will not be able to install a new copy of the OS on my computer. Also, my cd drive cannot read cheap burned cds and some of the pirated cd as well. That mean the Len is approaching its depreciating life span. I think my cd-drive will be able to survive for at least another 12 months or longer if I don’t use it anymore. I am still thinking whether I should send it for repair. Hmmm…It might cost me more than GBP100 since the warranty on my computer has long expired. Argh!!! I hate laptop. Apart from being portable, all its spare parts are expensive and it is very hard to upgrade them!!! Okay…enough bitching about my Cd-drive. Hmmm…Let me test my cd drive again. *press the button on the cd drive* Aiks, it opens…Crazy cd drive.
7:13PM “We live by faith not by sight”