December events!

Launch party of the Melbourne Shuffler Documentary!

Thanks Hayden for the highlight 😀

Ultimate Dance 2 @ Orange Club (Note change of venue)

Short note from the Tek-NiCianz

    Tek-NiCianz sincerely apologises for the inconviniences caused as assures you that this only happened because it was beyond our control. Everything else will remain the same.

Ferry Corsten @ ZOUK KL, 23 December 2005 (!!!)

I hope Ferry Corsten will play his usual hard stuff!!!!

Regenerate NYE @ Cyberpark, Cyberjaya. 31.12.05 – Malaysia


Tempo once brings about the return of the legendary Regenerate series this time in Cyberjaya, Cyberpark.

Line-up :
Assault & Battery
Dj Hide
Eugene & Ben Katana
Vj’s: Pixel Punk
Percussionist: Tabla Maniam.
Time : 9pm onwards.
Presale : RM35
At the door : RM50
Limited Cyberview Cyberlodge Resort rooms are also available at special rates.

Miri – Day 2

Continuation of Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

Barely 4 hours of sleep, Kian and Shan Mei picked us from the hotel. Mr. Ma wanted to treat us dim sum. Many thanks to Mr. Ma.
Thereafter, Kian and Shan Mei then brought us around Miri. We started off with the Crocodile farm. Yes, of all places, the crocodile farm.

It was like a mini zoo, other than crocodiles, they had sun bears, monkeys, snakes, bats, ostriches and turkeys.

Sun Bears


Wild cat!


Crocodiles have this habit of opening their mouth. I’ve no idea what they were doing, but it sort of gave me an idea. I grabbed a piece of Clorets (mint candy) and threw it into the crocodile’s mouth. I missed. DAMN!!

Unfortunately, to me, the animals were in pitiful stage. They were caged in small cages with concrete floors and seem to be very hungry. A monkey stole a girl’s glasses and tried to eat it. The girl was screaming, “JANGAN!!! ITU BUKAN DUA RINGGIT PUNYA!!!”. (NOOOOOO!! It’s not a RM2 glasses!!)
Amos made his debut on shuffling videos. He shuffled in front of some turkeys. The turkeys responded with a lot of clucking.

After Crocodile Farm, we stopped by Miri Boat Club. Loads of expats around.

Next destination, Esplanade Beach. Miri’s beaches aren’t exactly top quality. The water’s brown and the beaches are dirty. However, it’s a nice place to relax. Kynan and Hansley dropped by to see us. Ryan was busy playing with crabs.

We adjourned to Canada Hill thereafter. Its a place where we can get a good view of Miri City. Based on observation, we could only see 4 tall buildings in Miri!

Thanks to Air Asia, our flight was delayed again. Initially it was scheduled at 940PM. Then delayed to 11PM and subsequently 1130PM. And just as we got into the pre departure hall, it was rescheduled to 1150PM!!

One last picture..

Air everyone is late!

Mermaids are mammals

NOTE: This Post is X rated. If you find it too offensive, don’t bloody read it or else will not be responsible for it and we don’t encourage whatever it is said in the post. If you report us to malay mail or metro, please let us know so that we can give you a nicer photo of us. Thank You.
I was having a drink in a mamak (a local indian coffee shop) with RL just now.
RL: Bro, do an aquarium in your house la. I will design for you.
[RL is a designer. He specialise in designing aquarium.]
me: I don’t want la. Fishes are boring. They don’t manja manja you like the dogs and cats.
RL: ooooh…what about putting a mermaid inside there? What will you do if you have a mermaid at home
me: eeer…i will ask her to blow me underwater.
[Most guys talk are prevertive so don’t mind me. I am a guy too.]
RL: Don’t you wanna fuck her?
me: How wei? Later she laid eggs, how?
RL: Mermaids are mammal wei.
me: They are?
RL: Ya!!! They have breast!!!
me: ooooh….just like whale la.
*RL gave me a witty look*
RL: Ya man. Just imagine that wei. You don’t have the hassle of spreading her legs. You just hold her like you are hugging the wall and hump her.
*I turned behind, pretend to look for the waiter to order another drink and rolled my eyes*
After that, i thought of his wacky idea for awhile and ponder upon the point of what am i suppose to tell my woman in my house if the mermaid die because i hump her too hard?
“I am sorry. I fuck the fish too hard last night”
P.S. About the malay mail and metro on the note above, i am kidding. Please do not report us to the Newspaper. We will censor it to PG rated if you want.

Throat Infection

My doctor diagnosed me with throat infection after I had a 40 over degrees fever today.

Fck la. It sucks to be sick.

She gave me some medicine. Not bad, I felt better in a while. But there’s one pill where I have to shove it up my arse.

But thats the last resort if the other pills she gave arent working. NO WAY I AM GOING SHOVE IT UP MY ARSE!!! NO WAY!! NO BLOODY WAY!!!

belakang mari…ooo sakit ooohh..
Till then, I need a good rest…

EDIT: I did not administer the medicine through my anus. SO STOP MESSAGING ME ON WHETHER OR NOT I HAVE ADMINISTERED IT.

Random Babbling File no. 7122005

One day, my friend asked me What is the Female version of Dick, Tom and Harry? *Scratch head* Is it Marry, Jane and Susan? Because it kinda rythme and it is quite easy to say.

What about the Malaysia version of Dick, Tom and Harry? “Rub Chin* I think it should be Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu because those are the 3 most common name seen the Malaysia School Textbook.
What about the Malaysia Female Version of Dick, Tom and Harry? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…i have no idea.

So you wanna be a pilot…

I wonder what happen to those people whose dream was to become a pilot but their application was rejected due to various reasons and after a few years, who still cling on to their dream…until one day i disover this

OMG, they become LOSERS!!!

OMFG!!! Top Gun Pose *shake head*

Somemore wanna pretend that their “Plane” can fly. So lame!!! I feel shame for their family.
NOTE: These photos are obtained from an unidentified Source on WWW. The copyright of the photo belongs to its original author.

Balcony presents “Max Factor” @ Miri, Sarawak

First and foremost, I must thank Mr. Ma, one of the owners of Balcony, for the sponsoring us to Miri. Mr. Ma sponsored our air tickets, lodging and food!

I must also thank Kian and Shan Mei for bringing us around. Further, thank you Joanna, Rin, Hence (don’t know whether I got his name correct), Darren, Kynan and puhyah for their great hospitality. Also a big shout out to those people I met in Miri!

Balcony is one of the great clubs in Miri. It’s not the typical fengtau clubs. Mr. Ma has put a lot of effort trying to improve Balcony club to be on par with clubs in Kuala Lumpur. Their music ranges from Progressive House to Trance. Unfortunately, no Hard House for me.

Balcony has a few private rooms where patrons are able to sing their hearts out using their karaoke machines. Joanna booked a room and gathered her group of friends to celebrate her birthday. As expected, the birthday girl was drunk and couldn’t remember a lot of things. She even missed the best part, where the entire club sang Happy Birthday to her!

Drunk Birthday girl, Joanna & Drunk Me.

Balcony also has a great range of liquor as well. They even have Hoegaarden!!

Rin was the hustler of the night. Every 5 minutes he would come to me and say, “Let’s get some drinks mannnnn”. Rather than shuffling on the dance floor, Rin and I were drowning ourselves with alcohol. Darren, Rin and I shared a B-52 and then followed up with Hoegaarden. There goes my night, half drunk and half tired.

B-52..looks like Flaming Lambo..

Amos, Jordan and Ryan were the performing shufflers from KL. Those superstars were surrounded by Mirians. They were also joined by a few Mirian Shufflers.

I, on the other hand, was busy taking pictures. I don’t know how to shuffle 😀

They had a mini shuffling competition between Mirians, the winners were chosen by the clap-o-meter (or cheer-o-meter). The first round was won by a guy, beating 2 others which include a girl who shuffled with high heels. The second round was won by Joanna, beating few good shufflers. She said, “Bloody hell, I won cause it’s my birthday!!”. They both won a bottle of Dewars each.

Silky Blonde Hair..where to find??

Puhyah, me, Rin, Kyran and Darren

We were given this shirt to wear. I forgot to wear it..

Hence & Darren. Damn..Hence is damn bloody fair

Finally, Miri girls!

We left Balcony about 3am. Rin, Darren, Kynan, Hence, Amos and I headed to Open Air Market for fried noodles. THE FRIED NOODLES TASTED LIKE DUCK!!!
to be continued…

Book of Corinthians

Today, we are gonna read verse from the bible. =P
Hey don’t complain!!! You can’t come here everyday for jokes and hamsup (X-rated)stories. Sometime, i need to write serious post also or else the Metro will feature me in their sunday headline.
Anyway, this is one of favourite bible verse which i was forced to recite in Sunday School in Mandrin. (Ya, i went to Mandrin Speaking Church.):-
“Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts,always hopes, always perseveres.”
[1 Corinthians 13:4-7]

Beautiful verse right? I shall recite that for my wedding. That is if i ever get marry la.