Gatecrasher 2004

Gatecrasher was awesome! The music was fantastic and the venue was great as well (Sepang F1 International Circuit)! However. it didn’t start of well though. Those people who came early had to wait for hours for the gates to be opened (it opened at 12:30AM. Some poor souls came at 1030PM). We had to wait for an hour for the gates to open. I heard that they entire thing was delayed cause the DJs’ flight to Kuala Lumpur was delayed.

The event was a little bit underground too. We had problem locating the place and there were no signboards to guide us. I had to call Wookookoo for directions. Probably the purpose of not putting any signboards was to prevent police raids 😀

I danced till my soles hurts. Thanks to the blisters I had from 3 hours of futsal last night. Fortunately, we managed to last till 5:30AM in the morning 😀 I heard the event lasted till 7:40AM. Madness…

Pictures taken from Don @ & eraine

chain mails

I got this couple of days ago

Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they like you. Something good will happen to you at 1:00-4:00pm tomorrow, it could be anywhere aol, yahoo, outside of school, anywhere. get ready for the biggest shock of your life. If you break this chain letter you will be cursed with 10 relationship problems for the next ten years. If you send 15ppl this in 15 min you’re safe.

Oh my godddd… thankksss for forwarding me the chain mailllll… my love life is already like totally non existence and now moreee curses..greatt!!

Magechaucheepet, can’t you guys stop believing in chain mails? It doesn’t work!! And further, by forwarding chain mails to others, its like passing bad luck to your own friends. Thanks la, thanks laa..

Oh another one,

Forward it to 15 people otherwise your throat will be slit at 2AM tonight.

Great.. see you in hell man.

michael the one sexcapades!!

This website cracks me up.

It’s a journal by this guy by the name Michael who frequents whore houses. He gives intimate details about the girls he had and places he went to.

Here is an excerpt from the website

Place: My favourite college.
Name : Aneka (Medan)& Neka (Jawa Tengah)
Age : Both 20 years old

Aneka: BEAUTIFUL FACE & BODY !!!! Search for Jasmine Hamid on the net and imagine her !! A 10/10 on my scale:
Neka, though slightly darker and with short hair was still a 8/10. Body was a FIRM 20 year old….both had excellent ample tits and no stretch marks..a match made in heaven..Both are about 5’4″ in height and have been there for 2 months

THE WARM UP: Both ladies quickly stripped…a quick inspection of both bodies..EXCELLENT !! Aneka (Jasmine Hamid) quickly dived to my didi (LOL!) as I sat at th edge of the bed , my left hand were caressing her head whereas the other hand were busy squizing Neka’s breasts…

Neka soon began to give me a tongue bath..HEAVEN…I was suprised to note that they were pretty good , working in tandem giving the best possible tongue bath/BBBJ….they pretty much alternated this two positions…between the two Aneka was the “sucker” expert and Neka was the “licker” expert..where Aneka was pretty accomplished at BBBJ (farking A grade)..Neka makes it up with vigour and passion (!!!).

I then swapped position where both girls kneeled before me and alternated betwen sucking my didi and licking my balls…just imagine, one girl suck your didi and the other licks your balls….HEAVEN !!

THE ACTION:I can’t wait to start the action, 15 min of BBBJ had passed….I asked if I can CIM/CIF..both replied in unison YES !!..decided to hentam Aneka first..this way..if cannot go for second round..get to fark my fantasy – Jasmin Hamid..

got her to edge of the bed and started the signature MTO move….Neka got behind me and squeezed my balls gently whilst giving me little licks to my back and earlobes…just like a porno film…..I hentam Aneka kau-kau..

she moaned & moaned & moaned, Aneka came at least once if not two…10 minutes have passed, sweat was covering all three of our bodies..Neka was gving one hell of a back tongue bath…I flipped Aneka over and proceeded to do the a good tag team partner, Neka held Ankea ass and brought it forward to be banged by me…pure porno action..very soon…

I can’t stand any more and told Aneka that i wanna CIM…got off the bed and she kneeled before me, Neka was by my side licking my tits…with both hand holding Aneka’s head…I gave a good hot cum blast hot jism was splated all over her face and dribbling down her breast…again like a good partner, Neka got on to the floor and took a towel to wipe the cum of Aneka’s breast…Aneka continued to sucked till I was dried and sated….

FINAL RATING 20/10….excellent value for money…Aneka was slightly more expensive at Rm 148 whereas Neka was std Rm 138. Aneka does anal for extra tip (unknown rate).

happy birthday to 3 bootiful ladiess


1st, to Brisbane Hott Hootchie mama Fionaaaaa!

2nd, to Raver Chick Precious Mary Berry

And lastly, to Lynnzter! We made a bet. If she is able to quit smoking, I will lose a small bottle of Bailey’s to her. But if she fails, I would have a brand new chalk bag for climbing 😀 😀 😀 Can she do it? Obviously not!!

TechCircuit @ Barcode on 26th June 2004 is going to bring back one of the best monthly events in KL. Featuring TechCircuit – HARDER THAN USUAL. And this time; to a venue near you. Watchout for new talents on the decks.

DJ Line-Up
9 PM – 12 AM : FSKL
12 AM – 2 AM : Dontana & Smiley Face
2 AM – 5 AM : Maverick
Venue: Bar Code, Phileo Damansara

Cover Charge is RM 15 (plus a drink)

I will be there. Will you? 😀

Crete island, Greece

Hi! I’m geared back to blogging once again. About a couple of weeks ago, I re-visited the Crete island in Greece. HrM..I was there about 2 years ago. I love this place to bits. Don’t ask me why I ended up at the same island again when there are clusters of them in Greece. .err..simply because we are the infamous last-minute holiday maker? My dad has been trying to break me outta this habit for years but it hasn’t sunk in. No-la, I’m addicted to the beach, bumming around at the beach, making sandcastles, and wearing clothes that dad doesn’t like ;p Most importantly, a break-free from the hustle and bustle of the city of London. We took a full day to arrange our holiday ( yes, we planned to leave the next day :D) and we had all sorts of incredible ideas of where to go..places like Istanbul, Prague, Spain..The next thing we know, we were 30,000 feet above clouds 😀 I�ve got to admit, our trip was a blasts, and Crete island..really took my breath away!

Here you go, some photos for you guys..

Let’s drown here, no? 😀

maybe this one?

Chuo ming caught a crab! Bravo ;P

Greek architecture


Pretty..pretty memories 😀

flop flop flopppp

I had breakfast at my usual coffee shop, just next to the morning market. While eating breakfast this morning *Utada Hikaru songs playing in the background, coming from a bootleg CD stall*.

Mmm..soothing music then suddenly..*flop flop flop flopp*

The sound came from the morning market.

Apparently, the bootleg CD stall owner was running away. I could hear his slippers flip flopping as he ran. It seems that the local authorities came without warning and confiscated his entire stall. Even his speakers were confiscated. Poor guy, all he could save was his Bata slippers.

I’m going! Are you? 😀

Melbourne Shuffle

Got this from Cris

SHUFFLE COMPETITION @ Hard Kandy, Melbourne

Hard Kandy in conjunction with one of the largest rave crews in Kuala Lumpur (KL), are giving 6 lucky shufflers the chance to shuffle in KL through an all expenses paid trip. This came about because the crew in KL have heard so much about the “Melbourne Shuffle” and would like 6 of our dancers to perform as part of their stage production at one of thier events.

The prize: A return airfare to KL, 2 nights accommodation plus $250 spending money. Winners will also have the opportunity to appear in the Hard Kandy DVD later this year.

The travel dates:You will fly out on the 30th July (Friday) and return to Melbourne on the 1st August (Sunday). You must be available for these 3 full days.

The conditions: To enter, the following Terms and Conditions apply:
1) Dancers must be over 18 years of age.
2) Dancers must have a valid passport and be eligible and willing to travel (eligability will be checked through an interview process)
3) Dancers must not have any prior criminal convictions in order to be eligable to travel
4) Dancers must be available on 31st Jul to 1st August
5) Dancers must be physically capable to perform for multiple 30min sets over a 6 hour period.
6) Dancers will be representing HARD KANDY. Their conduct must be professional at all times.
7) Illicit substances are not tolerated in KL. HARD KANDY will not take any responsibility for any persons found or associated with drugs during the competition.
8) HARD KANDY reserves the right to cancel the competition without notice.
9) HARD KANDY reserves the right to reverse the final decision at any time.

The process: We have already been collecting names over the past few weeks of different shufflers. These people, as well as anyone who comes down to the re-opening on the 11th June and shuffles, will have the opportunity to be selected into the final 20.

The final 20 will be selected on the 11th June at the re-opening of Kandy. After we have selected these final 20 shufflers, we will be recording each person individually outside of the club. The judges will then sit down and watch the footage of each shuffler before selecting the final 6.

Those final 6 will need to go through an interview process with myself so that we can double check their eligability of travel. This will include checking passports and various other aspects which are neccessary to be able to gain a work permit in KL for this competition.

The remaining 14 shufflers will be held as “reserves”, pending the outcome that one of the final 6 is not eligable to travel.


I had a hair cut yesterday. Well, my usual spiky haircut.

New hair cut.

I’ve been a regular at this new saloon near my place. The shampoo girls are cute and the stylist knows what I want. Great place. And oh yeah, the shampoo girls give good massages too. No, they don’t provide ‘extra service’.

This place used to have loads of pretty girls and great service. Unfortunately, all the pretty girls have left the saloon hence their business deteriorated tremendously. I used to know the girls working there. They would tell me stories about their work and all.

The funniest story that I’ve heard was when the head stylist, Mei, was washing one of the patron’s hair. He was a dark man of 40s with a balding spot on his head. I’ve seen him around. So back to our story, while she was happily scrubbing the guy’s head.

Guy: ooohh baby..that feels goooddddd
Mei: ????? thanks..
Guy: *fapfapfapfapfapfapfap*
Mei: 8D!!

The guy got horny, took out his dick and started wanking. *FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP*

Mei was shocked. She didn’t know what to do.

Then suddenly, a knight in shining armour entered the door, he was oozing charm and Mei immediately felt relieved.

Well, actually, I walked in and the guy quickly shove his thing back into his trousers. I didn’t know what happened until the girls told me about it.

I think he didn’t manage to cum..