Amigo FC Jersey

Amigo FC, a team of consisting mainly of my high school friends, recently adopted a new jersey. The new jersey is based on Marseilles’s football jersey. I got myself a piece 😀

The nick on my jersey is not cheap, RM3 per alphabet! Imagine if you want to put your full name e.g. Abu Ahmad Bin Abu Hassan. Could probably cost more than the jersey.

Initially we wanted something else. We were given 2 choices and these 2 choices were posted on jinhan’s website and with waikeong as our model.

Unfortunately, our supplier ran out of stock hence we had to settle for Marseilles’ football jersey.

Amigo FC’s games are usually fixed on Sunday mornings. If anyone is interested for a game of friendly football, please head to jinhan‘s website!

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My life – Football / Futsal

I can’t remember my first time kicking a football. But I do remember one time in primary school where my good friend was chasing after a ball. I can’t remember how it happened but I remember that my friend tripped and rolled on the ground and few days later, he came back with a concrete cast on his hand. LOL.

Basketball was a craze during my first few years in high school. I got hooked for couple of years but eventually my interest drifted towards football.

Football jerseys were unheard off. The only method we had in order to identify the other side was by going topless or wearing a tshirt – first team that concedes a goal, the other team must take off their shirts. I never liked that. It’s gross. Imagine 11 sweaty topless boys grinding with other boys. Euw!

I eventually found out that there’s a term for it after seeing one online advertisement by Nike (through Nuffnang‘s advert). It’s called Togel. What the Togel?? Sounds like Bogel to me! But to think of it, bogel means naked. And togel means? Half Naked?

Visit Nike Togel Website at

Futsal was unheard of in Malaysia in the late 1990s. But my friends and I played something like that. It was fun. During high school, we had games in the late evening (until it turns dark) in parks. My friends would never forget this incident when one of them accidentally dented a car door after being hit by a ball (I think it was a Nike ball). The owner was so furious that he took out his machete and started chasing them. LOL.

My high school friends continued hanging out together after leaving high school and some of us eventually went to the same college or a college nearby. We would meet up occasionally to play football.
At one point during college, we played futsal in a shopping centre car park in the middle of the night. We started off from the ground floor car park and slowly moved to the 3rd floor (highest floor). It was quite interesting. We had to dodge pillars.

However, our enthusiasm died after we were sick of picking balls that went off the car park and having greased feet (thanks to the cars). But I think the last straw was when a security guard brought his friends along (with weapons!) to confront us – thinking that there was a commotion in the car park.

Years later, I had my first taste of amateur football when my friends organised a game with a bunch of Korean. We bought jerseys just for the game and I bought my first football boot, a Nike boot.

On that faithful day, we arrived late. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans would understand the Malaysian culture of being late.

We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

We ended playing with a bunch of locals and got thrashed. Boo.
Even though it been more than 9 years since we left high school, my high school friends would still bond over football/futsal (and not forgetting alcohol).

Thank you England for popularizing football. Hope you win the next world cup (HA! you wish!)

The Guy Next Court (Door)

Lately, there were a bunch of girls playing futsal at our usual futsal place. The girls are around their early 20s, not bad looking and one of them even drives a BMW 5 Series. The girls have their own jerseys, with their names printed at the back of the jerseys.

WK got hold of one of the girls’ telephone number through the futsal court’s booking registry. The girl’s name is N. Not bad looking.

One day after futsal, KF, Ping, Jin Han, WK and I went yamcha. Since Ping is the only one single on the table, we decided to pass the number to Ping. WK then got hold of Ping’s handphone and started texting N.

“Hi, why didn’t play futsal today? From the Guy Next Court”.

Minutes later, N replied, “Who is this ah!”.

We then brainstormed on how to reply N’s message. Halfway through the discussion, I blurted out, “hHAhah 26 YEARS OLD ALREADY STILL DOING THIS HAHAHA”

I couldn’t stop laughing!

Then WK replied along the lines “I would like to keep my identity a secret at the moment. Can we be friends first?”.

N did not reply… GG Mission Fail!

Anyone has better ideas on how to approach a girl through SMS?

Football and me

I came to know and learn how to watch football when i was 16. My uncle introduced me to the game. Before that, i was quite pissed off when every channel was showing football. I couldn’t understand why the 22 men on the field have to chase after a stupid ball.

It all started in 1996 when England hosted the Euro 96, my favourite uncle came to visit us from HK. Educated and trained in England as a solicitor, my uncle support England and Manchester United. Hence, i would sit with him watching every single match. He would patiently explained to me all the match rules and regulations. Suddenly, i found myself shouting and cheering for England, even at 3am in the morning.

I got a lot of complains from my mother then.

Then, i saw this English player who played on the left flank of England. He was Steve Mcmanaman, a Liverpool player at that time. He impressed me with his speed and deadly crosses. I asked my uncle…
me: Uncle, who is that guy?
uncle: Oooh..Steve Mcmanaman.
me: Play for which club one?
uncle: Man Utd.

From that day onward, i had choosen Man Utd as my team in English Premier League. But, when i watched the first Man Utd match. I don’t see Steve Mcmananaman but instead there was the a even more impressive left winger. The No.11 of Man Utd, Ryan Giggs. My all time hero Ryan Giggs!!! Ever since then, i supported Man Utd and there was no turning back. Nevermind that, my uncle conned me into choosing Man Utd.

I developed a habit to pray for Man Utd before they kick off and chant a little prayer for them when they were behind. There was even once where the fan almost got my finger cuts off by the fan because i jumped up too high when Man Utd scored. When i sat down, i broke the chair…=P

Whenever, i bet on football ( i bet for fun sometime but not a gambler. =P), i will never bet any game that Man Utd or England is playing because i feel like i am selling off my loved one for money.

JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly RESULTS!

We were late for the match. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans understand the Malaysian culture of being late.
We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

Not as impressive as we thought…
Instead, we were assigned to play with another team by the referees. As soon as we heard that the Koreans were not playing, our morale dipped from 102/100 to 50/100. GAAHhh
The other side, dressed in bright orange jerseys, were a bunch of young Chinese players. Since we were late, we had no time to warm up. The referee blew the starting whistle even though some of us were still trying to wear our shoes.

Getting ready..
We started off great. Ping scored the first goal within few minutes. As the ball hits the net, we cheered loudly. However, Yming insisted that we keep our celebration low key.

Ping’s well worth effort resulted in this..
Unfortunately, few minutes later, the opponent scored an equalizer through a header from a corner kick. Our morale dropped from there again. Then things got worst, every thing was in disarray. The opponents shot in another 3 goals by exploiting our weak defence.
The 1st quarter (we opted for a 3 quarter match, 30 minutes per quarter) ended with 4 – 1. Someone shouted…
“Tiu… Liverpool could catch up from 3 – 0 in the AC Milan game, we shall do that as well”.

The bench

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JinHan Footie Blog vs Korea Republic International Friendly

This Sunday! An extraordinary match. A blog v an International team!!
Behold!! JinHan Footie Blog v Korea Republic International Friendly Football!!
Excerpt from Kiang’s post..
It has been very long since we played football in a netted cage and on a fake grass. It is the time we get out to the wild and face our opponents – the Koreaas in the real field!
Venue: Stadium Petronas, Bangi
Time : 3:30 p.m will start kickin ass
Date : 29th May 2005 (Sunday)
Referee : Yes
Pitch condition : Fanta-bulous (Impression as pic below)
Rate : Same as what you pay for indoors
Duration : One and half hours

Aerial view of Stadium Petronas, Bangi

The opponents – Lee Dong Gook;Park Ji Sung (Nah, jk)
Excerpt from him’s post..

Proposed Formation: 4-4-2 (Traditional)
Proposed Tactics: Attacking (If we hav chance)
Coach: No Applicant
Captain: Nomination mode
Depleted Squad (UPDATED)
Players: JHan(F/M), KFei(M), enPeng(M), Voonim(F/M), Tim(D), HaunYeong(F/M), ABoy(D), Loping(D/M/F), Aaakiang(D), Leon(GK), Wilson(M/F), Mun Kian(D/M), Keat Nam(D/M), YewKuan(D/M)(Yet to confirmed)
Waterboy & Ball Picker: xes
Out: UMeng (on loan to TooWong FC), SLoong (suspended. Now in Perth)
Import: Maybe
Fitness Status: 55/100
Training Status: 15/100
Morale: 102/100
Concerns: Bad Weather
Team Instruction: Normal – Friendly unless provoked
Those interested in watching, please feel free to drop by with your pom poms 😀 No no, people..I dont know whether there will be h0t Korean guys or girls there.

Game set..Let’s kick the Koreans Asses!!


Great news!!

Manchester United football club has arrived in Malaysia! They have now established a company in Malaysia. However, it is not football related. It is solely on money laundering business!’s actually a name card of a loan shark I found on a coffeeshop. They have been distributing their name cards everywhere, even under my car handle!

Sunday Football @ Balakong

Waking up early in the morning without proper sleep got me thinking. I was still in bed when the alarm rang for the 3rd time. My mind started off with,

“man..I’m so tired”
“hmm, I don’t think I want to play football later”
“I wonder what reasons should I give, ahhh..i could tell them my feet hurts (it’s true!)”
“bla bla bla bla…”

However, my body got up automatically and it brought me to the toilet to brush my teeth and wash my face. Man.. I want my bed!

Football wasn’t so good. We were barred entry to our initial football field cause we didn’t book the field. We tried offering a bribe to the guard but he refused. Then we went up to the administration office but the head of the department wasn’t there. Once again, the 2 employees who were there refused to accept our so-called bribes. He he.

We then headed to Balakong, a dodgy area with low cost housing. It’s a public field but a group of Indians demanded we pay money to them cause they maintained the place. Sick of running around, we paid them RM30 and played under the hot scorching sun for 2 hours.