Inexperienced Old Men

A question for the girls:
Some time ago, chaliz asked me to bring up the topic about older men and their lack of experience with serious relationships. Girl friends have pondered the same question as well.
A man in his mid-30’s has never had a girlfriend before. The statement “No, I’ve never had a girlfriend before,” may sometimes surprise women/girls. A friend of mine says that it terrifies her, she’s afraid the inexperienced (yet old) boyfriend would be unable to deal with relationship issues that often crop up. Maybe he’ll be too clingy or that her history of relationships may affect him sooner or later.
Does it bother you?
A question for the boys:
Similarly, the issue of sexual experiences will surely crop up. I received a query via email regarding this issue:
If the man has never had sex before, and gets together with a younger girl who is more experienced than him, would he mind
(a) being taught all the naughty tricks she know; or
(b) about her sexual past?
I mean, you know, men have their pride and ego. ;P

McDonalds v McCurry

Recently, the local media has reported that the High Court of Malaya has ordered McCurry Restaurant (KL) Sdn Bhd to immediately stop using the prefix “Mc” in its business name.

The 24-hour open-air restaurant serves spicy fish-head curries, tandoori chicken and other Indian delicacies on a street corner in the capital, under a large “McCurry” sign.

The Honourable Justice Siti Mariah Ahmad also ordered that damages to be paid to McDonald’s Corporation to be assessed.

Yang Arif (Malay term for The Honourable), in the verbal judgement (I cant wait for the written judgement to be published!) ruled that “Mc” was distinctive of McDonald’s either singularly or used in conjunction with items of food and it could therefore claim goodwill and reputation in its business in reference to the prefix. Yang Arif further held that “The defendant’s use of the word McCurry and employing signage featuring colours distinctive of the plaintiff’s was indulging in acts that could rise to confusion and deception”.

Yang Arif held that the acts of the defendant were a deliberate attempt to get an unfair advantage to the detriment of the plaintiff and as a consequence of McCurry’s usage of the word “Mc”, “The plaintiff had suffered damage to their goodwill and reputation and an erosion to the singularity that they had enjoyed vis-a-vis the “Mc” trademark.

In McCurry defence, it was stated that it was not aware that McDonald’s was the proprietor and operator of the world-renowned chain of restaurants and that “McCurry” was just an abbreviation for “Malaysian Chicken Curry”.

This case was heavily publicized in many countries such as the United Kingdom, China and Japan. This case clearly serves as a warning to everyone on the risk of using any signs, marks and even colour schemes that are closely connected to McDonald.
To me, the case was decided fairly although it creates an impression that any traders using the word “Mc” would get into trouble. Also, as some may know, McCurry is an ancient Scottish surname.

In this case, in my humble opinion, if McCurry had the word “McCurry” in a different stylized mark and adopted another colour scheme, McDonalds would not have a strong case.

When choosing a company name or a trade mark or even a get-up (e.g. packaging), it is always best to create something distinctive. The ultimate aim of a trade mark or get up is to distinguish your goods or services from other traders.

Using common elements that are connected or associated to the specification of goods and/or services on your mark would create many problems as these elements are widely used by others. For example, using the mark “The Cake” on your bakery products. You may not be able to stop others from using the words “The Cake”.

Further, if you use a mark or name which is identical or confusingly similar with another trade mark, be prepared to receive a letter from a lawyer and thereafter be embroiled in an expensive legal battle.

Repeating Partners

A friend was shocked to find out that most often girls (or guys) will somehow get together with someone new, will actually have similar characteristics to the exes. I sat through coffee with her as she told me of her revelation.
“You know, it’s really true. I read it somewhere,” she said.
“I was comparing my last ex and the other one before him. They have similar traits. They’re both mummy’s boys, they’re both emotional, they’re both hamsap (perverted) like hell.”
“Maybe just these two? How about others?” I suggested.
“Nope, there are no others.” she shook her head. (Ok, for the record she only had 2 serious relationships.)
So I was reading it up on the internet the other day (and I lost the page, or I’d let you read it as well) and it seems that there is a pattern – you’ll always be attracted to a person who share the same traits as the last person you were attracted to.
I don’t know which is worse, Freud’s theory that we’d always want to find our mother or father in our partners or this one. ;P
My friend is clearly not happy about this clone-like characteristics. She swears that the next boyfriend shall not have similar traits as the exes, because those were the same traits that she could not deal with.

p.s. There’s also something about being addicted to the wrong men, some women apparently enjoy suffering – sick!

September Events

p/s just kidding 😛 no way Msia would allow a bikini center fold.
p/p/s date edited by bimbobum. what la, xes… so sexcited! ;P
The following event is a charity event.
come over to Salivate @ Breakers, Desa Sri Hartamas on 19th Sept, 2006. watch performances from upcoming live bands – The Circumcisions play grunge and alternative music, PlayMoronPlay! does indie rock, Project Banned plays retro rock and Andelina Disease will serve you with metal rock. a few more bands will be playing as well (but still subject to confirmation).
this event is targeting a sale of 250 tickets and more, at a price of RM25 each. ALL proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Sri Eden House of 30, Jalan 2/142, Taman Okid Desa, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur [tel:03-91004081/2]. Sri Eden House is a house for kids aged 12 and below suffering from autism, blindness, deafness, cerebral palsy, global development delay (GDD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), etc.
the objective of this event is to raise some money to put some of the children through special school. RM1000 is sufficient to send at least one child to a special school for a year. why a special school, you ask? hey, they need to attend a special school to groom the child to adapt further to society – they need the help of trained/professional teachers.
aged 18 and above only.
dress code: smart casual.
ticket inquiries: vincent koay 012-2237803

For the love of Harddance!

Heineken Thirst Studio 06 is one of the biggest music competitions ever to hit Malaysia with the winner of Thirst Studio getting to produce and perform with some of the world’s largest producers.
So it’s fitting to have Groove Armada Soundsystem headlining this year’s Thirst Studio celebrations. Heralded as one of the most exciting British dance acts of recent years, the group displays the stellar skills of Tom Findlay and Andy Cato. Being a constant TV presence, they make music that is both heart-thumping and superstylin’.
Groove Armada Soundsystem will be joined by Thailand’s Futon, the electro-rock outfit that is massive in their home country and gathering a huge underground profile in Europe. Linking the worlds of dance and rock, Futon is a mix of pounding beats and anthemic choruses.
Thirst Studio is also proud to bring you some of the best Malaysian talent onstage alongside the international acts. H.U.M.P. is an exclusive performance by Thirst Studio judge and the UK’s Defected Records collaborator Haze.
Support also comes from the winners of last year’s Heineken Thirst winner Altered Image and their amazing mash up of visuals and beats, plus the Thirst 2004 winner Blink, recognized as Malaysia’s leading breaks DJ and a regular overseas performer.
And of course, the winner of this year’s Thirst Studio will also be performing their winning material making this the biggest Thirst ever and one you can’t afford to miss.

Older Events

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Counting Calories

“1 pound of fat represents 3500 calories.”
Instead of reducing your eating portions, some of the diets require you to count your calorie intake. They say that if your job does not require hard labour, less calories should be consumed – then you get to stay lean. ;P
How much calories do you really need to consume or lose weight? Check out the Calories Counter which goes according to height and weight. Consume less calories then you need and you will be able to lose some weight. ;P
Some of the calories in food:

Noooo, I love chicken thighs! So much calories!
(the meat with less calories is actually strips of bacon and turkey breast. ;P)

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Welcome to Malaysia

the land where some people are ‘boh tak chek’ (If I’m not mistaken, “boh tak chek” is a phrase in Hokkien (Chinese dialect) which means “never study”. This word is usually used against people who are rude and has no regard to any rules)

snatch theft is so rampant that we have signboards warning people about it

Signboard @ Seremban Market

and where some of our politicians are like this

[video source:

Can’t Get A Date?

I was watching some show on MTV the other day, “VH1’s Can’t Get A Date”. One guy was approached as to why he was always unlucky with getting a date, so he was made over to see whether there’d be improvement – which worked. I felt that the guy was stupid enough not to have seen his mistakes himself and to be knocked on the head with brutal and straightforward comments on the show was very deserving.
Tips I picked up, which you may want to tell your friends who have been dateless all this while:

1. Outward appearances are always first to be noticed. The guy hardly changed his clothes – euw! Dressing accordingly also helps, don’t try to dress like a 20-year-old if you’re 35. (Dress like you’re 30, maybe?)
2. Sunglasses/shades worn indoors is a big no-no. The guy was told this, because he didn’t need prescription but he wore one, because he thought he looked cool. Its frames were red. Yikes. So it’s not cool, it makes you look stupid.
A few girls on the show were asked their opinion and they didn’t like guys in shades indoors, and at night. One girl commented that being unable to look into his eyes while talking to him, did not make her feel comfortable. (I asked some friends this and they agreed, they were turned off by guys in shades worn indoors and at night.)
3. Acting like a jerk is not cool, despite what you want to believe. Insulting behaviour is not to be confused with sarcasm and witty humour. It makes you look like an ill-mannered and uneducated person.
The guy tried to pick up a girl by asking what she was doing as a living. The next thing he said was, “Oh, you must make a lot of money doing that. I bet you get to eat out a lot and dress up in designer clothes all the time.” This was considered rude!
4. First impressions count. No matter what they say, you have to charm the girls and make them feel relaxed around you. Show your wit, not anger or abrupt attitude (which is a defense mechanism).
5. Your job is to get their number. Yes, apparently the guy should always work for the girl’s number. Giving your name card is considered a cowardly approach!
And never be afraid of rejection. Technically, it’s a psychological thing. If you approach a girl for her number with “I know she’s not going to give it to me” in your head, they you’re bound to screw up and not get it. So get that thought out of your head when you’re working on it.

Some of this may not work here, it sounds rather American to me. But it should work, because it’s common sense. i agree with all the above! ;P
I don’t know when it’s going to be on MTV again, but you should watch it. 😉

Photography 101

Imagine you’re in Shibuya, Tokyo. Beautiful and colourful neon lights are behind you. You pass your camera to a friend and..
Friend: oi oi, go back abit. stand far away from me.
You: okok.
Then you find a great photo of Shibuya with your face, as small as a pinhead.

Spot Bimbobum @ Shibuya 😀
When taking photographs of a person and a distinctive background, always make sure that the person’s face is clear. But some people do not understand this concept. Many times I’ve seen people standing far away from the camera when posing in front of distinctive background.

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Annoying Drivers

1. Abuse of the signal light
(a) Signalling left but turning right instead, and vice versa; and
(b) Signalling either way but still going straight along the road and you’re right behind, preparing to slow down, but the idiot doesn’t turn into any lanes at all; and
(c) Not signalling when making a turn, and you might ram into his/her car if you’re sticking too close to the idiot’s car (#&$@(#*@ is it that f*cking difficult to use the signal light?).
2. Parking
(a) Parking so close to one side of the box (hello! can’t you adjust your parking so that you car is more or less in the centre of the box?);
(b) The car’s ass sticks out so much that us drivers driving past would have to swerve just a bit;
(c) Taking up 2 parking spaces just because it’s a Mercedes-Benz or BMW or Ferrari or Porsche and depriving others of that one extra parking space;
(d) The idiot who grabs the parking space you saw first, signalled and was waiting for it, and the driver casually walks out of his/her car strutting his big fat ass (that you just want to shove a durian up the hole);
(e) Parallel parking – Some people are just not good at this. They can take forever, thereby causing a traffic jam. My patience is often tested when I so happen to be right behind a lady driver (aiyoh….) and I have no choice but to wait, when the road is narrow. I don’t know which is worse:

(i) lady drivers (or aunties) in big ass cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda CRV, etc, or
(ii) girls (or ladies) in their Perodua Kancil or Kelisa
having difficulting parking their cars.
-_- ||
(I don’t know whether there are guys who have difficulty with parallel parking. ;P)

3. Running the amber light
Yellow (or amber) means slow down. If you can, then go past it. If you can’t, you’d slow down, right? You slow down and the idiot behind you honks and hits the brakes and you hear the screeches. You check out the idiot in your rear mirror and see him/her gesturing angrily at you.
Tell him/her to go fly a kite, don’t kiss your car’s ass!
Can you think of some more?

Hanging On

2 (bimbobum) posts ago, we are made aware that not all relationships are a bed of roses.
The warning signs that a relationship may not be working out well are endless.
Can you talk about your dreams and ambitions with your partner?
Does s/he encourage you to go ahead and reach for it, or does s/he burst your bubble and tell you that it’s unlikely it’ll happen?
As time go by, do you have common interests you both enjoy together?
Does s/he respect you and understand you?
It’s just a matter of time when s/he begins to pick on you for the slightest details, and unforgiving, refusing your explanations (if there is a need to explain), refuses to join you and your friends for outings but insist you must join him/her for his/her and taking no for an answer, expects you to make the sacrifices but making none in return.
The list is endless.
When it happens, what do you do? Do you confront him/her and try to talk things through? Does s/he listen or waves it away like an annoying fly at his/her ear? Or s/he plays the guilt game, sulking and pouting, refusing to speak to you until you apologise?
When this goes on for months or years, you will be miserable and you may gradually lose your identity.
The best option would be to move one – ditch the loser you’re with. Get your life back.
Stop hanging on.
If you’re not married, you’re still single. And being single has its advantages – you owe no allegiance to no one (except your family, of course) and therefore, breaking off with the loser should be easy.
I know a few friends who are currently doing just that – hanging on to the relationship when they know that their boyfriends make them more miserable each day. It’s been going on for years. Each person they confide in tell them the same thing – get rid of the boyfriends.
They are weak and have lost their self-esteem and confidence. They fear the process of getting on with life and finding new and better partners (eventually).
Why? Why suffer and be unhappy?
I’m frustrated for them, because I really think the boyfriends are losers. The girls deserve better.
Why am I an advocate for breaking up with losers? Because I was once like that, I hung on to a relationship thinking that my partner was right in scowling at me for obscure reasons unknown to me. I was stupid enough to hang on to an unsupportive partner who made me feel worthless. When I think back, it saddens me to know that I tried so hard to make things work, and not realising that I was unhappy overall. I thought I was just unhappy because I wasn’t doing things right, but when in fact it was actually because the other half didn’t do his/her part. Like the saying goes, it takes 2 hands to clap. There was no compromise.
I only realised that after I was dumped. Heh. Eyes wide open therafter.