Wei Chen’s Birthday 2005

Happy Birthday to Wei Chen & Sharon who coindentally share the same birthday 😀
We bombarded Wei Chen (pronounced Wei Chen, NOT WHEEL CHAIR. LOL!!!) @ Finnegan’s. I was surprised to see my old time favourite, Snack Bite Black on the menu. I immediately ordered it and was followed by Sow, Wei Chen and Ivan.
Apparent there were 2 types of Snake Bite Black at Finnegan’s menu, one called Real and another one Softie Snake Bite Black. The price difference is about RM10. I was lucky to have the Softie Snake Bite Black as it was exactly like the one I used to have in England. However, Sow, Ivan and WC got the real Snake Bite Black which tasted really bad as it has a strong peppermint smell. It tasted like the Around the World Cocktail which is one shitty drink.
We bought Wei Chen a flaming Lamborghini as well. It was in a tower form. Unfortunately, the waiter who seems very inexperience couldn’t get the things to work. The flame didn’t even reach the bottom of the drink!!!

Wei Chen sees his life flashes by..

Suck it Wheelchair, suck it!!
Someone: Hey it’s not working!!
Waiter: (Silence) …..
Ivan: WOI!!! REFUND!!!!!
Unfortunately, Wei Chen didn’t puke or got into really bad shape. He could still walk straight! GAHHHHH PISSES ME OFF!

Two cats

Two cats were walking by the side of the road in front of my house. They were like a loving couple, taking a stroll at night, side by side.
One of them, stop and look at the other cat. Then, suddenly she ran across the road. She looked at her friend on the other side of the road as if signalling she is signalling for her friend to cross the road. Just as her friend had decided to cross the road…
A proton car ran over her friend and broke her friend’s neck. Blood spritz out of her friend’s neck like fountain. Her friend struggled for a good two second and her body went stiff. Her friend was gone. The cat slowly walk over and sat next to it’s friend’s body. She sat there for a good two minutes, smelling, and touching her friend.
“Get up,” as if she was saying to her friend.
Cars passed her but she didn’t budge. A van almost ran her down as well but she didn’t care. She sat there with her friend, staring at him.
Beep! ~ Beep! ~
Another Proton car came speeding in her direction. The cat looked at the car and sprinted across the road. She sat on the opposite side of the road, looking at him, mourning or perhaps, she was even blaming herself. If she did not cross the road, he wouldn’t have cross it. It was her who caused his death.
10 minutes later, she decided to go home…because life goes on even without him.
“I am a city cat. This is the risk that I have to live with. Maybe soon, I will be with him again.”
I witnessed all these from my balcony. As a respect to the dead cat and her partner, no photos were taken.
P.S. I hope the garbage man will take care of the body tomorrow because the dead cat is damn near to my gate.

KL Fashion Week 2005

A model displays a creation by Hong Kong designer Walter Ma entitled “Summer Breeze”.

Models display creations by Malaysian designer Sharifah Kirana entitled “Boudoir”

A model displays a creation by Adelaide-based Malaysian designer Razak entitled “Tiru Macam Saya” or “Copy Like Me”

Models display creations by Malaysian designer Orson Liyu entitled “Blue Label”

A model displays a creation by India’s designer Rohit Bal entitled “Sheen Mubarak” or “The First Snowfall”

I’ve been tagged!

Ok I’ve been tagged by Sharon of http://www.devilishaz.blogspot.com/.
It works like this (Sharon’s way, it seems that others have to finish all the sentences below).
Choose 5 of the professions/job/person you want to be (as listed below).
• If I could be a scientist…
• If I could be a farmer…
• If I could be a musician…
• If I could be a doctor…
• If I could be a painter…
• If I could be a gardener…
• If I could be a missionary…
• If I could be a chef…
• If I could be an architect…
• If I could be a linguist…
• If I could be a psychologist…
• If I could be a librarian…
• If I could be an athlete…
• If I could be a lawyer…
• If I could be an innkeeper…
• If I could be a professor…
• If I could be a writer…
• If I could be a llama-rider…
• If I could be a bonnie pirate…
• If I could be a service member…
• If I could be a photographer…
• If I could be a philanthropist…
• If I could be a rap artist…
• If I could be a child actor…
• If I could be a secret agent…
• If I could be a comedian/comedienne…
• If I could be a priest…
• If I could be a radio announcer…
• If I could be a phlebotomist…
• If I could be Paris Hilton’s stylist…
• If I could be a movie producer…
• If I could be the CEO of Microsoft…
• If I could be an astronaut…
• If I could be a world famous blogger…
• If I could be a justice on any one court in the world…
• If I could be married to any current famous political figure…
• If I could be a dog trainer…
• If I could be Bruce Lee…
However, I dont want to be anything of the above (except being a lawyer) I’ll just put in my OWN preference.
• If I could be the leader of a secret society.. first I’ll get all the cops to work under me. Branch my business to overseas and create a multi dollar empire!
• If I could be the emperor of China.. former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad said that dictatorship has the ability to shape the society, economy and culture. Hence with absolute power in my hands, I’ll shove USA aside and make China the sole superpower of the world!
• If I could be a Judge.. create laws that suits the practice and public. Waiting for laws to be passed by the Parliament takes just too much time. And further, people remember judges but not lawyers..
• If I could be a teacher in a All Girls College…h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h00 no explaination needed h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0h0oooooo!!!!

Bar Council Ethics Dinner

Last week, Frank and I attended the Bar Council Ethics Dinner right after our compulsory Ethics Lecture.

It was held @ the Royal Selangor Club, one of the most prestigious clubs in Malaysia. It was attended by 92 other chambering students plus some senior members of the Bar.

Our guest speaker, Mr. S1varasa, the Vice President of KeAD1Lan (opposition political party of Malaysia) gave a great speech which serves to advise soon-to-be lawyers.

We were fortunate to be seated next to him. We gave us great advice and loads of his political views. And of course, since legal ethics were still fresh on our minds, we applied them in the dinner.

Simple rules like,
1. Dont leave the table until the most senior person does.
2. Greet seniors
3. Dont start eating until the most senior person does.
were complied strictly.


Mr. Siva: Do you know that the government has tried to silence us by controlling the media??
Cindy: uh uh yes yes..
Me: yayayaya
Mr. Siva: blablablabla
Cindy: uh uh yes yes..
Cindy then turns to me and said,
I need to go to the toilet…helpp mee…can he please shut up…
Me: LOL!!!!

Here are some pictures from that night..

Elaine: wow your chicken looks nice!! but my fish is nicer..yumyum..

Me: (takes a bite) mmmmmmm.. HOU HOU MEIII (Chinese for delicious) Mine’s better!!
Elaine: oh really??
Me: yes!! btw..you wanna swap dishes? mine’s “great”
Elaine: (shows middle finger)

Me: Wah…this thing is damn kencing manis (diabetic) man.. damn sweet!! I like..

Cindy: May it please my Lord, pls shut up.. I need to go to the toilet…
Me: LOL!!

Frank with his killer pose. (R) Der Lin: mmmm frank..so handsome..


As you all already know, xes is doing dock brief for his legal aid duty and i have been assigned to Legal Aid Clinic. My duty is to ascertain whether or not the client is qualify for free legal service and to give legal advise. I had met quite a few interesting clients although i had only done this twice.

Case 1
A man walked in with his wife and son. The man cried in the center because he did not have to raise enough money for the bail.
” Please help me! I only have RM1000. I don’t have enough money for my bail. Can you go to the court now and ask the judge for discount ar…”
“Mr, the least the judge is gonna give is RM2000 lar.”
“NO!!!! Help me plz!!!”
“Can the Bar Council lend me RM1000 ar? I promise that i will pay back.”
“Cannot lar”
“Plz lar…look at my son, so young…i really don’t want to go jail lar. I am innocent lar.”

Too bad, the Bar Council don’t have the policy of lending money to client. I told him to go back and try to raise any RM1000. In the meantime, i will get the dock brief people to mitigate for a lower bail on his behalf. Sadly, i was told last friday that that man went to jail anyway.

Case 2
A chinese man walked into the clinic, asking for legal aid.
“Mr, how can i help you?” i asked.
“I HAVE A PARANG (machete) BEHIND MY CAR!” he said loudly.
WTF! I almost dropped my pen when i heard that.

Case 3
A businessman walked into the clinic.
“Mr, how can i help you?”
Oh no!!! Nut case!
“It’s my indon worker lar. He went missing for 2 weeks. We made a police report. You know what?”
“The police was looking high and low for him and they cannot find him because he was in the lockup!….hahahahahhahaha.”
“OH MY GOd…hahahahhahaha…”
“So…hahahhaha…so…hahahhaha, i think Bar Council should do something about this lar…hahahhaha”
“But i want you guys to know that he is no longer my employee now. His contract had been terminated upon him been caught for a criminal offence.”
“oooh, he is a legal lar”
“Ya, he has permit to work for us. BTW, he is in Sungai Buloh Prison now…hahahahhahaha…and the damn police cannot find him!…hahahahhaha.”
“Mr, you are really kind lar. You help your ex employee although he went missing for 2 weeks for no reason.”
“No lar. This the right thing to do, for the sake of humanities.”
What a noble employer. I RESPECT YOU, MR. C.

Picture of the day


Love Story @ the Magistrate Court..

For the past 2 weeks, I notice this pretty Chinese girl in the Criminal court that I always go to.
She’s hot. Beautiful eyes, fair skin and a body that all men will die for. But the problem with her is that, whenever I see her, she’s in handcuffs.
She’s charged with a drug offence and is facing long imprisonment if convicted.
I spoke to her once. I was about to offer legal help (I thought she was on our list of person to be given legal aid). I asked her name and when she replied…I immediately back off and ran to my colleague. It was because she said…
Abang…Tolong saya abangg…” (Mr…help me..Mr~) in a MANLY voice….arghh!!!
abang = Malay word for big brother. Also used by wifes to their husbands.
Nah, just kidding. She didn’t sound like a man, it’s just that she spoke in China Mandarin which is just too hard for me to understand.
Of course, for every beautiful lady, there are men behind them. Her boyfriend was seated at the public gallery. He religiously attends all her proceedings. He has also appointed a lawyer for her.
Every time I see them, they would try to communicate either by hand signals or by whispering. However most of the time, they got told off by the policemen.
Then when the girl leaves, the guy would shout, “Take care of yourself!!”.
Then today, the boyfriend brought the brother of girl. He came all the way from China.
I went up to the boyfriend to have a short chat with him.
Me: So how’s your girlfriend?
BF: Well, we’re trying to get the prosecuting officer (PO) to drop the charges.
And we went on for a while. I wished him best of luck.
Then good news came! The PO decided to drop the charges and hence the lady is free to go. There were no claps or cheers when the decision was made though but it does make me feel relieved.
Unfortunately, despite that, due to our strict immigration law, since the lady’s Visa has expired, she cannot stay in Malaysia and must be deported immediately.
A love story yet to be concluded.

Happy Big Day, Frank

I would like to thank all the people who wish me Happy Birthday, yesterday and today. Thank you very much, guys.
This year, i will not be doing anything special to celebrate my birthday. I am just gonna have a quiet dinner with a few of my friends. tommrow. And no, that does not mean i am too old for parties.
So yeah, this year Frank is not gonna be drunk at his own party. And Sorry, no free show of Frank running around challenging people to bottom up or standing on the chair, bottoming up his cocktail. hahahhaha =)

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