Back from Rai Leh, Krabi!

It was a fun filled trip. 7 days of rock climbing, swimming, massage and Thai food!

Rai Leh is a peninsula surrounded by mountains and oceans, final access can only be by boat. It consists of 4 main beaches, Rai Leh East, Rai Leh West, Pranang Beach and Tonsai Beach. It’s a hot spot for rock climbers.

Rock Climbing @ Tonsai

We stayed in Tonsai, one of the beaches in Rai Leh. Tonsai is filled with climbers and Caucasian. The beach is beautiful but the water’s so-so. Girls with hot body and guys with 6 packs everywhere.

We stayed at Green Valley Resort Hotel. It was horrible. We had no luxuries at all, no hot water, no internet, no flush, no electricity after 830AM and no toilet paper! The only luxury we have is a noisy fan. But after a while we got used to the cold shower and bugs in the toilet. That’s what you get for RM50 per night.

Road leading to our chalet

yea..the toilet, a bowl, a running pipe and a shower.

our room!

But the restaurant at Green Valley was excellent. Salad buffet was at 30 Baht and seafood was on an average of 40 baht per 100 grams. Imagine a huge piece of King Fisher for RM10 and 100 grams of mussels for RM3 😀

The great staff of Green Valley!

Ping, Potato Ben and I had to share a bed. The first night was good except that the Ping snored loudly beside me. All I had to do is turn around, elbow him to wake him up. But it got worst when Potato Ben slept in the middle for the remaining nights. He took up most of the bed space, kicked Ping in his sleep and rolled on the bed unnecessarily. Sleeping with 2 guys is no fun at all.

Electricity in Tonsai turns off at 830AM. However, Internet is readily available throughout the day (until 11PM). It costs 3 Bath per minute.
Massage was cheap. It was about RM20 – RM30 for an hour massage. We tried their neck, shoulder and back massage, Thai massage and Oil massage. Loads of joints cracking and twisting. Their service was excellent as well. After massage, we were given fruits and drinks!

Yap massaging!

However, 7 days of Thai food didn’t treat my stomach well. I had diarrhea on two occasions. Thank god the charcoal pills helped a lot.
Alright, back to the toilet bowl! I’ll post more soon!

unwanted pregnancy – abortion?

previously in malaysia, abortion for young unwanted pregnancies were not allowed. the option for abortion was only available for life and death situations for adults. should the young mother’s life be at stake, hence an abortion would be most necessary. but now, i think it’s allowed.
in singapore, teenagers are required to obtain their parents’ written consent.
BUT i may be wrong tho. you know, i’m quite ignorant with ‘current issues’ anyway. ;P

a few months back when this girl found out that she was pregnant, i advised her that she should consider whether or not she was ready to continue with the pregnancy and to start motherhood so young, bearing in mind the lots of cons/disadvantages that come with it, i.e. the parents’ anger and disappointment, would the baby be a good reason enough for her and the boyfriend to get married immediately. you see, when she confided in me, she told me that her boyfriend believed himself to be ready for marriage and to be a father to the child.
“but what about you? are you ready?” i asked.

she is only 21 years old, barely an adult.
after thinking about it, she decided to go ahead with an abortion (much to the displeasure of the boyfriend). she didn’t want to risk her parents’ disappointment and wrath. and also, the future is still a long way to go, what if he’s not the One?
so the abortion was done.

and just recently, she tells me that she suspects she could be pregnant.

aarrrggggghhhhhhh. *knocks head against wall*
which part of “safe sex” does the couple not understand? i’ve decided that this time i’ll keep quiet instead, but i can’t help to feel frustrated!!! frustrated with the girl or with the boy, for being careless for the second time? both.
of course i know i cannot intervene with whatever decision they make, but really la, i’m just feeling frustrated, and that’s about it i can do.

So we are going to the moon

For a nation that cannot build proper highway, we dream of flying to the moon. In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we have already brainstormed on the how the Malaysia Rocket should be like ….

Wow, the Rocket look like it can glow in the DARK!!!
P.S.Let’s just hope that the Rocket is not build by our ever so proud Proton and monitored by our ever so respectable Work Minister.

HARDSEQUENCE @ SAXOPHONE, KL – Saturday, 11 Feb 06

Bass Agents (”Best New Local Dj” – JUICE Readers Choice Award (2005), and DarkRaverz reunite with Hardsequence (”Best New Local Night” & “Most up for it crowd” – JUICE Readers Choice Award (2005), to bring you an arsenal of hard hitting beats to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

February also brings in a special treat all the way from Australia for all you Hard Dance fanatics. Bass Agent, Ganjaguru from Melbourne will attempt to seduce and intoxicate your senses with his hard driving bass lines and a dash of Hardstyle. Ganjaguru is known for his residencies at ‘Elevation’ at Altitude (Melbourne), ‘Tuned’ at the Tunnel (Melbourne) as well as being a regular guest at PHD and the rest of the Asian collective.

And to all Hardsequence supporters, the 3rd edition T-shirts will be on sale for RM40 that night in various sizes. Alternatively, you can contact one our promoters for more details.

VENUE: SAXOPHONE Club @ Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur (Next to Bar IBIZA)
TIME: 10PM till 3AM
ADMISSION: RM25 + 1D (presale) RM35 + 1D (door sales)
Presale admission is BEFORE 11.30pm.
DRESSCODE: Funky wear, dress to EXPRESS not to impress.
NO attitudes. ONLY happy people! NO rest for the wicked.
PRESALES: Please confirm your bookings with your HardSequence Promoter BEFORE 3pm on the 11th February. Thank you.
**FIRST 50 get a FREE 3rd Edition HARDSEQUENCE CD!**
and LIVE VISUAL EFFECTS by Didjital & Drive
CHRISTINA 012.622.7856
EDDY 017.578.2017
JON 012.382.0173
BEN 012.303.0622
KOK WING 012.663.4560

Greetings from Tonsai, Krabi!

After 7 hours of bus ride, 2 hours of waiting at the immigration, 5 hours van ride and 45 minutes of boat ride, I’m now in Tonsai, Krabi!
The journey was no bed of roses. It was a torture.

The long wait at the immigration was due to loads of people jumping queue. My friend got so pissed till he went to screw one of the queue jumpers. However, the queue jumper turned around and ignored my friend. watadafak man.

We got conned at Krabi town as well. Our driver made us buy boat tickets from a middle man, who promised to bring us to Tonsai. However, our boat man was paid for the trip to East Rai-ley and he refused to bring us to Tonsai unless we pay extra.

We didn’t pay though. Our boatman did not bring us to Tonsai as the water was not safe to travel. We had to walk from East Railey to Tonsai.

Tonsai is filled with climbers and caucasian. The beach is beautiful but the water’s so-so.

My hotel is horrible though. We have no luxuries at all, no hot water, no internet, no flush, no electricty after 7am and no toilet paper! The only luxury we have is a noisy fan.

Ok. I’m off to climb again! Cya!

So We Speak Mangrish…

Malaysian are known for their good English. A gift left behind by our all colonial master. In fact, we are so good that we created our own English known as Mangrish which we use it in our daily life for instance on sign board like this

Huh? what? You don’t understand what that signboard say? Aiya, because you English, i mean your Mangrish Sucks la.
P.S. GONG XI FA CHAI from me.

“do you think i’m cute?”

one fine day on MSN….
frank: do you think i’m cute?
me: huh???
frank: do you think i’m cute??
me: what kind of question is that?????
[how to answer him??]
me: err…. this kinda question, don’t la ask me.
me: you should ask your girlfriend la, if you have one… i cannot answer questions like that!
me: ask me la questions like whether i think you’re fat or not, that one i can answer la. hehehe.

frank: but you’re talking to me…
frank: so that means i’m cute la!

*still panicking*
[wah, how come so perasan** one him?]
*pretends to be busy for a while without answering*

persistent fella continues to chat with me…
frank: your msg on top says “Do Not Disturb!!!! unless you’re cute…”
frank: and you’re talking to me
frank: which means i’m cute la…


**getting the wrong idea either in a good or bad way.